Woody Guthrie’s Correspondence Collection

Woody Guthrie’s Correspondence Collection

Below is the finding aid that contextualizes and inventories this special collection at the Woody Guthrie Center Archives. Interested researchers must fill out an application prior to scheduling an appointment with the archivist.

Collection Processed by: Jorge Arévalo Mateus, PhD

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Original finding aid was prepared by Jorge’ Arevalo Mateus, PhD; updated by Kate L. Blalack, June 2014

© Woody Guthrie Publications, Inc.

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5 linear feet  (11 document boxes)

Scope and Content:
Letters and postcards written or received by Woody Guthrie. The correspondents include family members, friends, business associates and fans. The record group includes extensive correspondence between Woody Guthrie and his second wife, Marjorie Mazia [Guthrie], particularly for the period 1942-1945.  Woody’s letters to Marjorie deal with virtually every conceivable aspect of their relationship — romance, sex, children, politics, daily life, and military service, as well as financial and artistic matters. Correspondence between Woody Guthrie and his sister, Mary Jo Edgmon, provides insights into Woody’s youth and family. The wide variety of Guthrie’s correspondents reflects the range of his activities, interests and influence. Correspondents include Eddie Albert, Moe Asch, Will Geer, Alan Lomax, poet Walter Lowenfels, Pete Seeger, and dozens of fans, including many from the United Kingdom. In addition to Guthrie’s correspondence, the record group contains other correspondence. The majority of this additional material consists of correspondence from and to Guthrie’s second wife, Marjorie Mazia.


Materials entirely in English.

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There are no restrictions on access.

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All materials are copyrighted by Woody Guthrie Publica\tions, Inc.

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The first two series (Woody Guthrie’s correspondence) are arranged alphabetically (by recipient and author, respectively); within the alphabetical arrangement, the correspondence is in chronological order. In both of these series, correspondence to and from unknown individuals is arranged chronologically, and may be found immediately following the alphabetical folders.

The Incoming Correspondence series (Correspondence-2) includes a large amount of fan mail, written in 1959 and 1960.  Due to the volume of this material, individual correspondent folders were created for only some of the writers.  The remaining fan mail (Box 4, Folders 5-25) is arranged chronologically (by year) and then by residence of author (e.g., North America, United Kingdom, and Republic of Ireland).

Additionally, Correspondence-2 includes two groups of letters that contain both incoming and outgoing correspondence.  The first, consisting of correspondence (and newspaper notices) concerning the death of Woody’s daughter, Cathy Ann Guthrie, in 1947, is arranged alphabetically (Box 5, Folders 1-8).  This correspondence includes a letter from novelist Howard Fast.  The second, photocopies of Almanac Singers papers (received from Pete Seeger) is arranged chronologically (Box 5, Folder 10).

Correspondence-3 (other correspondence) consists of Marjorie Mazia’s outgoing correspondence, arranged alphabetically by recipient; Marjorie Mazia’s incoming correspondence (arranged alphabetically by author); and correspondence written and received by people other than Guthrie and Mazia (arranged alphabetically by author).

Correspondence-4 contains postcards from the other three series, including postcards from Woody Guthrie to Marjorie Mazia sent over a ten year period (1942-52); Marjorie’s postcards to Woody; and booking engagement notices and requests. The digitization of the entire postcard collection was made possible by a generous 2010 grant provided by the George Kaiser Family Foundation.

List of Series:

Series 1 (Correspondence-1): Woody Guthrie – Outgoing Correspondence
Series 2 (Correspondence-2): Woody Guthrie – Incoming Correspondence
Series 3 (Correspondence-3): Marjorie Guthrie- Incoming & Outgoing & others
Series 4 (Correspondence-4): Postcards

Container List:


