Woody Guthrie Lyrics Collection

Woody Guthrie Lyrics Collection

Below is the finding aid that contextualizes and inventories this special collection at the Woody Guthrie Center Archives. Interested researchers must fill out an application prior to scheduling an appointment with the archivist.

Woody Guthrie Songs Collection

This collection includes both previously published and unpublished song ideas, lyrics and verses written by Woody Guthrie. All materials are protected by copyright. Research access to this collection is under the discretion of the archivist.


Collection Processed by:Jorge Arévalo Mateus, PhD

Collection Guide Prepared by:

Original finding aid was prepared by Jorge’ Arevalo Mateus, PhD; updated by Tiffany Colannino, March 2011; Melissa Kunz and Kelsey Gulliver, June 2014; updated by Kate L. Blalack, August 2021

Date Range:1930s -1960s

Extent:28 linear feet (23 boxes)

Provenance:Marjorie Guthrie & offices of Harold Leventhal

Biographical History: 

Woody Guthrie was a prolific multi-media artist. He is best known for his folk music and songs, and he composed thousands of songs and verse during his lifetime. His most famous songs were about the human condition, including but not limited to, equality of human rights, social justice, romance, joy, sorrow and childlike wonder.

Scope and Content:

The archives holds over 2000 individual lyrics penned by Guthrie on a variety of mediums, including tissue paper, onionskin, gift-wrap, napkins, concert programs, and even place mats! Some of these lyrics are in the form of loose-leaf sheets, others are written directly in notebooks or journals, others are pasted into over-sized ledgers, and still more are loose sheets collected by Guthrie, which he bound himself. Along with the unpublished versions of songs, transcribed versions and some published versions are arranged alongside their original counterpart/s. Authorship includes original songs by others or of unknown origin. In addition, many of these include extensive emanations by Guthrie and interesting anecdotes related to the lyrics/verse. 

Language: Primarily English.

Access Restrictions: Restricted to pre-approved researchers only.

Use restrictions: Permission needed to publish. In some cases songs have multiple copyright holders, for more information contact Woody Guthrie Publications, here.  


Series I : loose-leaf individualalphabetically according to Woody Guthrie’s spelling. Where different titles exist for the same song, one title has been chosen, and all copies are filed together. For example, “Reno Blues” is filed under “Philadelphia Lawyer,” the title being only a variation; the song texts themselves are identical. Two exceptions to alphabetical arrangement exist: “Peekskill Songs” consists of a grouping of 21 song texts, penned by Guthrie, on the subject of Peekskill. These songs were originally bound together, but later disassembled. The songs originally in this “songbook” and with “Peekskill” within their title remain together. They are filed together, alphabetically under “Peekskill.” “Talkin’” and “Talking” song text titles are interfiled, with or without a “g” on the end.

Series 2and Series 3 are contained in bound journals or notebooks containing lyrics, but which may also include drawings, poems, or other notation. Individual song texts, typed or written down by Woody Guthrie, or composed by Woody Guthrie but transcribed by others. Some transcribed melodies by others have been retained alongside their respective lyrics, or text. Publisher’s musical song sheet mockups have been retained here if no other copy is known to exist in the Archives. Authorship includes original songs by others or of unknown origin. The songs date from the mid-1930s through the mid-1950s. A song may have been assigned up to three Genre headings, although more may apply.Oversized bound journals or notebooks containing lyrics either pasted in or composed directly in the book. May also contain art and ephemera.

List of Series:

Series 1: Songs – 1: Alphabetically Arranged Loose Leaf Sheets

Series 2: Songs – 2: Songs Contained In Diaries/Notebooks

Series 3: Songs – 3: Songs Contained in Ledgers (oversized notebooks)

Related Materials:

For related materials please see Guide to the Woody Guthrie Archives Notebooks.

Container Lists:


Arrangement Note: All songs in Series 1 are arranged alphabetically. Songs may be duplicated across all three series and different versions may be found across series. Check all three series to ensure a complete search.

