"Most folks don’t realize that your vote is about the best thing you got in the world because it is the best thing you can use to change the world and make it better.”

About Folk the Vote

As an educational and outreach initiative of the Woody Guthrie Center, Folk the Vote has been the theme of community voter registration drives, voter education, early voting wayfinding, online panel discussions educating the public about issues in the current election cycle, spotlight exhibit cases at the center and a digital exhibit. Voting is a nonpartisan act and Folk the Vote aims only at spreading the message of the importance of voting, regardless of ideology. Registering new voters will always be important, and as long as that fact remains, Folk the Vote will continue to play a part in helping give a voice to everyone in our community.

What did Woody think about elections, voting, politicians and politics? This blog post from the Library of Congress is a great read with highlights from some of Woody’s correspondence with the staff of the Archive of American Folk Song (now the American Folklife Center archive) where many of his songs are housed.

Get Involved

Interested in being a part of Folk the Vote? Stay tuned to our social media platforms for the latest news about voter registration drives and volunteer opportunities. Talk to your friends and family about getting registered to vote.

As of July 2023, in Oklahoma voters are now able to register to vote online. Folk the Vote recognizes that not everyone in our community has internet access and feels that our in person voter registration drives are important for reaching all corners of our community.

Not sure if your registration is up to date? Need to find out where your polling location is? Want to view a sample ballot for upcoming elections? The Oklahoma Voter Portal is the best place to get all the answers to these questions and more.

Not in Oklahoma? Find voting resources specific to your own location at

Become a Folk the Vote location (Tulsa-area only)

If your business or organization would like to partner with us to become a location to host a Folk the Vote voter registration drive, please fill out the form below and we will be in contact soon to coordinate.

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