S1 Box 1 – Folder 01Addeo, Al1956
S1 Box 1 – Folder 02Albertson family1948
S1 Box 1 – Folder 03Almanac Singers1941; n.d.
S1 Box 1 – Folder 04Ambellan, Elizabeth and Harold
(see also Correspondence-3, Box 1, Folder 10.1)
1941, 1945
S1 Box 1 – Folder 05Anderson, Margaret (Common Ground)1942
S1 Box 1 – Folder 06Asch, Moe and Distler, Marian1943[?]-46
S1 Box 1 – Folder 07Asch, Moe and Distler, Mariann.d. (WW II)
S1 Box 1 – Folder 08Asch, Moe and Distler, Marian1947-48
S1 Box 1 – Folder 09Asch, Moe and Distler, Marian1949-55
S1 Box 1 – Folder 10Boeder, B.1956
S1 Box 1 – Folder 11Clark, Tom1949
S1 Box 1 – Folder 12Columbia Recording Company
Common Ground (see Anderson, Margaret)
Distler, Marian (see Asch, Moe)
c. 1949
S1 Box 1 – Folder 13Duell, Sloan & Pearce Publishing Co.1948
S1 Box 1 – Folder 14Edgmon, Mary Jo(see also Box 3, Folders 38-39)c.1939-1956
S1 Box 1 – Folder 15Emrich, Duncan (Library of Congress)Faulk, Hally (see Stephenson, Hally)1946-1950
S1 Box 1 – Folder 16Foreman, John1956
S1 Box 1 – Folder 17Garland, Jim1940 [1969]
S1 Box 1 – Folder 18Geer, Will and Herta1941-1955
S1 Box 1 – Folder 19Geldon, Earl R. (Goldenberg, Earl)1940
S1 Box 1 – Folder 20Gibson, Jackie1945, n.d.
S1 Box 1 – Folder 21Gold, MikeGoldenberg, Earl (see Geldon, Earl R.)1953
S1 Box 1 – Folder 22Goldstein, Isabelle1947
S1 Box 1 – Folder 23Gordon, Max1941
S1 Box 1 – Folder 24Greenblatt, Aliza Waitzman1942-51
S1 Box 1 – Folder 25Guthrie, AnnGuthrie, Anneke (see Van Kirk, Anneke)1936
S1 Box 1 – Folder 26Guthrie, C.E.1943-49
S1 Box 1 – Folder 27Guthrie, Gwen1945
S1 Box 1 – Folder 28Guthrie, Lee RoyGuthrie, Marjorie (see Mazia, Marjorie)1939[?]
S1 Box 1 – Folder 29Guthrie, Mary Ann
Guthrie, Mary Jo (see Edgmon, Mary Jo)
Guthrie, Roy (see Guthrie, Lee Roy)
Harper & Brothers (see Saxton, Eugene)
Harris, Bob and Herbert (see Union Square Music Shop)
S1 Box 1 – Folder 30Harrison, Eddie (N.M.U. Pilot)1944
S1 Box 1 – Folder 31Hays, Lee international bookshop, london, u.k.
(see Lindsay, Ken)
S1 Box 1 – Folder 32Kennedy, Stetson and Elizabeth1945-52
S1 Box 1 – Folder 33Kerr, Mr.1941
S1 Box 1 – Folder 34Lampell, Millard1941
S1 Box 1 – Folder 35Lee, Madeline (West Tremont Civil Defense Volunteer Office)1942
S1 Box 1 – Folder 36Lerner, Irving1946
S1 Box 1 – Folder 37Leventhal, Harold library of congress
(see Emrich, Duncan; Lomax, Alan)
S1 Box 1 – Folder 38Lindsay, Ken (International Bookshop, London, U.K.)1952
S1 Box 1 – Folder 39Lomax, Alan1940-42
S1 Box 1 – Folder 40Loring, Michael1948
S1 Box 1 – Folder 41Lyon, Pete1942
S1 Box 1 – Folder 42Marks, E.B. (Marks Publishing Co.)1954
S1 Box 1 – Folder 43Mazia, Marjorie1942
S1 Box 1 – Folder 44Mazia, Marjorie1942 (September-end)
S1 Box 1 – Folder 45Mazia, Marjorie1943 (January)
S1 Box 1 – Folder 46Mazia, Marjorie1943 (February-March)
S1 Box 1 – Folder 47Mazia, Marjorie1943 (April-August)
S1 Box 1 – Folder 48Mazia, Marjorie1943 (September-end)
S1 Box 1 – Folder 49Mazia, Marjorie1944 (January-March)
S1 Box 1 – Folder 50Mazia, Marjorie1944