 Series 1: Songs Beginning with A
S1 Box 01“A3 Daddy”
S1 Box 01“Abie gal & arlo davy”
S1 Box 01“Ain’t got no home in this world anymore”
S1 Box 01“Ain’t satisfied”
S1 Box 01“Ain’t that a pity?”
S1 Box 01“Ain’ta gonna do”
S1 Box 01“Aint’a gonna grieve”
S1 Box 01“Airline to heaven”
S1 Box 01“Airplane”
S1 Box 01“All good democrats”
S1 Box 01“All in down & out blues”
S1 Box 01“All the time”
S1 Box 01“All work together”
S1 Box 01“All you fascists bound to lose”
S1 Box 01“All you fonies”
S1 Box 01“Alligator farm”
S1 Box 01“Angel’s blues”
S1 Box 01“Another man done gone”
S1 Box 01“Antyfascist steve”
S1 Box 01“Appledy joose”
S1 Box 01“Arlo tutty”
S1 Box 01“Around new york”
S1 Box 01“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust”
S1 Box 01“Ask & see”
S1 Box 01“At my window sad and lonely”
S1 Box 01“Atom dance”
S1 Box 01“Australyo”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with B
S1 Box 01“Baby daddy mommy”
S1 Box 01“Baby joady”
S1 Box 01“Bad reputation”
S1 Box 01“Baking for wallace”
S1 Box 01“Ballad of colin kelly”
S1 Box 01“Ballad of teheran”
S1 Box 01“Ballad of the big grand coulee dam”
S1 Box 01“Ballad of the red socks”
S1 Box 01“Ballad of the true condition of this old world”
S1 Box 01“Ballad of wild bill hickock, the”
S1 Box 01“Bananny wagon”
S1 Box 01“Bandy the girls”
S1 Box 01“Batty bat”
S1 Box 01“Be kind to this boy on the road”
S1 Box 01“Be no church tonight”
S1 Box 01“Beany queeny”
S1 Box 01“Beanyo”
S1 Box 01“Beat hitler blues”
S1 Box 01“Beat mister hitler blues”
S1 Box 01“Beat my clay”
S1 Box 01“Bed and the bath, the”
S1 Box 01“Bed on the floor”
S1 Box 01“Been down the river too long”
S1 Box 01“Been in jail”
S1 Box 01“Been out on an ocean trip”
S1 Box 01“Behind y’r veil of lies”
S1 Box 01“Belle starr”
S1 Box 01“Below the lock and dam”
S1 Box 01“Beluthatchee bill”
S1 Box 01“Berlin town”
S1 Box 01“Bet on wallace”
S1 Box 01“Better go down an jine th’union”
S1 Box 01“Better world a coming”
S1 Box 01“Big ben”
S1 Box 01“Big boat tug boat”
S1 Box 01“Big john”
S1 Box 01“Bigeye betty”
S1 Box 01“Bigger”
S1 Box 01“Biggest thing that man has ever done”
S1 Box 01“Billy the kid”
S1 Box 01“Birds & ships”
S1 Box 01“Birminham’s jail”
S1 Box 01“Birthday cake”
S1 Box 01“Biting fly”
S1 Box 01“Bizzness ain’t dead”
S1 Box 01“Black diamond”
S1 Box 01“Black wind blowing”
S1 Box 01“Bleederbug”
S1 Box 01“Blessed & cursed”
S1 Box 01“Blinding of Isaac Woodward”
S1 Box 01“Blood of my lamb”
S1 Box 01“Blow her lantern out”
S1 Box 01“Blow the gal down”
S1 Box 01“Blow the man down”
S1 Box 01“Blowe hi”
S1 Box 01“Blowin down this road”
S1 Box 01“Blubber my gum”
S1 Box 01“Blue eyes”
S1 Box 01“Blue ridge mountain blues”
S1 Box 01“Blues of the boils”
S1 Box 01“Boile my cabbage”
S1 Box 01“Boomtown bill”
S1 Box 01“Boomtown galleyHouse”
S1 Box 01“Born to win”
S1 Box 01“Boston flood fire”
S1 Box 01“Bound For Glory”
S1 Box 01“Bound loser”
S1 Box 01“Boys in blue”
S1 Box 01“Bread and land soldier”
S1 Box 01“Bread and water”
S1 Box 01“Break with franco”
S1 Box 01“Briar rabbit”
S1 Box 01“Bright clear day”
S1 Box 01“Bring it home”
S1 Box 01“Britain’s hardwall”
S1 Box 01“Brooklyn state”
S1 Box 01“Buckboard wagon”
S1 Box 01“Buffalo skinners”
S1 Box 01“Bugeye jim”
S1 Box 01“Build me a boat”
S1 Box 01“Build me a world”
S1 Box 01“Build me a world” 2
S1 Box 01“Build my house”
S1 Box 01“Bundling bundler”
S1 Box 01“Buoybells for trenton”
S1 Box 01“Burnt up daddy”
S1 Box 01“Burshywawe towne”
S1 Box 01“Bury me beneath the willows”
S1 Box 01“Buzzy bill gnat”
S1 Box 01“By my soldier”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with C
S1 Box 02“Cadillac cadillac”
S1 Box 02“Cadillac eight”
S1 Box 02“Cajun angel”
S1 Box 02“Calamity Jane”
S1 Box 02“California california”
S1 Box 02“California stars”
S1 Box 02“Californy gold”
S1 Box 02“Call me at one”
S1 Box 02“Candy tree”
S1 Box 02“Cannon ball train”
S1 Box 02“Careless reckless love”
S1 Box 02“Carlson’s raider band”
S1 Box 02“Carved in the rocks of the ages”
S1 Box 02“Case of veedee, a”
S1 Box 02“Casey jones”
S1 Box 02“Cashy clothes man”
S1 Box 02“Caved in coaly mine”
S1 Box 02“Central avenue”
S1 Box 02“Certainly am”
S1 Box 02“Chain of broken hearts”
S1 Box 02“Change this world around”
S1 Box 02“Chatanooga jail in tennessee, the”
S1 Box 02“Cheap mike”
S1 Box 02“Cheery gyroekumpasss”
S1 Box 02“Chess horse”
S1 Box 02“Chiang kai chek”
S1 Box 02“Chicago, chicago”
S1 Box 02“Chicken sneeze”
S1 Box 02“Chickysaw boogy”
S1 Box 02“Child of god”
S1 Box 02“Child of v.d.”
S1 Box 02“Chinese and the japs, the”
S1 Box 02“Choo choo train”
S1 Box 02“Choppin axe blues”
S1 Box 02“Chorine my sheba queen”
S1 Box 02“Christmas talking blues”
S1 Box 02“Chrystimassy nite”
S1 Box 02“Chuck them all”
S1 Box 02“Church in the sky”
S1 Box 02“Chyange kye shek”
S1 Box 02“Cleano”
S1 Box 02“Clock”
S1 Box 02“Clods for talmadge”
S1 Box 02“Close this kitchen down”
S1 Box 02“Coale operaters hadess”
S1 Box 02“Coalery kampy blues”
S1 Box 02“Coalmans mines”
S1 Box 02“Cockity donk”
S1 Box 02“Chrystimassy nite”
S1 Box 02“Chuck them all”
S1 Box 02“Church in the sky”
S1 Box 02“Chyange kye shek”
S1 Box 02“Cleano”
S1 Box 02“Clock”
S1 Box 02“Clods for talmadge”
S1 Box 02“Close this kitchen down”
S1 Box 02“Coale operaters hadess”
S1 Box 02“Coalery kampy blues”
S1 Box 02“Coalmans mines”
S1 Box 02“Cockity donk”
S1 Box 02“Cole cole ground”
S1 Box 02“Columbus Georgia stockade”
S1 Box 02“Come down on your hoe”
S1 Box 02“Come home”
S1 Box 02“Come see”
S1 Box 02“Come when I call you”
S1 Box 02“Condorbird”
S1 Box 02“Coney island”
S1 Box 02“Convict and the rose, the”
S1 Box 02“Cooncan gambler, the”
S1 Box 02“Cotton eye joe”
S1 Box 02“Country boy”
S1 Box 02“Cow cow yikki”
S1 Box 02“Cow waddy”
S1 Box 02“Cowboy ranch”
S1 Box 02“Cowboy spiritual”
S1 Box 02“Cowboy’s philosophy”
S1 Box 02“Crackerlin bread”
S1 Box 02“Cripple creek miner”
S1 Box 02“Cumberland mountain farms”
S1 Box 02“Curfew blow”
S1 Box 02“Curley headed baby”
S1 Box 02“Cusss sin skabby song”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with D
S1 Box 02“Daddy gone a ronndack”
S1 Box 02“Dalton boys, the”
S1 Box 02“Dam yore eyes”
S1 Box 02“Dance a little longer”
S1 Box 02“Dance around”
S1 Box 02“Dance around my atom fire”
S1 Box 02“Dancing studio”
S1 Box 02“Dang my rowdy time”
S1 Box 02“Dark as a dungeon”
S1 Box 02“Dark dreary mine”
S1 Box 02“Dead from the dust”
S1 Box 02“Dead or alive”
S1 Box 02“Dead shot john”
S1 Box 02“Deadshot dan”
S1 Box 02“Dear mister eisenhower”
S1 Box 02“Dear mrs. roosevelt”
S1 Box 02“Dear old sunny south by the sea”
S1 Box 02“Dear old waxahatchee”
S1 Box 02“Dear wife marjorie”
S1 Box 02“Death Valley Scotty”
S1 Box 02“Death row”
S1 Box 02“Death valley lovers”
S1 Box 02“Death’s my best friend”
S1 Box 02“Deep sea say”
S1 Box 02“Devil’s tail”
S1 Box 02“Diamond joe”
S1 Box 02“Didn’t old john”
S1 Box 02“Didn’t ole john”
S1 Box 02“Dig a hole”
S1 Box 02“Dig my life away”
S1 Box 02“Dirty overalls”
S1 Box 02“Dirty overhalls”
S1 Box 02“Dissguster’d damn blues”
S1 Box 02“Do myself”
S1 Box 02“Do or die”
S1 Box 02“Do re mi”
S1 Box 02“Dobee brick”
S1 Box 02“Dodge city jail, the”
S1 Box 02“Dog and a cat, a”
S1 Box 02“Dollar down”
S1 Box 02“Doller downe”
S1 Box 02“Don’t let it get you down”
S1 Box 02“Don’t you marry”
S1 Box 02“Don’t you push me down”
S1 Box 02“Doorstep baby”
S1 Box 02“Dope fiend robber”
S1 Box 02“Dorie Miller”
S1 Box 02“Down in oklayhoma”
S1 Box 02“Down the drain”
S1 Box 02“Down the drain” (2)
S1 Box 02“Down this river too long”
S1 Box 02“Downtown traffic blues”
S1 Box 02“Downtown traffic blues” (2)
S1 Box 02“Drafted”
S1 Box 02“Draftee’s farewell, the”
S1 Box 02“Dream of a miner’s child”
S1 Box 02“Drunken love match”
S1 Box 02“Dry and dusty hobo”
S1 Box 02“Dry bed”
S1 Box 02“Dry spell on the plains”
S1 Box 02“Duck mister hitler”
S1 Box 02“Duckbill bill”
S1 Box 02“Dumper my bosses”
S1 Box 02“Dust bowl blues”
S1 Box 02“Dust bowl refugee”
S1 Box 02“Dust can’t kill me”
S1 Box 02“Dust pneumony”
S1 Box 02“Dying doctor”
S1 Box 02“Dying miner”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with E
S1 Box 03“Einstein song”
S1 Box 03“Eisler on the go”
S1 Box 03“Empty spaces”
S1 Box 03“End of my line”
S1 Box 03“England’s grass agrowing”
S1 Box 03“Every 100 years”
S1 Box 03“Exchange for your soul”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with F
S1 Box 03“Face of god”
S1 Box 03“Face that rifle ball”
S1 Box 03“Face washed”
S1 Box 03“Factory smoke fills up my air”
S1 Box 03“Family reunion”
S1 Box 03“Fare ya well”
S1 Box 03“Farmer feeds us”
S1 Box 03“Farmer-labor train, the”
S1 Box 03“Farmylandy blues”
S1 Box 03“Farther along”
S1 Box 03“Fast poke”
S1 Box 03“Fastest of ponies”
S1 Box 03“Fatal snowride”
S1 Box 03“Feed of man”
S1 Box 03“Fibber fibber”
S1 Box 03“Fiddloes dram”
S1 Box 03“Fiery furnace”
S1 Box 03“Fifteen miles from birmingham”
S1 Box 03“Fightin’ son of a gun”
S1 Box 03“Final call”
S1 Box 03“Final call, the”
S1 Box 03“Fire go die”
S1 Box 03“Fire in the los feliz hills”
S1 Box 03“Fire man”
S1 Box 03“First job”
S1 Box 03“Fishes”
S1 Box 03“Fishigan”
S1 Box 03“Fishy boat”
S1 Box 03“Five machine guns”
S1 Box 03“Flipping the gyp”
S1 Box 03“Flowein bowle”
S1 Box 03“Foodle dee rooldey”
S1 Box 03“Foolerish gold”
S1 Box 03“Foure cents a daye”
S1 Box 03“Fox and the goose”
S1 Box 03“Francois rockwall”
S1 Box 03“Franky weams”
S1 Box 03“Free sample gum”
S1 Box 03“Freedom’s fire”
S1 Box 03“Fruit tramp”
S1 Box 03“Funny face”
S1 Box 03“Furgeson brothers killing”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with G
S1 Box 03“Gallery of politics”
S1 Box 03“Gastonia strike”
S1 Box 03“Gator grunt”
S1 Box 03“Genocide”
S1 Box 03“Georgye penny farm”
S1 Box 03“Germans and the japs, the”
S1 Box 03“Get along, mister hitler”
S1 Box 03“Get together”
S1 Box 03“Ginny mill girl”
S1 Box 03“Girl in the red, white, and blue, the”
S1 Box 03“Girl to which I’m wed”
S1 Box 03“Give ’em the worst you got”
S1 Box 03“Give me a nail”
S1 Box 03“Give me the five”
S1 Box 03“Give us an old age pension”
S1 Box 03“Go and leave me”
S1 Box 03“Go back & try”
S1 Box 03“Go down and see”
S1 Box 03“Go downe”
S1 Box 03“Go left & be right”
S1 Box 03“Go left & bee right”
S1 Box 03“Go to sleep”
S1 Box 03“Go waggaloo”
S1 Box 03“Go way”
