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(Photo credit – Shane Brown)

Woody Guthrie was born to humble beginnings, but he didn’t let that stop him from making a difference. That’s the lesson that we want patrons to take away from the Woody Guthrie Center. The goal of the Center is not to focus exclusively on Guthrie himself, but to use him as an example to highlight the potential that we all have.

The Woody Guthrie Center is an educational facility that encourages creativity. Field trips to the center will inspire your students to use their creativity as a way of demonstrating true learning and understanding of their world. We are well aware of the challenges faced by educators and want to make our resources available to you and your students. We enjoying customizing your curriculum standards to the many lessons available at the center.

If you want to bring your students to the Woody Guthrie Center, we will do all that we can to make that happen. To schedule a free tour in preparation of your students’ field trip, contact Jerry Wofford (918) 574-2710 or at

“Watch the kids. Do like they do. Act like they act. Yell like they yell. Dance the ways you see them dance. Sing like they sing. Work and rest the way the kids do.

You’ll be healthier. You’ll feel wealthier. You’ll talk wiser. You’ll go higher, do better, and live longer here amongst us if you’ll just only jump in here and swim around in these songs and do like the kids do.

I don’t want the kids to be grownup. I want to see the grown folks be kids.”  

~Woody Guthrie