S1 Box 1 – Folder 51Mazia, Marjorie1944 (September-end); c. 1944
S1 Box 2 – Folder 01Mazia, Marjorie1945 (May)
S1 Box 2 – Folder 02Mazia, Marjorie1945 (June)
S1 Box 2 – Folder 03Mazia, Marjorie1945 (July 1-15)
S1 Box 2 – Folder 04Mazia, Marjorie1945 (July 16-30)
S1 Box 2 – Folder 05Mazia, Marjorie1945 (July 31-Aug. 9)
S1 Box 2 – Folder 06Mazia, Marjorie1945 (August 10-17)
S1 Box 2 – Folder 07Mazia, Marjorie1945 (August 18-31)
S1 Box 2 – Folder 08Mazia, Marjorie1945 (September)
S1 Box 2 – Folder 09Mazia, Marjorie1945 (October)
S1 Box 2 – Folder 10Mazia, Marjorie1945 (November)
S1 Box 2 – Folder 11Mazia, Marjorie1945 (December)
S1 Box 2 – Folder 12Mazia, Marjorie1947
S1 Box 3 – Folder 01Mazia, Marjorie1948<
S1 Box 3 – Folder 01.1Mazia, Marjoriec. late 1940s – early 1950s
S1 Box 3 – Folder 02Mazia, Marjorie1951
S1 Box 3 – Folder 03Mazia, Marjorie1952 (April-Sept.)
S1 Box 3 – Folder 04Mazia, Marjorie1952 (October-end)
S1 Box 3 – Folder 05Mazia, Marjorie1953
S1 Box 3 – Folder 06Mazia, Marjorie1954
S1 Box 3 – Folder 07Mazia, Marjorie1955
S1 Box 3 – Folder 08Mazia, Marjorie1956 (April)
S1 Box 3 – Folder 09Mazia, Marjorie1956 (July-Sept.)
S1 Box 3 – Folder 10Mazia, Marjorie1956 (Oct.-Nov.)
S1 Box 3 – Folder 11Mazia, Marjorie1956 (December)
S1 Box 3 – Folder 12Mazia, Marjorie1956; 1956[?]
S1 Box 3 – Folder 13Mazia, Marjorie
[Correspondence-4 contains Mazia postcards, 1942-52]
S1 Box 3 – Folder 14McLean, James “Whitey”1947
S1 Box 3 – Folder 15Moore, F.1950
S1 Box 3 – Folder 16Moore, Floyd1944
S1 Box 3 – Folder 17Moore[?], Gladys
N.M.U. Pilot (see Harrison, Eddie)
S1 Box 3 – Folder 18Peoples Songs; Peoples Artists
RCA Mfg. Co., Inc. (see Wetherald, R.P.)
1946, 1948
S1 Box 3 – Folder 19Robbin, Ed1957[?]
S1 Box 3 – Folder 20Robinson, Earl1949
S1 Box 3 – Folder 21Saxton, Eugene (Harper & Brothers)1942
S1 Box 3 – Folder 22Scott, Tom1946
S1 Box 3 – Folder 23Seeger, Pete and Toshi1941-47
S1 Box 3 – Folder 24Seeger, Pete and Toshi1948-56
S1 Box 3 – Folder 25Shapiro, Annie1948
S1 Box 3 – Folder 26Stephenson, Hally1956
S1 Box 3 – Folder 27Truman, Harry1949
S1 Box 3 – Folder 28Union Square Music Shop (Harris, Bob and Herbert)
[see also Box 3, Folder 42]
1950, 1956
S1 Box 3 – Folder 29Van Kirk, Anneke1953-56
S1 Box 3 – Folder 30Wetherald, R.P. (RCA Mfg. Co., Inc.)
West Tremont Civil Defense Volunteer Office (see Lee, Madeline)
Wood, Hally (see Stephenson, Hally)
c. 1942
S1 Box 3 – Folder 31Wood, Smokey1945
S1 Box 3 – Folder 32Worker, The — Magazine Section1947
S1 Box 3 – Folder 33Unknown (“Calimity Jane”)1944
S1 Box 3 – Folder 34Unknown1944
S1 Box 3 – Folder 35Unknown (family member?)1944
S1 Box 3 – Folder 36Unknown1945
S1 Box 3 – Folder 37Unknown1945
S1 Box 3 – Folder 38Unknown (family member Edgmon, Mary Jo?])1949
S1 Box 3 – Folder 39Unknown (“Ticket Snatchers” [Edgmon, Mary Jo?])1949
S1 Box 3 – Folder 40Unknown (“Al and Fanny”)1952
S1 Box 3 – Folder 41Unknown1953
S1 Box 3 – Folder 42Unknown (“Bob”) [Harris?]1948-54
S1 Box 3 – Folder 43Unknown1955
S1 Box 3 – Folder 44Unknown (“Dear Cousin”)n.d.