S1 Box 03“God made us all”
S1 Box 03“God o god”
S1 Box 03“God shows me”
S1 Box 03“God’s promise”
S1 Box 03“Goin’ away to sea babe o’ mine”
S1 Box 03“Goin’ up the country”
S1 Box 03“Going up the mountain”
S1 Box 03“Gonna be a blackout tonight”
S1 Box 03“Gonna get through this world”
S1 Box 03“Gonta roll”
S1 Box 03“Good measure”
S1 Box 03“Good money paid”
S1 Box 03“Good news roll”
S1 Box 03“Good wobs”
S1 Box 03“Goodnight goodnight”
S1 Box 03“Goodnight little arlo”
S1 Box 03“Goodnight little darling”
S1 Box 03“Goodybye eli branch”
S1 Box 03“Gorrilly dance”
S1 Box 03“Gorrilly dance” (2)
S1 Box 03“Got me worried bad”
S1 Box 03“Gotta cut your water down”
S1 Box 03“Gotta git to peekskill”
S1 Box 03“Gotta havey”
S1 Box 03“Gotta work”
S1 Box 03“Government road, the”
S1 Box 03“Gowann grass and grow”
S1 Box 03“Grand canyon smiles on me”
S1 Box 03“Grand coulee dam”
S1 Box 03“Grand coulee powder monkey”
S1 Box 03“Grassy grow”
S1 Box 03“Grassye mountain girl”
S1 Box 03“Great and bloody fight”
S1 Box 03“Great dust storm”
S1 Box 03“Great london firm”
S1 Box 03“Great milwaukee fire, the”
S1 Box 03“Great steel strike”
S1 Box 03“Grassye mountain girl”
S1 Box 03“Great and bloody fight”
S1 Box 03“Great dust storm”
S1 Box 03“Great london firm”
S1 Box 03“Great milwaukee fire, the”
S1 Box 03“Great steel strike”
S1 Box 03“Green corn”
S1 Box 03“Green grow the flowers”
S1 Box 03“Green valley blues”
S1 Box 03“Greenback bills”
S1 Box 03“Greenland fishery”
S1 Box 03“Greeny corn”
S1 Box 03“Greenycorne”
S1 Box 03“Groundhog”
S1 Box 03“Grow grow grow”
S1 Box 03“Gunner song”
S1 Box 03“Gunners war song”
S1 Box 03“Guys on the grand coulee dam”
S1 Box 03“Gypsy davy”
S1 Box 03“Gypsy’s fortune”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with H
S1 Box 03“Hally got a sister”
S1 Box 03“Hammer ring”
S1 Box 03“Hand made bomb”
S1 Box 03“Hand tracks”
S1 Box 03“Hang my clothes”
S1 Box 03“Hannuka’s flame”
S1 Box 03“Hanuka bell”
S1 Box 03“Hanuka dance”
S1 Box 03“Hanuka gelt”
S1 Box 03“Hanuka time”
S1 Box 03“Hanukah tree”
S1 Box 03“Hard ain’t it hard”
S1 Box 03“Hard old time with matthew kines, a”
S1 Box 03“Hard times on the subway”
S1 Box 03“Hard tongue hotel”
S1 Box 03“Hard travelin’”
S1 Box 03“Hard woman”
S1 Box 03“Hard working man was jesus, a”
S1 Box 03“Harriet tubman”
S1 Box 03“Harry bridges”
S1 Box 03“Haul away”
S1 Box 03“Hay stacker”
S1 Box 04“Hally got a sister”
S1 Box 04“He and she”
S1 Box 04“He’s on his last go round”
S1 Box 04“Head rise”
S1 Box 04“Headdy down”
S1 Box 04“Healing hand”
S1 Box 04“Heaven”
S1 Box 04“Heaven my home”
S1 Box 04“Hello”
S1 Box 04“Hello dolly”
S1 Box 04“Henreye forde”
S1 Box 04“Henry wallace man”
S1 Box 04“Hep hep hep”
S1 Box 04“Hey boy lay boy”
S1 Box 04“Hey general mackymacker”
S1 Box 04“Hey hey hey hey”
S1 Box 04“Hey hey thomas dudley hurwitz”
S1 Box 04“Hey lolly”
S1 Box 04“Hey piggy run”
S1 Box 04“Hey lolly”
S1 Box 04“Hey piggy run”
S1 Box 04“Hey rattler”
S1 Box 04“High floods & low waters”
S1 Box 04“High price blues”
S1 Box 04“Highway of light”
S1 Box 04“Highway wreck”
S1 Box 04“Hills of Ithaca”
S1 Box 04“His name was harry simms”
S1 Box 04“Hobo lullaby”
S1 Box 04“Hoe the rows well willy”
S1 Box 04“Hoecake fritters”
S1 Box 04“Hokenay”
S1 Box 04“Hold on”
S1 Box 04“Hole in the ground”
S1 Box 04“Holey stocking blues”
S1 Box 04“Holy ground”
S1 Box 04“Holy hanukah”
S1 Box 04“Home in that rock”
S1 Box 04“Home on my ship”
S1 Box 04“Honeyky hanukah”
S1 Box 04“Hoodoo voodoo”
S1 Box 04“Hootenanny gal”
S1 Box 04“Hootin at the hoot”
S1 Box 04“Hooversvill”
S1 Box 04“Hossyassy blues”
S1 Box 04“Hot rod hotel”
S1 Box 04“Hour cometh, the”
S1 Box 04“House of sad retreat”
S1 Box 04“How does it sound”
S1 Box 04“How joo do?”
S1 Box 04“Hudson river”
S1 Box 04“Hullabaloo belay”
S1 Box 04“Hunter & finder”
S1 Box 04“How does it sound”
S1 Box 04“How joo do?”
S1 Box 04“Hudson river”
S1 Box 04“Hullabaloo belay”
S1 Box 04“Hunter & finder”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with I
S1 Box 04“I ain’t dead”
S1 Box 04“I am not alone”
S1 Box 04“I am thy god”
S1 Box 04“I asked a little birdy”
S1 Box 04“I been so many places”
S1 Box 04“I been told”
S1 Box 04“I can’t be a happy this a way”
S1 Box 04“I don’t ask a million dollars”
S1 Box 04“I don’t feel at home on the bowery no more”
S1 Box 04“I don’t like your ‘lantic pact”
S1 Box 04“I get mine”
S1 Box 04“I go beach”
S1 Box 04“I gotta go down”
S1 Box 04“I guess I planted”
S1 Box 04“I have seen twenty men”
S1 Box 04“I just now thought a thought”
S1 Box 04“I know just exactly how it feels”
S1 Box 04“I like to stay home with daddy”
S1 Box 04“I love my union”
S1 Box 04“I ran my eye out over the country here”
S1 Box 04“I ride an old paint”
S1 Box 04“I see you”
S1 Box 04“I slave in y’r factyree no more”
S1 Box 04“I take my penny”
S1 Box 04“I took a trip”
S1 Box 04“I took to the cold and bitter cup”
S1 Box 04“I want to make”
S1 Box 04“I want to ride”
S1 Box 04“I want to sing a song to the rich man”
S1 Box 04“I wanta go back”
S1 Box 04“I was born”
S1 Box 04“I was born in old boston’s fair city”
S1 Box 04“I was sick”
S1 Box 04“I will tell you of my work”
S1 Box 04“I wonder how the old folks are at home”
S1 Box 04“Ice in my whiskers”
S1 Box 04“Icicle john”
S1 Box 04“Ida red”
S1 Box 04“If I am this country”
S1 Box 04“If I was everything on earth”
S1 Box 04“If you say”
S1 Box 04“If you want to go to heaven”
S1 Box 04“If you wanta live in Hooversville”
S1 Box 04“I’ll feed you my corn”
S1 Box 04“I’ll fight for the usa”
S1 Box 04“I’ll get home”
S1 Box 04“I’ll not beg”
S1 Box 04“I’ll spell you a word”
S1 Box 04“I’ll write my name down in blood red blood”
S1 Box 04“Ilsa koch”
S1 Box 04“I’m a child ta fight”
S1 Box 04“I’m a fool”
S1 Box 04“I’m always on the go”
S1 Box 04“I’m bound”
S1 Box 04“I’m bound to follow the longhorn cows”
S1 Box 04“I’m gettin’ home”
S1 Box 04“I’m goin’ back to the farm”
S1 Box 04“I’m goin’ ta git”
S1 Box 04“I’m living in coney’s island”
S1 Box 04“I’m lookin for that new deal now”
S1 Box 04“I’m out to get”
S1 Box 04“I’m shipping up to boston”
S1 Box 04“I’m th’ man thet rode th’ mule around th’ world”
S1 Box 04“I’m the man that broke that egg”
S1 Box 04“I’m the wife of a company scab”
S1 Box 04“I’ma goin’ fishin’”
S1 Box 04“I’ma headin back ta denver”
S1 Box 04“In kansyassssss”
S1 Box 04“In my home town where I did well”
S1 Box 04“In my town”
S1 Box 04“Indian boy”
S1 Box 04“Indian summer’s sky”
S1 Box 04“Ingrid bergman”
S1 Box 04“It takes a married man to sing a worried song”
S1 Box 04“It was down in old pearl harbor”
S1 Box 04“It’s a wrinkled, crumpled, rumpled look”
S1 Box 04“It’s hanukah”
S1 Box 04“I’ve come here by foot”
S1 Box 04“I’ve got to know”
S1 Box 04“I’ve served my time on the bowery”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with J
S1 Box 04“Jack hammer blues”
S1 Box 04“Jackhammer john”
S1 Box 04“Jailcell blues”
S1 Box 04“Jailyhouse blues”
S1 Box 04“Jake walk”
S1 Box 04“Jarama Valley”
S1 Box 04“Jeffy buckner”
S1 Box 04“Jericho’s road”
S1 Box 04“Jerry’s rocky jam”
S1 Box 04“Jesse james and his boys”
S1 Box 04“Jest because blues”
S1 Box 04“Jesus christ”
S1 Box 04“Jesus my doctor”
S1 Box 04“Jigalong”
S1 Box 04“Jigger jigger jim”
S1 Box 04“Jiggle jaggle”
S1 Box 04“Jiggytoe jig”
S1 Box 04“Jim dancer”
S1 Box 04“Jimmy whalen”
S1 Box 04“Jinga linnng”
S1 Box 04“Joady lee”
S1 Box 04“Joe Dimaggio done it again”
S1 Box 04“Joe hillstrom”
S1 Box 04“John henry”
S1 Box 04“Johnny hart”
S1 Box 04“Join that a.f. of l.”
S1 Box 04“Jonah kelly”
S1 Box 04“Judge Medina”
S1 Box 04“Judge parker”
S1 Box 04“Juggy band boy”
S1 Box 04“Just one more time”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with K
S1 Box 05“Kangaroo talking blues”
S1 Box 05“Kansas city fire blues”
S1 Box 05“Kennedy, he’s that man”
S1 Box 05“Kickin my habit”
S1 Box 05“Kiss my mother again”
S1 Box 05“Kissin’ On”
S1 Box 05“Kloo klacka klambo”
S1 Box 05“Kotton kroppy blues”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with L
S1 Box 05“Laborsday chants”
S1 Box 05“Ladies auxiliary”
S1 Box 05“Last class seaman”
S1 Box 05“Lay down little doggies”
S1 Box 05“Lead hoss & tail hoss”
S1 Box 05“Leather boots”
S1 Box 05“Left in this world all alone”
S1 Box 05“Let me go”
S1 Box 05“Let them talk”
S1 Box 05“Letter from hell”
S1 Box 05“Letter to peekskillers”
S1 Box 05“Liddle riddle”
S1 Box 05“Life’s other side”
S1 Box 05“Light brigade”
S1 Box 05“Listen little children”
S1 Box 05“Listening to that wind that blows”
S1 Box 05“Lites on denver”
S1 Box 05“Little Billy”
S1 Box 05“Little bird”
S1 Box 05“Little cathy anny”
S1 Box 05“Little curly head”
S1 Box 05“Little moses”
S1 Box 05“Little Sacka Sugar”
S1 Box 05“Little schoolgirl morning”
S1 Box 05“Little suggytit”
S1 Box 05“Little white cottage”
S1 Box 05“Livery barn”
S1 Box 05“Living is fun”
S1 Box 05“Londons blind fog”
S1 Box 05“Lonesome soul blues”
S1 Box 05“Long & hard”
S1 Box 05“Long and lonesome chain”
S1 Box 05“Long and lonesome day”
S1 Box 05“Long time, a”
S1 Box 05“Longhairy preacher”
S1 Box 05“Longpole john”
S1 Box 05“Looberty lay”
S1 Box 05“Look like a monkey”
S1 Box 05“Look out hitler”
S1 Box 05“Look out my window”
S1 Box 05“Look within”
S1 Box 05“Looks like it’s here”
S1 Box 05“Lord it’s almost done”
S1 Box 05“Lord only knows”
S1 Box 05“Loredo street”
S1 Box 05“Los cuatro generales”
S1 Box 05“Los Gatos plane wreck” (also known as Deportee)
S1 Box 05“Love thyself”
S1 Box 05“Love’s the cure”
S1 Box 05“Low levee bully”
S1 Box 05“Ludlow massacre”
S1 Box 05“Lumber is king”
S1 Box 05“Lynchburg town”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with M
S1 Box 05“Madonna on the curb”
S1 Box 05“Maggie mozella mcgee”
S1 Box 05“Magnetic mine”
S1 Box 05“Mail myself to you”
S1 Box 05“Mailman”
S1 Box 05“Make a blubble”
S1 Box 05“Make up your mind”
S1 Box 05“Mama and papa game”
S1 Box 05“Mama daddy little one”
S1 Box 05“Mama’s little baby boy”
S1 Box 05“Many & the few, the”
S1 Box 05“Many in one”
S1 Box 05“Marie fagin”
S1 Box 05“Mario russo”
S1 Box 05“Marion massacre”
S1 Box 05“Marion strike”
S1 Box 05“Matthew mark”
S1 Box 05“Me & my doctor”
S1 Box 05“Mean thing”
S1 Box 05“Meanest man”
S1 Box 05“Merchant seaman, the”
S1 Box 05“Mermaid’s avenue”
S1 Box 05“Merry go round”
S1 Box 05“Mexico”
S1 Box 05“Midnite special”
S1 Box 05“Milkry trust”
S1 Box 05“Miner’s childs dream”
S1 Box 05“Miner’s kids and wives”
S1 Box 05“Miner’s life”
S1 Box 05“Miss Pavlachenko”
S1 Box 05“Missippy low levee”
S1 Box 05“Missipy mud hog”
S1 Box 05“Missy payday is gone”
S1 Box 05“Mister kundif’s jug”
S1 Box 05“Molly mcguhir”
S1 Box 05“Money to burn”
S1 Box 05“Moneyless children”
S1 Box 05“More pretty gals than one”
S1 Box 05“Moses’s rocke”
S1 Box 05“Mother sing again”
S1 Box 05“Mound of your grave”
S1 Box 06“Mr. rabbit mr. rabbit”
S1 Box 06“Mr. tom mooney is free”
S1 Box 06“My answer to moonlight and skies”
S1 Box 06“My answer to the reply to the birmingham jail”
S1 Box 06“My barditch”
S1 Box 06“My battle”
S1 Box 06“My battlin grounds”
S1 Box 06“My best doctor”
S1 Box 06“My bible song”
S1 Box 06“My billy boy”
S1 Box 06“My book of ruth”
S1 Box 06“My bottle & blanket”
S1 Box 06“My brain is heavy loaded…”
S1 Box 06“My brown eyes”
S1 Box 06“My candy man”
S1 Box 06“My chhhooorrreeaaye”
S1 Box 06“My children”
S1 Box 06“My cross & yours”
S1 Box 06“My cumberland mountain gal”
S1 Box 06“My daggery knife”
S1 Box 06“My deisal train blues”
S1 Box 06“My desert blossom”
S1 Box 06“My dolly”
S1 Box 06“My eyes gonna shine”
S1 Box 06“My faith”
S1 Box 06“My flowers grow green”
S1 Box 06“My flying saucer”
S1 Box 06“My green June corn”
S1 Box 06“My grysforde explosiun”
S1 Box 06“My holey ghost”
S1 Box 06“My holyday prayer book”
S1 Box 06“My hootenney”
S1 Box 06“My id & my ego”
S1 Box 06“My jesus and my races”
S1 Box 06“My jig trotter”
S1 Box 06“My konntiki raft”
S1 Box 06“My l and n striker”
S1 Box 06“My last letter”
S1 Box 06“My litehouse”
S1 Box 06“My little chicky dee”
S1 Box 06“My little darling”
S1 Box 06“My little pretty cup”
S1 Box 06“My little seed”
S1 Box 06“My longo time”
S1 Box 06“My lowell milly girl”
S1 Box 06“My morphene girl”
S1 Box 06“My new york city”
S1 Box 06“My olde enjinne”
S1 Box 06“My people pray”
S1 Box 06“My pisstaloe hustage blues”
S1 Box 06“My polly canyun puppytent”
S1 Box 06“My pony”
S1 Box 06“My poore old soul”
S1 Box 06“My pretty snowdeer”
S1 Box 06“My reddy print bible”
S1 Box 06“My rifel”
S1 Box 06“My rolling ocean”
S1 Box 06“My scarlet banner”
S1 Box 06“My sickerly children”
S1 Box 06“My signs”
S1 Box 06“My soul’s got wings”
S1 Box 06“My student nurse”
S1 Box 06“My sugar in the gourd”
S1 Box 06“My sunshiny day”
S1 Box 06“My sweet and bitter bowl”
S1 Box 06“My sweetyole CIO”
S1 Box 06“My thirty thousand”
S1 Box 06“My three races”
S1 Box 06“My two bums”
S1 Box 06“My uaw cio”
S1 Box 06“My union county gal”
S1 Box 06“My word”
S1 Box 06“My yellow crayon”
S1 Box 06“Mye blue eyes”
S1 Box 06“Mye coalwerker laddy”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with N
S1 Box 06“Naked seed”
S1 Box 06“Natural man”
S1 Box 06“Navaho lands”
S1 Box 06“Needle Song”
S1 Box 06“Never did let my union down”
S1 Box 06“Never git drunk anymore”
S1 Box 06“Never git drunk no more”
S1 Box 06“New found land”
S1 Box 06“New star”
S1 Box 06“New union highway”
S1 Box 06“New way of loving”
S1 Box 06“New year’s talking blues”
S1 Box 06“New years flood, the”
S1 Box 06“New york town”
S1 Box 06“New york trains, the”
S1 Box 06“New zealand wreck”
S1 Box 06“Nickety nackety now now now”
S1 Box 06“Nicotene fits”
S1 Box 06“Nine hundred miles”
S1 Box 06“Nine little turkeys”
S1 Box 06“1913 Massacre” (click here for published lyrics)
S1 Box 06“Ninetery seven”
S1 Box 06“Ninety mile wind”
S1 Box 06“No bread for the poor”
S1 Box 06“No fear”
S1 Box 06“No more letters”
S1 Box 06“No more peekskill”
S1 Box 06“No no satan”
S1 Box 06“No water for baby”
S1 Box 06“Nobody’s business but my own”
S1 Box 06“Normandie was her name”
S1 Box 06“North sea’s flood”
S1 Box 06“Nosh oh nosh”
S1 Box 06“Not dead”
S1 Box 06“Nude Colonee”
S1 Box 06“Number 9 wreck”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with O
S1 Box 06“O’ tell me how long long”
S1 Box 06“O’ that cannon ball”
S1 Box 06“Ocean go”
S1 Box 06“Ocean’s rock house”
S1 Box 06“Odd gallop”
S1 Box 06“Odd ones”
S1 Box 06“Ode man joade”
S1 Box 06“Oh doctor won’t you come?”
S1 Box 06“Oh fever”
S1 Box 06“Oklahoma hills”
S1 Box 06“Old New London”
S1 Box 06“Old abe”
S1 Box 06“Old atom hunter”
S1 Box 06“Old blue”
S1 Box 06“Old broadway”
S1 Box 06“Old brown hills”
S1 Box 06“Old cap moore”
S1 Box 06“Old cracked looking glass”
S1 Box 06“Old east virginny”
S1 Box 06“Old kokaine”
S1 Box 06“Old l.a.”
S1 Box 06“Old man joads”
S1 Box 06“Old man of my mountains”
S1 Box 06“Old missouri mountain”
S1 Box 06“Old paint”
S1 Box 06“Old sea hound”
S1 Box 06“Old shoe”
S1 Box 06“Old time religion”
S1 Box 06“Olde chykawgoe”
S1 Box 06“Ole drunk steer”
S1 Box 07“On bodies and on bones”
S1 Box 07“On christe’s birthynite”
S1 Box 07“On my railroad”
S1 Box 07“On my way”
S1 Box 07“On the blow”
S1 Box 07“On top of old fifth street”
S1 Box 07“Once upon creation’s morning”
S1 Box 07“One by one”
S1 Box 07“One by one” (2)
S1 Box 07“One day old”
S1 Box 07“One good job”
S1 Box 07“One mile from the human race”
S1 Box 07“One step two”
S1 Box 07“One thing the atom cain’t do”
S1 Box 07“One to ten”
S1 Box 07“One year older”
S1 Box 07“Ones & twos”
S1 Box 07“Orange blossom ring”
S1 Box 07“Oregon line”
S1 Box 07“Orphan janey”
S1 Box 07“Out from the wolf’s belly”
S1 Box 07“Out of work”
S1 Box 07“Out on deck”
S1 Box 07“Out past the end of the line”
S1 Box 07“Out west of here”
S1 Box 07“Outydoors hospistial”
S1 Box 07“Over by the cotton gin”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with P
S1 Box 07“P for peekskill”
S1 Box 07“P for plenty”
S1 Box 07“P for portland”
S1 Box 07“Pacing this ward”
S1 Box 07“Palmetto veedee blues”
S1 Box 07“Pancho villa meets guss gonzalless”
S1 Box 07“Parody to old faithful”
S1 Box 07“Pass away”
S1 Box 07“Pastures of plenty”
S1 Box 07“Peace town”
S1 Box 07“Peacocky street”
S1 Box 07“Pearl harbor”
S1 Box 07“Pearly girl”
S1 Box 07“Peejammers I hate”
S1 Box 07“Peekskill blues”
S1 Box 07“Peekskill boogie”
S1 Box 07“Peekskill fiery kross”
S1 Box 07“Peekskill gal”
S1 Box 07“Peekskill golfing grounds”
S1 Box 07“Peekskill klooklux blues”
S1 Box 07“Peekskill my peekskill”
S1 Box 07“Peekskill papa”
S1 Box 07“Peekskill poecop”
S1 Box 07“Peekskill rider”
S1 Box 07“Peekskill town”
S1 Box 07“Pencil for my aged”
S1 Box 07“People are clay”
S1 Box 07“People’s songs”
S1 Box 07“Perty & clean”
S1 Box 07“Perty nurses”
S1 Box 07“Perty nurses” (2)
S1 Box 07“Peter amberley”
S1 Box 07“Philadelphia lawyer”
S1 Box 07“Pick it up”
S1 Box 07“Picket line blues”
S1 Box 07“Picketline love”
S1 Box 07“Pistol packer”
S1 Box 07“Poll tax chain”
S1 Box 07“Polly canun blued”
S1 Box 07“Poor little stevie”
S1 Box 07“Poor little tommy”
S1 Box 07“Poore howard”
S1 Box 07“Poore loney weavyer”
S1 Box 07“Portland town to klamath”
S1 Box 07“Portlande to portlande”
S1 Box 07“Pretty and shinyo”
S1 Box 07“Pretty baby”
S1 Box 07“Pretty boy floyd”
S1 Box 07“Pretty little baby”
S1 Box 07“Pretty maidel”
S1 Box 07“Pretty polly”
S1 Box 07“Pretty pretty girl”
S1 Box 07“Prison cell dream”
S1 Box 07“Prisoner’s river”
S1 Box 07“Prisoner’s wife”
S1 Box 07“Private waters”
S1 Box 07“Punching this dough”
S1 Box 07“Pushy Poosh”
S1 Box 07“Put your finger in the air”
S1 Box 07“Puzzy is a perty thong”
S1 Box 07“Puzzzey song”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with Q
S1 Box 07“Queen of my love”
S1 Box 07“Queeny Beany”
S1 Box 07“Question box”
S1 Box 07“Quit your ticklin”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with R
S1 Box 07“Race you down the mountain”
S1 Box 07“Radio theme song”
S1 Box 07“Rag’dy raggerdly”
S1 Box 07“Raileroadey slaver”
S1 Box 07“Railroad corral”
S1 Box 07“Railroad guys”
S1 Box 07“Rainbow sign”
S1 Box 07“Rainoe raine”
S1 Box 07“Rainy night”
S1 Box 07“Raise a rukus tonight”
S1 Box 07“Raise up”
S1 Box 07“Ramblin reckless hobo”
S1 Box 07“Ramblin’ blues”
S1 Box 07“Ramblin’ gambler”
S1 Box 07“Ramblin’ round”
S1 Box 07“Ramblin’ round” (2)
S1 Box 07“Ranch of the sea”
S1 Box 07“Rancho grande vigilante, the”
S1 Box 07“Rancho grandy”
S1 Box 07“Rangers’ command, the”
S1 Box 07“Rapaport’s store”
S1 Box 07“Rattle my rattle”
S1 Box 07“Rebels boy”
S1 Box 07“Reckless talk”
S1 Box 07“Red river valley”
S1 Box 07“Red runner”
S1 Box 07“Reddy leady”
S1 Box 07“Remember the mountain bed”
S1 Box 07“Reuben james”
S1 Box 07“Reuben reuben”
S1 Box 07“Revolutionary boy”
S1 Box 07“Revolutionary mind”
S1 Box 07“Richman poreman”
S1 Box 07“Richman’s bitch”
S1 Box 07“Riding down my old rock canyon”
S1 Box 07“Riding in my car”
S1 Box 07“Ring around the fascist”
S1 Box 07“Rio grande valley”
S1 Box 07“Rise up people”
S1 Box 07“River bottom peach tent”
S1 Box 07“Riveryboate gamboler”
S1 Box 08“Rock of gibraltar”
S1 Box 08“Rockefeller boom”
S1 Box 08“Rockville center train wreck”
S1 Box 08“Rocky canyons”
S1 Box 08“Roll into germany”
S1 Box 08“Roll on buddy”
S1 Box 08“Roll on columbia”
S1 Box 08“Roll on little ocean”
S1 Box 08“Rolly green hills of vermont”
S1 Box 08“Roodey roodeye ray”
S1 Box 08“Roosevelt boogie”
S1 Box 08“Roosevelt man”
S1 Box 08“Rosalee ingram”
S1 Box 08“Roseywood casket”
S1 Box 08“Rosin teebee”
S1 Box 08“Round up the nazis”
S1 Box 08“Rounder’s name, a”
S1 Box 08“Rover dog rover”
S1 Box 08“Rowl dee fowl dee”
S1 Box 08“Rub my tumbo”
S1 Box 08“Ruby bates letter”
S1 Box 08“Run hitler run”
S1 Box 08“Run little judey”
S1 Box 08“Runaway train”
S1 Box 08“Runaway trucke”
S1 Box 08“Ruthy goofy”
S1 Box 08“Rye straw”
S1 Box 08“Rye whuxxkee”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with S
S1 Box 08“Sad canyon ranch”
S1 Box 08“Sad ship”
S1 Box 08“Sail away”
S1 Box 08“Sally ann”
S1 Box 08“Sally don’t you grieve”
S1 Box 08“Sally goodin”
S1 Box 08“Salvation train”
S1 Box 08“Santa fe girly”
S1 Box 08“Save your kisses”
S1 Box 08“Save your water”
S1 Box 08“Save yourself for me”
S1 Box 08“Sawlty dawg”
S1 Box 08“Say mister rabbit”
S1 Box 08“Scabber caseye jones”
S1 Box 08“School girl”
S1 Box 08“Scoth hills”
S1 Box 08“Scottsboro jail”
S1 Box 08“Scottyboro deathyhouse”
S1 Box 08“Screwball cannonball”
S1 Box 08“Seaman’s yodeling guitar”
S1 Box 08“Secrets of the sea”
S1 Box 08“See me”
S1 Box 08“See my ship”
S1 Box 08“See the waters gliding, hear the nightingale sing”
S1 Box 08“Seven sevens”
S1 Box 08“Shally henn der gartern”
S1 Box 08“Shantyman’s hard life”