Note: Additional outgoing correspondence may be found in Incoming Correspondence, Box 5 (correspondence related to death of Cathy Guthrie, and correspondence from Almanac Singers papers.)


S2 Box 1 – Folder 01Adams, Camilla Siero1960
S2 Box 1 – Folder 03Ambellan, Elizabeth american veterans committee (see Smith, Ruth)1947
S2 Box 1 – Folder 04Appleman, Barbejune1959
S2 Box 1 – Folder 05Appleman, Barbejune
[Correspondence-4 contains Appleman postcards, 1959-60]
S2 Box 1 – Folder 06Asch, Moe and Distler, Marian1950, 1957
S2 Box 1 – Folder 07Basore, Joyce E.1966
S2 Box 1 – Folder 08Baxter, Pat1959
S2 Box 1 – Folder 09Baxter, Pat1960
S2 Box 1 – Folder 10Behan, Dominic1959
S2 Box 1 – Folder 11Boeder, B.1956
S2 Box 1 – Folder 12Bransten, Louise R. (Women for Wallace)
Broadcast Music Inc. (see Korall, Burt)
S2 Box 1 – Folder 13Brody, Juliana1959
S2 Box 1 – Folder 14Brody, Juliana1960; n.d.
S2 Box 1 – Folder 15.1Brubaker, Claytonn.d.
S2 Box 1 – Folder 15.2Burke, Frank (KFVD)1942
S2 Box 1 – Folder 16Camper, Shirley (Shaw Publications, Inc.)
Carawan, Guy (see Highlander Folk School)
S2 Box 1 – Folder 17Clifton, Bill1952
S2 Box 1 – Folder 18Collins, C. Leslie
Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.
(see Taylor, Davidson)
S2 Box 1 – Folder 19Common Ground1941
S2 Box 1 – Folder 20Crook, Dave
Daily People’s World (see Williams, Carl)
S2 Box 1 – Folder 21Davis, G.K.Distler, Marian (see Asch, Moe)1941
S2 Box 1 – Folder 22Doerflinger, William M
(E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc.)
S2 Box 1 – Folder 23Edgmon, Mary Jo1952-57
S2 Box 1 – Folder 24Edgmon, Mary Jo1959-60
S2 Box 1 – Folder 25Elliott Community Center, P.S. 67 (Bklyn, NY)1947
S2 Box 1 – Folder 26Elliott, Jack and June1959-60
S2 Box 1 – Folder 27Emrich, Duncan (Library of Congress)
E.P. Dutton & Co., Inc. (see Doerflinger, William M.)
S2 Box 1 – Folder 28Epstein, Ed
Essex Music Limited (see Platz, David)
S2 Box 1 – Folder 29Faulk, Cynthia Tannehill
Faulk, Hally (see Stephenson, Hally)
S2 Box 1 – Folder 30Finn, Jonathan1944
S2 Box 1 – Folder 31Fleming, Al and Nan1952
S2 Box 1 – Folder 32Folkway Records1959
S2 Box 1 – Folder 33Fritsch, Gunther V.1941
S2 Box 1 – Folder 34Gerlach, Fred1953
S2 Box 1 – Folder 35Gladstone, Gerald1952
S2 Box 1 – Folder 36Gleason, Sidsel and Bon.d.
S2 Box 1 – Folder 37Greenway, John1946
S2 Box 1 – Folder 38Grossman, Jack
Guthrie, Ann (see Guthrie, Lee Roy and Ann)
Guthrie, Anneke (see Van Kirk, Anneke)
Guthrie, Arlo (see Mazia, Marjorie)
S2 Box 1 – Folder 39Guthrie, Bill1960
S2 Box 1 – Folder 40Guthrie, C.E.1943
S2 Box 1 – Folder 41Guthrie, George and Emily1954-60
S2 Box 1 – Folder 42Guthrie, Gwen1945-63
S2 Box 1 – Folder 43Guthrie, Jeff D.
Guthrie, Joady (see Mazia, Marjorie)
S2 Box 1 – Folder 44Guthrie, Lee Roy and Ann
Guthrie, Marjorie (see Mazia, Marjorie)
Guthrie, Mary (see Jennings, Mary)
S2 Box 1 – Folder 45Guthrie, Mary Ann
Guthrie, Mary jo (see Edgmon, Mary Jo)
Guthrie, Nora (see Mazia, Marjorie)
Guthrie, Roy (see Guthrie, Lee Roy)
S2 Box 1 – Folder 46Hallstrom, J.L. (Radio Corporation of America)1948
S2 Box 1 – Folder47Harris, Bob (Union Square Music Shop, Inc.)1952
S2 Box 1 – Folder 48Hawes, Bess and Butch1956-60