S1 Box 08“Sharecroppy dream”
S1 Box 08“She’s down”
S1 Box 08“Shenydoe”
S1 Box 08“Sherman texas cyclone”
S1 Box 08“Ship didn’t return”
S1 Box 08“Ship in the sky”
S1 Box 08“Ship in the storm”
S1 Box 08“Ship is a moving”
S1 Box 08“Ship on the waters”
S1 Box 08“Shoe on wrong”
S1 Box 08“Shook old frisco down”
S1 Box 08“Shy yang kye check”
S1 Box 08“Side line woman”
S1 Box 08“Sign from the sky”
S1 Box 08“Sing”
S1 Box 08“Sing out”
S1 Box 08“Sing praises”
S1 Box 08“Sing your name”
S1 Box 08“Sittin’ by the highway”
S1 Box 08“Sixty six highway blues”
S1 Box 08“Skippy skip”
S1 Box 08“Sleep eye”
S1 Box 08“Sleep in y’r tent”
S1 Box 08“Sleep in your barn”
S1 Box 08“Sleepy Eyes”
S1 Box 08“Slick snake blues”
S1 Box 08“Slim houston”
S1 Box 08“Slipknot”
S1 Box 08“Sloppery slippery”
S1 Box 08“Smoggy old smog”
S1 Box 08“Smoke looks lonesome”
S1 Box 08“Snow song”
S1 Box 08“Snow white and rose red”
S1 Box 08“Snowsled song”
S1 Box 08“So long it’s been good to know you”
S1 Box 08“Soap and waters”
S1 Box 08“Socialismo”
S1 Box 08“Soda soda”
S1 Box 08“Solidarity”
S1 Box 08“Someday some morning sometime”
S1 Box 08“Sometimes”
S1 Box 08“Song about a bear that ain’t got no name”
S1 Box 08“Song about tipping”
S1 Box 08“Song of the grand coulee dam”
S1 Box 08“Sorrow constant”
S1 Box 08“Soul fixer”
S1 Box 08“Southern white blues”
S1 Box 08“Speedy beetle”
S1 Box 08“Squiddy diggin grounde”
S1 Box 08“S.S. William Floyd”
S1 Box 08“Stabing boarder”
S1 Box 08“Stack my blocks”
S1 Box 08“Stacky boney”
S1 Box 08“Stalin aviation march”
S1 Box 08“Start y’r music”
S1 Box 08“Stay away from home brew wine and likker too”
S1 Box 08“Steamboat whistle blow”
S1 Box 08“Steel heel, The”
S1 Box 08“Stewball nag”
S1 Box 08“Stewbally”
S1 Box 08“Stewbum winoe”
S1 Box 08“Streets of Peekskill”
S1 Box 08“Streets of laredo”
S1 Box 08“Stremberry rhone”
S1 Box 08“Stuccoed house, the”
S1 Box 08“Sue and teeny in and out of jail”
S1 Box 08“Suffer little children to come unto me”
S1 Box 08“Sun jumped up, the”
S1 Box 08“Sun song”
S1 Box 08“Sunny mountain”
S1 Box 08“Sunshiny day in june”
S1 Box 08“Sweet birds”
S1 Box 08“Sweet bosom of life”
S1 Box 08“Sweet peace”
S1 Box 08“Sweetest angel in this world”
S1 Box 08“Sweety maxene”
S1 Box 08“Sweety sweete dream”
S1 Box 08“Swimmy swim”
S1 Box 08“Syckamore timbers”
S1 Box 08“Syphyliss gonoreea & hotty balls”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with T
S1 Box 09“Take a run down around mexico”
S1 Box 09“Take a tip from me”
S1 Box 09“Take care of mother and dad”
S1 Box 09“Take it easy”
S1 Box 09“Take my blame”
S1 Box 09“Take my turn”
S1 Box 09“Takes our good old NMU”
S1 Box 09“Taking it easy when the sirens blow”
S1 Box 09“Talk about hungry”
S1 Box 09“Talkin atom bomb”
S1 Box 09“Talkin beefsteak”
S1 Box 09“Talkin big bumb”
S1 Box 09“Talkin elevated”
S1 Box 09“Talkin empty bed blues”
S1 Box 09“Talkin gambler blues”
S1 Box 09“Talkin peekskill”
S1 Box 09“Talkin rathole blues”
S1 Box 09“Talkin rations”
S1 Box 09“Talkin subways”
S1 Box 09“Talkin tytanick”
S1 Box 09“Talking cattle brander”
S1 Box 09“Talking columbia”
S1 Box 09“Talking dance call”
S1 Box 09“Talking fishing blues”
S1 Box 09“Talking hard luck blues”
S1 Box 09“Talking hitler’s head off blues”
S1 Box 09“Talking ice skating blues”
S1 Box 09“Talking juke box”
S1 Box 09“Talking korea blues”
S1 Box 09“Talking lindberg blues”
S1 Box 09“Talking meaness”
S1 Box 09“Talking miner”
S1 Box 09“Talking news blues”
S1 Box 09“Talking project house”
S1 Box 09“Talking sailor”
S1 Box 09“Talking sea gull”
S1 Box 09“Talking seaman”
S1 Box 09“Talking soldier”
S1 Box 09“Talking stetson kennedy”
S1 Box 09“Talking union”
S1 Box 09“Tangywoo boy”
S1 Box 09“Taos pueblo”
S1 Box 09“Tea bag blues”
S1 Box 09“Tear this jail down”
S1 Box 09“Ten times more”
S1 Box 09“That cannon ball”
S1 Box 09“That’s why we’re standing in the rain”
S1 Box 09“Thats why i love”
S1 Box 09“Them big city ways”
S1 Box 09“There’s more true lovers than one”
S1 Box 09“3rd party line”
S1 Box 09“Thirty four ways”
S1 Box 09“This boat”
S1 Box 09“This could never happen in my dear old sunny south”
S1 Box 09“This is a picture”
S1 Box 09“This is mine”
S1 Box 09“This is the house where the Almanacs use to stay”
S1 Box 09
(For other versions of this song see )
“This land is your land”
S1 Box 09“This life is hard”
S1 Box 09“This morning I am born again”
S1 Box 09“This old clink of my dunky glass”
S1 Box 09“This one song”
S1 Box 09“This road”
S1 Box 09“This train is a union flyer”
S1 Box 09“Thread my needle”
S1 Box 09“Three sisters”
S1 Box 09“Throw my ball”
S1 Box 09“Thy faith hath made me whole”
S1 Box 09“Ti ti tooky tooky tidle Oh”
S1 Box 09“Ticky Tock”
S1 Box 09“Timberyman’s day”
S1 Box 09“Time time, a”
S1 Box 09“Tinhorn cowboy”
S1 Box 09“Tip tap toe”
S1 Box 09“Tizzy tizzy tizzy”
S1 Box 09“Toast to a jailer”
S1 Box 09“Tom Joad”
S1 Box 09“Too mucho drink”
S1 Box 09“Topanga blingo blango california”
S1 Box 09“Topango canyone”
S1 Box 09“Tractor song”
S1 Box 09“Trade f’r y’r soule”
S1 Box 09“Train wheel”
S1 Box 09“Trenton frameup, The”
S1 Box 09“Trenton six”
S1 Box 09“Trick or treat”
S1 Box 09“Trouble of mine”
S1 Box 09“Trouble on the waters”
S1 Box 09“Tucumcari sari”
S1 Box 09“Turpentiny camp blues”
S1 Box 09“Twin mountain waltz”
S1 Box 09“Two 6s upside down”
S1 Box 09“Two forty three”
S1 Box 09“Tytanick”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with U
S1 Box 09“Udah cylone”
S1 Box 09“Ugly jackass”
S1 Box 09“Un building song”
S1 Box 09“Uncle sam”
S1 Box 09“Union blue”
S1 Box 09“Union buryin’ ground”
S1 Box 09“Union clog”
S1 Box 09“Union feelin”
S1 Box 09“Union girl”
S1 Box 09“Union Maid”
S1 Box 09“Union maid #1”
S1 Box 09“Union meeting”
S1 Box 09“Union prayer”
S1 Box 09“Union spirit”
S1 Box 09“Union train”
S1 Box 09“Union’s my religion”
S1 Box 09“Unione rock”
S1 Box 09“Unione wormban”
S1 Box 09“Unione wracker”
S1 Box 09“Unwelcomed guest, the”
S1 Box 09“Updide down”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with V
S1 Box 09“Valley in peace”
S1 Box 09“Vanport flood”
S1 Box 09“Vd avenue”
S1 Box 09“Vd city”
S1 Box 09“Vd day”
S1 Box 09“Vd gunner”
S1 Box 09“Veedee blues”
S1 Box 09“Veedee seaman’s letter”
S1 Box 09“Victory of the Whelan strikers”
S1 Box 09“Vigilante man”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with W
S1 Box 09“Wake up”
S1 Box 09“Wakeup worker”
S1 Box 09“Walk right in”
S1 Box 09“Walkin down the railroad line, a”
S1 Box 09“Walkin gown”
S1 Box 09“Walkin upta high street”
S1 Box 09“Wallace button”
S1 Box 09“Wallace day”
S1 Box 09“Wallace meeting grounds”
S1 Box 09“Walt Whitmans neice”
S1 Box 09“War bond gal of mine”
S1 Box 09“War bond song”
S1 Box 09“Warden of the skies”
S1 Box 09“Warshey little tootsey”
S1 Box 09“Washington talkin blues”
S1 Box 09“Wasp bite nobie”
S1 Box 09“Watches fine”
S1 Box 09“Waters are arising”
S1 Box 09“Way over yonder in the minor key”
S1 Box 09“We are coming, father abraham”
S1 Box 09“Wear my rainbow”
S1 Box 09“Weaver life”
S1 Box 09“Weaver theme song”
S1 Box 09“Weavryroom blues”
S1 Box 09“Wedded to a dancer”
S1 Box 09“Welcome in! franklin d.!”
S1 Box 09“Westinghouse westinghouse”
S1 Box 09“What do I want”
S1 Box 09“What kind of bomb?”
S1 Box 09“What shall it profit a man”
S1 Box 09“What town is this?”
S1 Box 09“What you gonna do”
S1 Box 09“Whatchagonnadoo?”
S1 Box 09“Wheel a wheeling”
S1 Box 09“Wheel of life”
S1 Box 09“Wheelbarrow song”
S1 Box 09“When I get home”
S1 Box 09“When I lost you”
S1 Box 09“When I was a little boy”
S1 Box 09“When I’m gone, Sally don’t you grieve”
S1 Box 09“When my good ship went down”
S1 Box 09“When the curfew blows”
S1 Box 09“When the rent comes due again”
S1 Box 09“When the yanks go marchin’ in”
S1 Box 09“When you live on that old dusty road”
S1 Box 09“When you’re down and out”
S1 Box 09“Where am I?”
S1 Box 09“Where are you going my c.i.o.”
S1 Box 09“Where did you go?”
S1 Box 09“Where the doggies go”
S1 Box 09“Where trouble is at”
S1 Box 09“Which a way does windy river flow”
S1 Box 09“Which side are you on?”
S1 Box 09“Whiskey blue”
S1 Box 09“Whiskey stew”
S1 Box 09“Whitaker town”
S1 Box 09
“Who poured my wages down the drain?”
S1 Box 09“Whoopie-ti-yi-yo”
S1 Box 09“Why do you stand there in the rain?”
S1 Box 09“Why?”
S1 Box 09“Whyo why?”
S1 Box 10
“Wicked citye”
S1 Box 10
“Wild aminul”
S1 Box 10
“Wild and reckless hobo”
S1 Box 10
“Wild bill jones”
S1 Box 10
“Wild card in the hole”
S1 Box 10
“Wild cyclone”
S1 Box 10
“Wild oaken tree”
S1 Box 10
“Wilder blues, the”
S1 Box 10
“Will come”
S1 Box 10
“Will my family be united”
S1 Box 10
“Will rogers highway”
S1 Box 10
“Willy mcgee”
S1 Box 10
“Willya missy me”
S1 Box 10
“Wind my klock”
S1 Box 10
“Wind that blows”
S1 Box 10
“Windy day, a”
S1 Box 10
“Woke up this morning with a foggy brain”
S1 Box 10
“Woman at home”
S1 Box 10
“Woman’s odd ways”
S1 Box 10
“Women’s hats”
S1 Box 10
“Woodbine twiner”
S1 Box 10
“Woodstock wreck”
S1 Box 10
“Woody & Lefty Lou’s theme song”
S1 Box 10
“Woody and lefty lou’s horsecollar blues”
S1 Box 10
“Woody guthrie’s true love”
S1 Box 10
“Woody’s never miss your mother”
S1 Box 10
“Words from Jesus”
S1 Box 10
“Work hollers”
S1 Box 10
“Worker’s guns”
S1 Box 10
“Worker’s sun”
S1 Box 10
“Working man jesus”
S1 Box 10
“Works of man”
S1 Box 10
“World onna fire”
S1 Box 10
“World turns ’round and ’round, the”
S1 Box 10
“Wormy song”
S1 Box 10
“Wreck of the pelican, the”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with Y
S1 Box 10“Yallerhammer”
S1 Box 10“Yess lord”
S1 Box 10“Yo ho”
S1 Box 10“You and I”
S1 Box 10“You better get ready”
S1 Box 10“You gonna see me”
S1 Box 10“You guys toot joy”
S1 Box 10“You know what to do”
S1 Box 10“You to me”
S1 Box 10“You tucsony girl”
S1 Box 10“You’d ought to be satisfied now”
S1 Box 10“You’re gone, you fascist, you’re gone”
S1 Box 10“Younge henreye”
S1 Box 10“Your music”
S1 Box 10“Your sandal string”
S1 Box 10“Your sweet breast”
S1 Box 10“Your words”
 Series 1: Songs Beginning with Z
S1 Box 10“Zibber zee, The”
S1 Box 10“Zoo zoo song: zoozoo, zoozoo, zoozoo zoo zoo!”
S1 Box 10Folder 34 – Unidentified and Untitled Song Texts
S1 Box 10Folder 35 – Song Lists
S1 Box 10Folder 36 – Song Introductions
S1 Box 10Folder 37 – Extra Copies (created by WG, not signed) Song Titles(s)


Series 2: Songs from Notebook 4
S2 N4 P1 “Blue eyes”
S2 N4 P2 “The Weeping Willow Tree”
S2 N4 P3 “The Chinese and the Japs”
S2 N4 P4 “Trouble o’ mine”
S2 N4 P7 “Reno blues”
S2 N4 P8 “Picture from life’s other side”
S2 N4 P9 “In those oklahoma hills where I was born”
S2 N4 P10 “The Sherman Texas cyclone”
S2 N4 P12 “My little darling > Boys in blue”
S2 N4 P13 “Midnight special”
S2 N4 P14 “Brown eyes”
S2 N4 P15 “California! california!”
S2 N4 P16 “On that Jericho road”
S2 N4 P19 “Rancho grande”
S2 N4 P20 “Maple on the hill”
S2 N4 P21 “Weeping willow tree, The”
S2 N4 P22 “I’m gonna walk that lonesome valley”
S2 N4 P25 “Country boy”
S2 N4 P26 “More purty gals than one”
S2 N4 P27 “Curly headed baby”
S2 N4 P28 “Woody’s and Lefty Lou’s theme song”
S2 N4 P29 “When the roses bloom again”
S2 N4 P30 “Stepstone”
S2 N4 P31 “Ramblin’ reckless hobo”
S2 N4 P32 “Darling will you miss me when I’m gone”
S2 N4 P33 “Just tell them when you saw me”
S2 N4 P34 “Kitty wells”
S2 N4 P35 “In my home town where I did dwell”
S2 N4 P36 “Esekial saw the wheel”
S2 N4 P37 “Careless reckless love”
S2 N4 P38 “Them green valley blues”
S2 N4 P39 “Convict and the rose”
S2 N4 P40 “Woody & Lefty Lou’s horsecollar blues”
S2 N4 P44 “Worried man blues”
S2 N4 P45 “More purty gals than one”
S2 N4 P46 “There’s more true loves than one”
S2 N4 P47 “I’ll never git drunk anymore”
S2 N4 P48 “Gypsy davy”
S2 N4 P49 “Stay away from home brew”
S2 N4 P50 “Whistlin’ Rufus”
S2 N4 P51 “When the rent comes due again”
S2 N4 P52 “He never came back”
S2 N4 P53 “Jake walk”
S2 N4 P54 “She’s built that way”
S2 N4 P55 “Bird in a guilded cage”
S2 N4 P56 “Budded roses”
S2 N4 P57 “Hobo lulaby”
S2 N4 P58 “Bright & shining city”
S2 N4 P59 “Little brown jug”
S2 N4 P60 “Little rosewood casket”
S2 N4 P61 “You are my darling true love”
S2 N4 P62 “Letter edged in black”
S2 N4 P63 “Steamboat whistle blow”
S2 N4 P64 “That lonesome lone green valley”
S2 N4 P65 “Just give me just one little kiss”
S2 N4 P66 “Jesse james and his boys”
S2 N4 P67 “Yes, Mister Brown, you can bring it on down”
S2 N4 P68 “Better stay in the livery barn”
S2 N4 P69 “Sweetest angel in this world”
S2 N4 P70 “I’m goin’ back to the farm”
S2 N4 P71 “Cannon ball blues”
S2 N4 P72 “When the saints go marchin’ in”
S2 N4 P73 “Crawdad song”
S2 N4 P73 “Streets of freedom”
S2 N4 P74 “On that foggy mountain top”
S2 N4 P77 “Beautiful texas”
S2 N4 P78 “Hang out yo’ front do’ key”
S2 N4 P79 “Nobody’s darling but mine”
S2 N4 P80 “Twenty one years”
S2 N4 P81 “Sally don’t you grieve”
S2 N4 P82 “No disappointment in heaven”
S2 N4 P83 “I’m th’ man thet rode th’ mule around th’ world”
S2 N4 P84 “You’re gonna look like a monkey”
S2 N4 P85 “Nobody’s business but my own”
S2 N4 P86 “Wheel of life, The”
S2 N4 P87 “This long and lonely day”
S2 N4 P88 “Sailor on the deep blue sea”
S2 N4 P88 “Wreck of the number nine”
S2 N4 P89 “Agravatin’ beauty lulu walls”
S2 N4 P89 “Put my little shoes away”
S2 N4 P90 “If i could only learn to keep my mouth shut”
S2 N4 P91 “Dollar now & a dollar when we meet”
S2 N4 P92 “Downtown traffic blues”
S2 N4 P93 “Dang my rowdy time”
S2 N4 P94 “Chorine my sheba queen”
S2 N4 P95 “It’s hard ain’t it hard”
S2 N4 P96 “Pray for the light”
S2 N4 P96 “My soul’s got wings”
S2 N4 P99 “Old forsaken lover”
S2 N4 P100 “Be kind to the boy on the road”
S2 N4 P101 “Pretty Boy Floyd”
S2 N4 P102 “Left in this world alone”
S2 N4 P103 “I don’t ask a million dollars”
S2 N4 P104 “Mama’s little baby boy”
S2 N4 P105 “Down by the cotton gin”
S2 N4 P106 “Mr. tom mooney is free”
S2 N4 P107 “Blue eyed boy”
S2 N4 P108 “Fire in los feliz hills”
S2 N4 P109 “Sally Rand & her fan”
S2 N4 P111 “Los angeles new Year’s flood”
S2 N4 P112 “Woody’s 99 years”
S2 N4 P113 “Dollar down blues”
S2 N4 P114 “When the great ship went down”
S2 N4 P115 “Snow White & Rose Red”
S2 N4 P116 “Marie fagin”
S2 N4 P117 “I’ll be all smiles tonight”
S2 N4 P118 “Old Clinch Mt. home”
S2 N4 P119 “Sweet Fern”
S2 N4 P120 “Gypsy’s fortune”
S2 N4 P121 “Runaway train”
S2 N4 P122 “Final call, the”
S2 N4 P123 “True love”
S2 N4 P124 “Them big city ways”
S2 N4 P125 “My answer to Birmingham jail”
S2 N4 P126 “Little black train”
S2 N4 P127 “Airline to heaven”
S2 N4 P128 “I gotta home in that rock”
S2 N4 P129 “Take care of mother and dad”
S2 N4 P130 “Give us an old age pension”
S2 N4 P131 “Ship that never returned”
S2 N4 P132 “Dust bowl refugee”
S2 N4 P133 “Innocent man, an”
S2 N4 P134 “Shook old Frisco down”
S2 N4 P135 “Life’s r.r. to heaven”
S2 N4 P136 “Light brigade”
S2 N4 P137 “I’m a goin’ fishin’”
S2 N4 P138 “Windy day, A”
S2 N4 P139 “Listening to the wind that blows”
S2 N4 P140 “Dustbowl blues”
S2 N4 P141 “I’m a goin’ to the mountain there for to pray”
S2 N4 P142 “Look within, look for him”
S2 N4 P143 “One by one”
S2 N4 P146 “Ridin’ on that salvation train”
S2 N4 P147 “Kiss my mother again”
S2 N4 P148 “Woody’s version of never miss your mother till…”
S2 N4 P149 “Mother”
S2 N4 P150 “Will the family be united”
S2 N4 P151 “Don’t you marry”
S2 N4 P154 “Papa never stays at home”
S2 N4 P155 “Lincoln Heights..”
S2 N4 P156 “O’ that cannon ball”
S2 N4 P157 “Can’t feel at home in this world anymore”
S2 N4 P160 “Sunshiny day in June, A”
S2 N4 P161 “My orange blossom ring”
S2 N4 P162 “Thy faith hath made thee whole”
S2 N4 P163 “Dalton boys, the”
S2 N4 P164 “Lost indian moan”
S2 N4 P165 “Little white cottage”
S2 N4 P166 “Secrets of the sea”
S2 N4 P167 “He & she”
S2 N4 P178 “This land is your land”
S2 N4 P180 “Hard workin’ man was jesus”
S2 N4 P182 “I don’t feel at home on the bowery no more”
S2 N4 P183 “Way down yonder”
S2 N4 P184 “Government road, the”
S2 N4 P186 “Go left & be right”
S2 N4 P187 “Dear old waxahatchee”
S2 N4 P192 “Dust bowl refugee”
S2 N4 P194 “I.w.o. song” 4(194)
S2 N4 P196 “I ain’t satisfied”
S2 N4 P198 “Will Rogers Highway”
S2 N4 P200 “Wimmens hats”
S2 N4 P202 “Water & the wine, The”
S2 N4 P204 “This life is hard”
S2 N4 P208 “Stuccoed House, The”
S2 N4 P209 “Angels blues”
S2 N4 P214 “I can’t be happy this way”
S2 N4 P215 “Ladies auxiliary”
S2 N4 P220 “Jack hammer blues”
S2 N4 P226 “Sharecropper song”
S2 N4 P228 “Gypsy davy”
S2 N4 P232 “Cowboy’s christmas ball”
S2 N4 P236 “Married man”
S2 N4 P236 “O’ worry care”
S2 N4 P237 “Rudie rudie ray”
S2 N4 P238 “Ubangi you”
S2 N4 P239 “Bastard baby”
S2 N4 P241 “Hay la lally lo”
S2 N4 P243 “Soap & water”
S2 N4 P244 “Talkin’ subway blues”
S2 N4 P245 “I’m always on the go”
S2 N4 P247 “Pretty Polly”
S2 N4 P248 “Gypsy davy”
S2 N4 P249 “New York trains, The”
S2 N4 P250 “Billy venaro”
S2 N4 P254 “Adolph & nevilline”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 5
S2 N5 P6 “Mister charley lindbergh”
S2 N5 P13 “Dust pneumonia”
S2 N5 P15 “Dust cain’t kill me”
S2 N5 P17 “Pretty Boy Floyd”
S2 N5 P18 “Woody’s version of never miss your mother till…”
S2 N5 P23 “Tom Joad”
S2 N5 P27 “Ain’t got a cent”
S2 N5 P31 “By the valley so green & the ocean so blue”
S2 N5 P32 “Curly headed baby”
S2 N5 P33 “Death valley scotty”
S2 N5 P34 “Ferdinand the bull had a sweetheart”
S2 N5 P35 “Indian corn song”
S2 N5 P36 “Chain of broken hearts”
S2 N5 P37 “Hindenburgh disaster”
S2 N5 P38 “Frisco earthquake”
S2 N5 P39 “Cottage in the wildwood”
S2 N5 P40 “California! california!”
S2 N5 P41 “When the roses bloom again”
S2 N5 P42 “Neath the maple in the lane”
S2 N5 P43 “Do-re-mi”
S2 N5 P44 “Pretty snowdeer”
S2 N5 P45 “O’ that cannon ball”
S2 N5 P46 “Bad reputation”
S2 N5 P47 “Mama’s little baby boy”
S2 N5 P48 “When The Good Ship Went Down”
S2 N5 P49 “Ham & eggs is marching on”
S2 N5 P49 “I looked at the world”
S2 N5 P53 “High priced cars”
S2 N5 P50 “Wreck of the 1939”
S2 N5 P51 “Downtown traffic blues”
S2 N5 P52 “Orange blossom ring”
S2 N5 P54 “Story that’s never been told”
S2 N5 P55 “Old age pension”
S2 N5 P56 “Because you took me in out of the rain”
S2 N5 P57 “Brown eyes”
S2 N5 P58 “Budded roses”
S2 N5 P59 “Chinese and the japs, the”
S2 N5 P60 “Careless love”
S2 N5 P62 “Life’s railroad to heaven”
S2 N5 P63 “I’m gonna walk that lonesome valley”
S2 N5 P64 “What did deep sea say”
S2 N5 P65 “After the brawl”
S2 N5 P66 “It makes some difference now”
S2 N5 P67 “Still got nintey nine”
S2 N5 P68 “Baggage coach ahead”
S2 N5 P69 “I’m a lookin’ for that new deal now”