S2 Box 1 – Folder 49Hays, Lee1954
S2 Box 1 – Folder 50Hellstrom, Gerry1956
S2 Box 1 – Folder 51Highlander Folk School1960
S2 Box 1 – Folder 52Hoffman, Mart1957
S2 Box 1 – Folder 53Honey Hollow Elementary School (Hauppauge, NY)
International Bookshop, London, U.K. (see Lindsay, Ken)
S2 Box 2 – Folder 01Irvine, Andy1959
S2 Box 2 – Folder 02Irvine, Andy1960 (Jan.-Mar.)
S2 Box 2 – Folder 03Irvine, Andy1960 (Apr.-June)
S2 Box 2 – Folder 04Jackson, Mollyn.d.
S2 Box 2 – Folder 05Jennings, Mary1947
S2 Box 2 – Folder 06Jennings, Matt
KFVD (see Burke, Frank)
S2 Box 2 – Folder 07Kameron, Pete1953
S2 Box 2 – Folder 08Kates, Sheila1956
S2 Box 2 – Folder 09Kennedy, Stetson1951, 1953
S2 Box 2 – Folder 10Kilberg, Lionel1956
S2 Box 2 – Folder 11Korall, Burt (Broadcast Music, Inc.)1961
S2 Box 2 – Folder 12Kurz, Pete1953
S2 Box 2 – Folder 13Leventhal, Harold
Library Of Congress (see Emrich Duncan; Lomax, Alan)
1956, 1959
S2 Box 2 – Folder 14Lindsay, Ken (International Bookshop, London, U.K.)1952-53
S2 Box 2 – Folder 15Lomax, Alan1940
S2 Box 2 – Folder 16Lomax, Alan1941
S2 Box 2 – Folder 17Lomax, Alan
Lomax, Bess (see Hawes, Bess)
1942, 1960
S2 Box 2 – Folder 18Longhi, Vincent T.1953
S2 Box 2 – Folder 19Lowenfels, Walter1951, 1960
S2 Box 2 – Folder 20Lutzky, Irwin1959-60
S2 Box 2 – Folder 21Lyman, Mel
Maccoll, Ewan (see Seeger, Peggy)
S2 Box 2 – Folder 22Marrs, Ernie1959-60
S2 Box 2 – Folder 23Mayo, Margot1957
S2 Box 2 – Folder 24Mazia, Marjorie19423(January 4-14)
S2 Box 2 – Folder 25Mazia, Marjorie1943 (January 18)
S2 Box 2 – Folder 26Mazia, Marjorie1943 (Jan. 19-Nov.)
S2 Box 2 – Folder 27Mazia, Marjorie1942 (December)
S2 Box 2 – Folder 28Mazia, Marjorie1942 (undated)
S2 Box 2 – Folder 29Mazia, Marjorie1943 (Jan.-Feb.)
S2 Box 2 – Folder 30Mazia, Marjorie1943 (March)
S2 Box 2 – Folder 31Mazia, Marjorie1943 (August-end)
S2 Box 2 – Folder 32Mazia, Marjorie1944
S2 Box 2 – Folder 33Mazia, Marjorie1946
S2 Box 2 – Folder 34Mazia, Marjorie1947
S2 Box 2 – Folder 35Mazia, Marjorie1952
S2 Box 2 – Folder 36Mazia, Marjorie1953; c.1953
S2 Box 2 – Folder 37Mazia, Marjorie1951-53 (undated)
S2 Box 2 – Folder 38Mazia, Marjorie1954
S2 Box 3 – Folder 01Mazia, Marjorie<1956
S2 Box 3 – Folder 02Mazia, Marjorie1956 (Oct.-Dec.)
S2 Box 3 – Folder 03Mazia, Marjorie1957 (Jan.-June)
S2 Box 3 – Folder 04Mazia, Marjorie1957 (July-Aug.)
S2 Box 3 – Folder 05Mazia, Marjorie1957 (Sept.-Oct.)
S2 Box 3 – Folder 06Mazia, Marjorie1958
S2 Box 3 – Folder 07Mazia, Marjorie1956-58 (undated)
S2 Box 3 – Folder 08Mazia, Marjorie1959
S2 Box 3 – Folder 09Mazia, Marjorie1960
S2 Box 3 – Folder 10Mazia, Marjoriec.1959-6
S2 Box 3 – Folder 11Mazia, Marjorie (envelopes)
[Correspondence-4 contains Mazia postcards, 1942-52]
S2 Box 3 – Folder 12McLean, James “Whitey”1947
S2 Box 3 – Folder 13McWilliams, Carey1941
S2 Box 3 – Folder 14Mellor, Rich1951
S2 Box 3 – Folder 15Moore, Nora
NY City Municipal Broadcasting System (see Siegel, Seymour N.)
S2 Box 3 – Folder 16Patchen, Miriam
People’s Artists Inc. (see Silber, Irwin)
[Correspondence-4 contains People’s Artists postcards, 1947]
People’s World (see Williams, Carl)
S2 Box 3 – Folder 17Pettingill, Hank1952
S2 Box 3 – Folder 18Platz, David (essex music limited)