S2 N5 P70 “Kindly keep your temper down”
S2 N5 P70 “Last letter, the”
S2 N5 P71 “Nickety nackety now now now”
S2 N5 P72 “Oh my do da day”
S2 N5 P74 “Makes no difference now”
S2 N5 P75 “A-watchin’ the world go by”
S2 N5 P76 “Long John the longshoreman”
S2 N5 P77 “Big city ways”
S2 N5 P78 “We’ll find a way”
S2 N5 P79 “Queen Marie, The”
S2 N5 P80 “Never grow old”
S2 N5 P81 “My little darling”
S2 N5 P82 “Boys in blue”
S2 N5 P82 “Old-fashioned love”
S2 N5 P83 “Little fellow”
S2 N5 P84 “Bonnie black bess”
S2 N5 P85 “When it’s springtime in the redwoods”
S2 N5 P86 “Bright eyes”
S2 N5 P87 “Midnight special”
S2 N5 P88 “Marie fagin”
S2 N5 P89 “Over hill to poor house”
S2 N5 P90 “Home in rock of ages”
S2 N5 P91 “Darling true love”
S2 N5 P92 “Hungry hotel”
S2 N5 P93 “Ought to be satisfied now”
S2 N5 P94 “Lincoln Heights..”
S2 N5 P95 “More war news”
S2 N5 P96 “Skid row seranade”
S2 N5 P97 “Many many years ago”
S2 N5 P98 “Blue eyed boy”
S2 N5 P100 “Home brew rag”
S2 N5 P101 “Faith will heal you”
S2 N5 P102 “Boy on the highway”
S2 N5 P105 “Christ for president”
S2 N5 P106 “Greenback dollar”
S2 N5 P107 “Poor hard working man blues”
S2 N5 P108 “Columbus georgia blues”
S2 N5 P109 “Boston burglar”
S2 N5 P111 “Mr. tom mooney is free”
S2 N5 P112 “New Year’s flood”
S2 N5 P113 “Where did you get that pretty little baby?”
S2 N5 P114 “I’ma dust bowl refugee”
S2 N5 P115 “Hey! Hey! Nickety now! now! now!”
S2 N5 P116 “Old Dan Tucker”
S2 N5 P116 “Ida red”
S2 N5 P117 “Sail on Liza Jane”
S2 N5 P118 “Single girl blues”
S2 N5 P119 “Cannon ball blues”
S2 N5 P120 “New road blues”
S2 N5 P121 “New road chain gang”
S2 N5 P122 “It’s hard and it’s hard”
S2 N5 P123 “Fifth st. blues”
S2 N5 P124 “Convict and the rose”
S2 N5 P125 “Your lover has left & gone”
S2 N5 P126 “Lonesome wind,the”
S2 N5 P127 “Low down chattanooga mama”
S2 N5 P128 “Cotton chopper”
S2 N5 P129 “Suki-yaki daddy”
S2 N5 P130 “I wanta put a bug in your ear”
S2 N5 P131 “Utah Carroll”
S2 N5 P132 “Streets of Laredo”
S2 N5 P133 “Macafee’s confession gambling on the sabbath day”
S2 N5 P134 “Prisoner for life, A”
S2 N5 P135 “Picture from life’s other side”
S2 N5 P136 “Green valley blues”
S2 N5 P136 “Nellie gray”
S2 N5 P137 “Light brigade”
S2 N5 P138 “Stack O’Lee”
S2 N5 P139 “I’ll say it’s hard times”
S2 N5 P140 “Woody’s answer to moonlight & skies”
S2 N5 P141 “Fair fannie moore, the”
S2 N5 P142 “O bury me not on the lone prairie”
S2 N5 P143 “Little black train”
S2 N5 P144 “Runaway train”
S2 N5 P145 “Woody & Lefty Lou’s horsecollar blues”
S2 N5 P146 “Dollar down”
S2 N5 P147 “Blue eyes”
S2 N5 P148 “Reno blues”
S2 N5 P149 “Loansome road blues”
S2 N5 P150 “I believ’ i’ll go back home”
S2 N5 P151 “Barbara allen”
S2 N5 P152 “Ship never returned”
S2 N5 P153 “Curly headed baby”
S2 N5 P154 “Old Joe Clark”
S2 N5 P155 “Pretty little wildwood’s flowers”
S2 N5 P156 “Dustbowl refuge”
S2 N5 P157 “Takin’ it easy”
S2 N5 P160 “Put my little shoes away”
S2 N5 P161 “Bright shining city”
S2 N5 P162 “Face that rifle ball”
S2 N5 P163 “Poor girl’s prayer”
S2 N5 P164 “What makes this world go a round”
S2 N5 P165 “Miner’s child”
S2 N5 P166 “Just plain folks”
S2 N5 P167 “One by one”
S2 N5 P168 “Will our family be divided”
S2 N5 P169 “Capital city cyclone”
S2 N5 P170 “Westbound freight train”
S2 N5 P171 “Kiss my mother again”
S2 N5 P172 “Sailor on the deep blue sea”
S2 N5 P173 “Oklahoma hills”
S2 N5 P174 “Lost indian moan”
S2 N5 P175 “Red River valley”
S2 N5 P176 “Clinch Mt. home”
S2 N5 P177 “Ashes to ashes dust to dust”
S2 N5 P178 “Will you miss me when I’m gone”
S2 N5 P179 “What is this world gonna do?”
S2 N5 P180 “Boll weevil & farmer”
S2 N5 P181 “Nobody’s darling”
S2 N5 P182 “My ans. just because blues”
S2 N5 P183 “William and Mary”
S2 N5 P184 “Art & science of kissing, the”
S2 N5 P185 “Foggy mt. top”
S2 N5 P186 “Kitty wells”
S2 N5 P187 “He’s on his 3rd time round”
S2 N5 P191 “No disappointment in heaven”
S2 N5 P192 “Goin’ up the mountain”
S2 N5 P193 “Roving gambler”
S2 N5 P194 “Worried man blues”
S2 N5 P195 “Rosewood casket”
S2 N5 P196 “Life’s r.r. to heaven”
S2 N5 P197 “Trail to Mexico”
S2 N5 P198 “Old gray team hosses”
S2 N5 P199 “Story I know too well, A”
S2 N5 P200 “Little billy”
S2 N5 P201 “Left in this world all alone”
S2 N5 P202 “Whistlin’ Rufus”
S2 N5 P203 “Rocking alone in an old rocking chair”
S2 N5 P205 “Jericho road”
S2 N5 P206 “Ridin’ on that salvation train”
S2 N5 P206 “Exchange for your soul”
S2 N5 P207 “Bird in a guilded cage”
S2 N5 P208 “Baggage coach ahead”
S2 N5 P209 “Abe lincoln’s death”
S2 N5 P211 “$1.97”
S2 N5 P212 “Picture on the wall”
S2 N5 P213 “Fire in los feliz hills”
S2 N5 P214 “Jesse james and his boys”
S2 N5 P216 “More purty gals”
S2 N5 P217 “Old Chisholm trail”
S2 N5 P218 “I’m a goin’ back to the farm”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 6
S2 N6 P1 “I love little willy”
S2 N6 P1 “Old Clinch Mt. home”
S2 N6 P1 “Dust bowl refugee”
S2 N6 P1f “Little dog”
S2 N6 P1L “Babe o’mine”
S2 N6 Plm “Fisherman song, the”
S2 N6 P1n “Goody goody goody”
S2 N6 P1n “Little willy”
S2 N6 P2 “I ain’t got no home in this world anymore”
S2 N6 P3 “Jesse james and his boys”
S2 N6 P4 “Vigilante man”
S2 N6 P5 “Blowin’ down this road”
S2 N6 P6 “So long it’s been good to know you”
S2 N6 P7 “Great dust storm, the”
S2 N6 P8 “Dust pneumonia”
S2 N6 P9 “Dust kill me”
S2 N6 P10 “Pretty Boy Floyd”
S2 N6 P11 “Never miss your mother till…”
S2 N6 P12 “Dustbowl blues”
S2 N6 P13 “Do re me”
S2 N6 P14 “Tom Joad”
S2 N6 P17 “Ain’t got a cent”
S2 N6 P18 “By the valley so green & the ocean so blue”
S2 N6 P19 “Curly headed baby”
S2 N6 P20 “Death valley scotty”
S2 N6 P21 “Ferdinand the bull had a sweetheart”
S2 N6 P22 “Indian corn song”
S2 N6 P23 “Chain of broken hearts”
S2 N6 P24 “Hindenburgh disaster”
S2 N6 P25 “Frisco earthquake”
S2 N6 P26 “Cottage in the wildwood”
S2 N6 P27 “California! california!”
S2 N6 P29 “Neath the maple in the lane”
S2 N6 P30 “Do-re-mi”
S2 N6 P31 “Pretty snowdeer”
S2 N6 P32 “O’ that cannon ball”
S2 N6 P33 “Bad reputation”
S2 N6 P34 “Mama’s little baby boy”
S2 N6 P35 “When the good ship went down”
S2 N6 P36 “Ham & eggs is marching on”
S2 N6 P37 “I looked at the world”
S2 N6 P38 “Wreck of the 1939”
S2 N6 P39 “Downtown traffic blues”
S2 N6 P40 “Orange blossom ring”
S2 N6 P41 “High priced cars”
S2 N6 P42 “Story that’s never been told”
S2 N6 P43 “Give us an old age pension”
S2 N6 P44 “Because you took me in out of the rain”
S2 N6 P45 “Brown eyes”
S2 N6 P46 “Budded roses”
S2 N6 P47 “Chinese”
S2 N6 P48 “Careless love”
S2 N6 P49 “Life’s railroad to heaven”
S2 N6 P50 “I’m gonna walk that lonesome valley”
S2 N6 P51 “What did deep sea say”
S2 N6 P52 “After the brawl”
S2 N6 P53 “It makes some difference now”
S2 N6 P54 “Still got ninety-nine”
S2 N6 P56 “I’m a lookin’ for that new deal now”
S2 N6 P57 “Last letter, the”
S2 N6 P58 “Kindly keep your temper down”
S2 N6 P59 “Nickety nackety now now now”
S2 N6 P60 “Oh my do da day”
S2 N6 P62 “A-watchin’ the world go by”
S2 N6 P63 “Long John the longshoreman”
S2 N6 P64 “Big city ways”
S2 N6 P65 “We’ll find a way”
S2 N6 P66 “Queen Marie, The”
S2 N6 P67 “Never grow old”
S2 N6 P68 “My little darling”
S2 N6 P69 “Boys in blue”
S2 N6 P70 “Old-fashioned love”
S2 N6 P71 “Little fellow”
S2 N6 P72 “Bonnie black bess”
S2 N6 P73 “When it’s springtime in the redwoods”
S2 N6 P74 “Bright eyes”
S2 N6 P75 “Midnight special”
S2 N6 P76 “Marie fagin”
S2 N6 P77 “Over the hill to poor house”
S2 N6 P78 “Home in rock of ages”
S2 N6 P79 “Darling true love”
S2 N6 P80 “Hungry hotel”
S2 N6 P81 “Ought to be satisfied now”
S2 N6 P82 “Lincoln Heights Jail”
S2 N6 P83 “More war news”
S2 N6 P84 “Bowery serenade/ Skid row blues”
S2 N6 P85 “Many many years ago”
S2 N6 P86 “Blue eyed boy”
S2 N6 P87 “Ain’t got no home”
S2 N6 P88 “Home brew rag”
S2 N6 P89 “Faith will heal you”
S2 N6 P90 “Boy on the highway”
S2 N6 P91 “Christ for president”
S2 N6 P92 “Greenback dollar”
S2 N6 P93 “Poor hard working man blues”
S2 N6 P94 “Columbus georgia blues”
S2 N6 P95 “Boston burglar”
S2 N6 P96 “Just tell them that you saw me”
S2 N6 P97 “Mr. tom mooney is free”
S2 N6 P98 “Los angeles new Year’s flood”
S2 N6 P99 “Where did you get that pretty little baby?”
S2 N6 P100 “Dust bowl refugee”
S2 N6 P101 “I’ma hey! hey! Nickety now! now! now!”