RCA Mfg. Co., Inc. (see Weatherald, R.P.)
Radio Corporation of America (see Hallstrom, J.L.)
S2 Box 3 – Folder 19Ramsay, Andrew1951, 1959
S2 Box 3 – Folder 20Richmond, Howard S.1956
S2 Box 3 – Folder 21Riley, Harold1959-60
S2 Box 3 – Folder 22Robinson, Tinyc. 1952
S2 Box 3 – Folder 23Schneider, Joan1952
S2 Box 3 – Folder 24Schneiderman, Louise1952
S2 Box 3 – Folder 25Schwartz, Iris (Spanish Refugee Appeal)1947
S2 Box 3 – Folder 26Seeger, Peggy and MacColl, Ewan1959
S2 Box 3 – Folder 27Seeger, Pete1952-64
S2 Box 3 – Folder 28Seeger, Pete (item separated because of preservation considerations)1956 (December)
S2 Box 3 – Folder 29Segal, Edith
Shaw Publications, Inc. (see Camper, Shirley)
S2 Box 3 – Folder 30Sherman, Robert (WQXR Radio)1960
S2 Box 3 – Folder 31Siegel, Seymour N. (NY City Municipal Broadcasting System)1949
S2 Box 3 – Folder 32Silber, Irwin (People’s Artists Inc.)
[Correspondence-4 contains People’s Artists postcards,1947]
Silver Burdett Co. (see Watson, Jack)
S2 Box 3 – Folder 33Smith, Robert C. (The Virginian-Pilot)1959-60
S2 Box 3 – Folder 34Smith, Ruth (American Veterans Committee)
Spanish Refugee Appeal (see Schwartz, Iris)
S2 Box 3 – Folder 35Stephenson, Hally1956-1959
S2 Box 3 – Folder 36.1Taylor, Davidson (Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc.)
Union Square Music Shop, Inc. (see Harris, Bob)
S2 Box 3 – Folder 36.2Vanacore, Anne1964
S2 Box 3 – Folder 37Van Kirk, Anneke
Virginian-Pilot, The (see Smith, Robert C.)
WQXR Radio (see Sherman, Robert)
S2 Box 3 – Folder 38Waldman, Ruth1952
S2 Box 3 – Folder 39.1Watson, Jack (Silver Burdett Co.)1953
S2 Box 3 – Folder 39.2Weiser, Ethel and John1966
S2 Box 3 – Folder 40Wersan, Fredn.d.
S2 Box 3 – Folder 41Wetherald, R.P. (RCA Mfg. Co., Inc.)1940
S2 Box 3 – Folder 42Williams, Carl (Daily People’s World)1947
S2 Box 3 – Folder 43Wills, Terrence1958
S2 Box 4 – Folder 01Womack, Jack1957
S2 Box 4 – Folder 02Womack, JohnWomen For Wallace (see Bransten, Louise R.)Wood, Hally (see Stephenson, Hally)1960
S2 Box 4 – Folder 03Yurchenco, Henrietta1941
S2 Box 4 – Folder 04Unknown (“Nancy”)1952
 S2 Box 4 – Folder 05Unknown (“Jerrikins”)1956
S2 Box 4 – Folder 06North America Various correspondents”Fan Mail”1959
S2 Box 4 – Folder 07United Kingdom Various correspondents”Fan Mail”1959
S2 Box 4 – Folder 08-12North America Various correspondents”Fan Mail”1960
S2 Box 4 – Folder 13-23United Kingdom Various correspondents”Fan Mail”1960
S2 Box 4 – Folder 24United Kingdom Various correspondents”Fan Mail”undated (c.1959-60)
S2 Box 4 – Folder 25Republic of Ireland1960
Various correspondents — Correspondence related to death of Cathy Guthrie. Includes incoming and outgoing correspondence.
S2 Box 5 – Folder 01A-C1947
S2 Box 5 – Folder 02D-G1947
S2 Box 5 – Folder 03H-K1947
S2 Box 5 – Folder 04L-R1947
S2 Box 5 – Folder 05S1947
S2 Box 5 – Folder 06T-Z1947
S2 Box 5 – Folder 07Unknown1947
S2 Box 5 – Folder 08Newspaper notices re death of Cathy Guthrie1947
S2 Box 5 – Folder 09Various correspondents – Correspondence re. performances and appearances1947
 S2 Box 5 – Folder 10Various correspondentsPhotocopies of Almanac Singers papers(received from Pete Seeger) 
S2 Box 5 – Folder 11Incoming and Outgoing correspondence1942


A. Marjorie Mazia: Outgoing
S3 Box 1 Folder 01.1Brussel, James A. (NY State Department of Mental Hygiene)1958
S3 Box 1 Folder 01.2Edenfield, Leona (includes correspondence from Edenfield to Guthrie, Arlo)1970
S3 Box 1 Folder 02Edgmon, Mary Jo[?]1947
S3 Box 1 Folder 03Edgmon, Mary Jo1949-62
S3 Box 1 Folder 04Frazer, Grace E. (Life Magazine) (includes incoming correspondence)1972
S3 Box 1 Folder 05.1Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
Guthrie, Joady [see Correspondence-4]
S3 Box 1 Folder 05.2Hunt, Harold1969
S3 Box 1 Folder 06Kavner, Rose (includes incoming correspondence)
Life Magazine (see Frazer, Grace E.)
S3 Box 1 Folder 07Maddow, Freda
New York State Department of Mental Hygiene
(see Brussel, James A.)
S3 Box 1 Folder 08Sutherland, Mrs. (includes incoming correspondence)1970
S3 Box 1 Folder 09Van Kirk, Anneke1953
B. Marjorie Mazia: Incoming
S3 Box 1 Folder 10.1Ambellan, Harold (with photocopy of 1943 Woody Guthrie Bound for Glory inscription)1981
S3 Box 1 Folder 10.2Bassell, Ann (Trinity School, New Rochelle, NY)n.d.
S3 Box 1 Folder 10.3Beckenstein, Nathan (Brooklyn State Hospital)
Brooklyn State Hospital (see Beckenstein, Nathan)
S3 Box 1 Folder 11.1Burke, Frank1975
S3 Box 1 Folder 11.2Colby, Paul N. (New Jersey Department of Conservation and Economic Development)1958
S3 Box 1 Folder 12Crandall, Archie (NJ State Hospital, Greystone Park)1958
S3 Box 1 Folder 13Doerflinger, William (E.P. Dutton)
E.P. Dutton (see Doerflinger, William)Edenfield, Leona (see Folder 01.2)
1968, 1979
S3 Box 1 Folder 14.1Edgmon, Mary JoFaulk, Hally (see Stephenson, Hally)
Frazer, Grace e. (see Folder 04)
1963, 1965
S3 Box 1 Folder 14.2Geer, WillGibson, Jackie (see Folder 06)1973
S3 Box 1 Folder 15.1Gilbert George (The Wexton Co., Inc.)n.d.
S3 Box 1 Folder 15.2Guthrie, Arlo (to Mazia, Marjorie[?])
Hopkins, Peter [see Correspondence-4]
S3 Box 1 Folder 15.3Kennedy, Stetson
Liebling-Wood (see Wood, Audrey)
Life Magazine (see Folder 04)
New Jersey Department of Conservation and
Economic Development (see Colby, Paul N.)
New Jersey State Hospital, Greystone Park
(see Crandall, Archie)
Richmond, Howard s. (see Folder 08)
S3 Box 1 Folder 16.1Robbin, Ed1974
S3 Box 1 Folder 16.2Seeger, Toshi
(enclosing Montgomery, Dennis to Asch, Moe)
S3 Box 1 Folder 16.3Stephenson, Hally
Stevenson, Joe (see Folder 27.5)
Trinity School, New Rochelle, NY (see Bassell, Ann)
S3 Box 1 Folder 17Van Kirk, Anneke1953
S3 Box 1 Folder 18Van Kirk, Anneke
Wexton Co., Inc. (see Gilbert, George)
Williams, Mason (see Folder 32.1)
1956, 1960
S3 Box 1 Folder 19Wood, Audrey (Liebling-Wood)
Wood, Hally (see Stephenson, Hally)
S3 Box 1 Folder 20.1Woodmere [NY] Elementary School1968
S3 Box 1 Folder 20.2YM-YWHA, Newark, NJ1949
C. Additional Correspondence
S3 Box 1 Folder 21.2Appleman, Barbejune to “Irwin” [Lutzky?]1959
S3 Box 1 Folder 21.2Butcher, Ruth to Seeger, Pete1942
 S3 Box 1 FolderEdenfield, Leona to Guthrie, Arlo (see Folder 1.2)1970
S3 Box 1 Folder 22Geer, Will to Seeger, PeteN.D.
S3 Box 1 Folder 22.1Guthrie, Mary to Seeger, Pete & Toshi1998
S3 Box 1 Folder 23Gunning, Sarah Ogan to Guthrie Children’s Trust Fund1962
S3 Box 1 Folder 24Jennings, Matt to Leventhal, Harold1991
S3 Box 1 Folder 25Leventhal, Harold to Geer, Will1974
S3 Box 1 Folder 26Leventhal, Harold to Life Magazine1974
S3 Box 1 Folder 26Life Magazine to Leventhal, Harold 
S3 Box 1 Folder 27.1Leventhal, Harold to Various1963-1980
S3 Box 1 Folder Various to Leventhal, Harold (Correspondence in Folder 27.1 concerns alleged copyright violations.) 
S3 Box 1 Folder 27.2Leventhal, Harold to Various1970-1987
S3 Box 1 Folder 27.2Various to Leventhal, Harold
(Correspondence in Folder 27.2 was in folder marked “WGP/A to F².”
The documents primarily involve Woody Guthrie Productions.
Correspondents are: Department of the Army; Joe Clark; Donald Cotterill;
R. Crumb and Joe Klein; Dick Flacks; Franklin Mint Record Society;
and Samuel French, Inc.)
Folders 27.3 through 27.6 contain correspondence removed from Harold Leventhal Subject Files:
 S3 Box 1 Folder 27.3Grand Coulee Dam, Bonneville1966-1983
S3 Box 1 Folder 7.4Okemah House1983
S3 Box 1 Folder 27.5Performance of WG Songs, etc.
Schools/Organizations Clubs
S3 Box 1 Folder 27.6U.S. Senate Resolution…1971
S3 Box 1 Folder 28.1Lomax, Alan to Smith, Arthur (Desilu Productions)1959
S3 Box 1 Folder 28.2Marshall, David to Van Kirk, Anneke1953
S3 Box 1 Folder 28.3Peters, Jack to Leventhal, Harold1971
S3 Box 1 Folder 28.4Richmond, Howard toLeventhal, Harold1977
S3 Box 1 Folder 29Seeger, Pete to Wortis, Irvn.d.
S3 Box 1 Folder 30Van Kirk, Anneke to Edgmon, Mary Jo1954
S3 Box 1 Folder 31Van Kirk[?] to Van Kirk, Anneke1953
S3 Box 1 Folder 32.1Williams, Mason to Unknown
(M. Mazia or H. Leventhal)
S3 Box 1 Folder 32.2Unknown to Van Kirk, Anneke
(“Momma Belle”)


From Correspondence-1
S4 Box 1Guthrie, Woody to Mazia, Marjorie (123 postcards)1942-52
S4 Box 1Guthrie, Woody to Geer, Will (1 postcard)1945
From Correspondence-2
S4 Box 2Appleman, Barbejune to Guthrie, Woody (34 postcards)1959-60
S4 Box 2Mazia, Marjorie to Guthrie, Woody (16 postcards)1942-62
S4 Box 2 People’s Artists, Inc. to Guthrie, Woody (23 postcards)
(Booking notices, requests, etc.)
S4 Box 2Guthrie, Arlo to Guthrie, Woody (1 postcard)1962
From Correspondence-3
S4 Box 3
Mazia, Marjorie to Guthrie, Joady (2 postcards)1951
S4 Box 3Hopkins, Peter to Mazia, Marjorie (1 postcard)1968