S2 N6 P102 “Ida red”
S2 N6 P103 Old Dan Tucker”
S2 N6 P104 “Sail on Liza Jane”
S2 N6 P105 “Single girl blues”
S2 N6 P107 “Cannon ball blues”
S2 N6 P108 “New road blues”
S2 N6 P109 “New road chain gang”
S2 N6 P110 “It’s hard and it’s hard”
S2 N6 P111 “Fifth st. Blues”
S2 N6 P112 “Convict and the rose”
S2 N6 P113 “Your lover has left & gone”
S2 N6 P114 “Lonesome wind,the”
S2 N6 P115 “Low down chattanooga mama”
S2 N6 P116 “Cotton chopper”
S2 N6 P117 “Suki-yaki daddy”
S2 N6 P118 “I wanta put a bug in your ear”
S2 N6 P119 “Utah Carroll”
S2 N6 P120 “Streets of Laredo”
S2 N6 P121 “Macafee’s confession gambling on the sabbath day”
S2 N6 P122 “Prisoner for life, A”
S2 N6 P124 “Nellie gray”
S2 N6 P125 “Green valley blues”
S2 N6 P126 “Light brigade”
S2 N6 P127 “Stack O’Lee”
S2 N6 P128 “I’ll say it’s hard times”
S2 N6 P129 “Woody’s answer to moonlight & skies”
S2 N6 P130 “Fair fannie moore, the”
S2 N6 P131 “O bury me not on the lone prairie”
S2 N6 P132 “Little black train”
S2 N6 P133 “Runaway train”
S2 N6 P134 “Horsecollar blues”
S2 N6 P135 “Dollar down”
S2 N6 P136 “Blue eyes”
S2 N6 P137 “Reno blues”
S2 N6 P138 “Lonesome road blues”
S2 N6 P139 “I believe i’ll go back home”
S2 N6 P140 “Barbara allen”
S2 N6 P141 “Ship that never returned”
S2 N6 P142 “Curly headed baby”
S2 N6 P143 “Old Joe Clark”
S2 N6 P144 “Pretty little wildwood’s flowers”
S2 N6 P145 “Dust bowl refugee”
S2 N6 P146 “Takin’ it easy”
S2 N6 P147 “Handy andy rancho grande”
S2 N6 P148 “Roosevelt Olson”
S2 N6 P149 “Put my little shoes away”
S2 N6 P150 “Bright & shining city”
S2 N6 P151 “Face that rifle ball”
S2 N6 P152 “Poor girl’s prayer”
S2 N6 P153 “What makes this world go a round”
S2 N6 P154 “Miner’s child”
S2 N6 P155 “Just plain folks”
S2 N6 P156 “One by one”
S2 N6 P157 “Will our family be divided”
S2 N6 P158 “Capital city cyclone”
S2 N6 P159 “Westbound freight train”
S2 N6 P160 “Kiss my mother again”
S2 N6 P161 “Sailor on the deep blue sea”
S2 N6 P162 “Oklahoma hills”
S2 N6 P163 “Lost indian moan”
S2 N6 P164 “Red River valley”
S2 N6 P165 “Clinch mountain home”
S2 N6 P166 “Ashes to ashes dust to dust”
S2 N6 P167 “Will you miss me when I’m gone”
S2 N6 P168 “What is this world gonna do?”
S2 N6 P169 “Boll weevil and farmer”
S2 N6 P170 “Nobody’s darling”
S2 N6 P171 “My ans. just because blues”
S2 N6 P172 “William and Mary”
S2 N6 P173 “Art & science of kissing, the”
S2 N6 P174 “Foggy mountain top”
S2 N6 P175 “Kitty wells”
S2 N6 P176 “He’s on his 3rd time round”
S2 N6 P178 “No disappointment in heaven”
S2 N6 P179 “Goin’ up the mountain”
S2 N6 P180 “Roving gambler”
S2 N6 P181 “Worried man blues”
S2 N6 P183 “Railroad to heaven”
S2 N6 P184 “Trail to Mexico”
S2 N6 P185 “Old gray team hosses”
S2 N6 P186 “Story I know too well, A”
S2 N6 P187 “Little billy”
S2 N6 P188 “Left in this world alone”
S2 N6 P189 “Whistlin’ Rufus”
S2 N6 P190 “Rocking alone in an old rocking chair”
S2 N6 P191 “Jericho road”
S2 N6 P192 “Exchange for your soul”
S2 N6 P193 “Ridin’ on that salvation train”
S2 N6 P194 “Bird in a guilded cage”
S2 N6 P196 “Abe lincoln’s death”
S2 N6 P197 “$1.97”
S2 N6 P198 “Picture on the wall”
S2 N6 P199 “Fire in los feliz hills”
S2 N6 P200 “Jesse james and his boys”
S2 N6 P201 “More purty gals than one”
S2 N6 P202 “Old Chisholm trail”
S2 N6 P203 “I’m goin’ back to the farm”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 7
S2 N7 P1 “Farther along”
S2 N7 P2 “Final call, the”
S2 N7 P3 “I want a war”
S2 N7 P4 “Mean things a happenin’ in this world…”
S2 N7 P5 “Washington breakdown”
S2 N7 P6 “Dream I dreamt, a”
S2 N7 P7 “I hate the capitalist system”
S2 N7 P11 “Ballad of bob wood”
S2 N7 P12 “Hard travelin’”
S2 N7 P14 “I am a union woman”
S2 N7 P15 “Plow under”
S2 N7 P17 “Jim crow”
S2 N7 P19 “Ballad of october 16”
S2 N7 P20 “Billy boy”
S2 N7 P21 “Liza jane”
S2 N7 P22 “Conscription ballad”
S2 N7 P26 “It’s just when I’m alone”
S2 N7 P28 “The farmer is the man that feeds them all”
S2 N7 P29 “Rabble soldier”
S2 N7 P30 “Final call, the”
S2 N7 P31 “Standing at the factory gate” (Ellen Mckeever)
S2 N7 P32 “Union train”
S2 N7 P33 “I’m a lookin’ for that new deal now”
S2 N7 P34 “Better go down and join the union”
S2 N7 P35 “It makes some difference now”
S2 N7 P36 “Better go down and join the union”
S2 N7 P37 “It makes some difference now”
S2 N7 P38 “It makes some difference now”
S2 N7 P39 “It makes some difference now”
S2 N7 P40 “Union maid”
S2 N7 P41 “Union maid”
S2 N7 P43 “Better world a coming”
S2 N7 P44 “Farther along”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 8
S2 N8 P2 “Arkansas hard luck blues”
S2 N8 P3 “Farmer is the man, the”
S2 N8 P4 “Down on roberts’ farm”
S2 N8 P5 “These old Cumberland Mountian farms”
S2 N8 P6 “Lynchburg town”
S2 N8 P7 “Seven cent cotton and forty cent meat”
S2 N8 P10 “Collector man blues”
S2 N8 P11 “Insurance man blues”
S2 N8 P12 “Depression blues”
S2 N8 P13 “Unemployment stomp”
S2 N8 P14 “No job blues”
S2 N8 P15 “Fifteen miles from birmingham”
S2 N8 P16 “No dough blues”
S2 N8 P17 “Down and out”
S2 N8 P18 “Starvation blues”
S2 N8 P19 “One dime blues”
S2 N8 P20 “All in down and out blues”
S2 N8 P21 “New stranger blues”
S2 N8 P23 “Times ain’t like they used to be”
S2 N8 P23 “Hitch-hike blues”
S2 N8 P25 “66 highway blues”
S2 N8 P26 “Wanderin’”
S2 N8 P28 “Old chain gang, The”
S2 N8 P29 “Crossbone skully”
S2 N8 P30 “Hard times in cryderville jail”
S2 N8 P31 “You’re bound to get lousy in the Lincoln Heights..”
S2 N8 P32 “Lord, it’s all almost done”
S2 N8 P34 “Lonesome jailhouse blues”
S2 N8 P35 “You kick and stomp and beat me”
S2 N8 P36 “Take this hammer”
S2 N8 P37 “Ruben”
S2 N8 P38 “Work all de summer”
S2 N8 P39 “Things about comin’ my way”
S2 N8 P41 “They go simply wild over me”
S2 N8 P42 “Boll weevil, The”
S2 N8 P44 “A little farther along”
S2 N8 P45 “Pie in the sky”
S2 N8 P46 “Tramp, The”
S2 N8 P47 “Casey jones”
S2 N8 P48 “Beans, bacon and gravy”
S2 N8 P50 “Johnnie woncha ramble”
S2 N8 P51 “Po’ nigger ain’t got no show”
S2 N8 P52 “Buffalo skinners”
S2 N8 P54A “Old Chisholm trail”
S2 N8 P55 “Straw stacker’s song”
S2 N8 P56 “Drill ye tarriers drill”
S2 N8 P57 “Skinnamalinkadoolium”
S2 N8 P58 “John brown’s body”
S2 N8 P61 “Matthew kimes”
S2 N8 P62 “Longshoreman’s strike”
S2 N8 P63 “When the maid comes to town”
S2 N8 P64 “Cotton mill colic”
S2 N8 P66 “Cotton mill blues”
S2 N8 P67 “Hard times in the mill”
S2 N8 P68 “No more shall I work in the factory”
S2 N8 P69 “Winnsboro cotton mill blues”
S2 N8 P73 “Silicosis is killin’ me”
S2 N8 P75 “Hard working miner”
S2 N8 P78 “I am a union woman”
S2 N8 P79 “I love coal miners, i do” 8(79)
S2 N8 P80 “Kentucky miner’s wife’s hungry, ragged blues”
S2 N8 P81 “Lonesome jailhouse blues”
S2 N8 P82 “Fare ye well, old ely branch”
S2 N8 P83 “East ohio miners’ strike, the”
S2 N8 P84 “Kentucky miners dreadful fate, the”
S2 N8 P85 “Coal creek explosion, the”
S2 N8 P89 “I’m a girl of constant sorrow”
S2 N8 P91 “That old feeling”
S2 N8 P92 “Long, long, ago”
S2 N8 P93 “Win it”
S2 N8 P93a “I’m thinking tonight of an old southern town”
S2 N8 P96 “I hate the capitalist system”
S2 N8 P98 “Come all you coal miners”
S2 N8 P99 “Come on friends and let’s go down”
S2 N8 P100 “Murder of harry simms, the”
S2 N8 P101 “Welcome the traveler home”
S2 N8 P102 “Greenback dollar, the”
S2 N8 P103 “Which side are you on?”
S2 N8 P104 “Come all you hardy miners”
S2 N8 P105 “Striking miners, The”
S2 N8 P106 “Chief aderholt”
S2 N8 P107 “Up in old Loray”
S2 N8 P108 “Toiling on life’s pilgrim pathway”
S2 N8 P108a “Mill mother’s lament, the”
S2 N8 P109 “All around the jailhouse”
S2 N8 P111 “Chiseler’s sorrow, the”
S2 N8 P112 “1928-1934”
S2 N8 P113 “N.R.A. blues”
S2 N8 P115 “Working for the P.W.A.”
S2 N8 P116 “Ballad of the tva”
S2 N8 P117 “Don’t take away my pwa”
S2 N8 P118 “C.c.c. blues”
S2 N8 P119 “Welfare blues”
S2 N8 P120 “Working on the project”
S2 N8 P121 “WPA blues”
S2 N8 P123 “Dickman song, the”
S2 N8 P124 “You’re on your last go ’round”
S2 N8 P125 “I’m lookin’ for that new deal now”
S2 N8 P126 “Waitin’ on Roosevelt”
S2 N8 P129 “Powder mill jail blues”
S2 N8 P130 “Little david blues”
S2 N8 P132 “Davidson-Wilder blues”
S2 N8 P134 “Ballad of barney graham, the”
S2 N8 P135 “My children are seven in number”
S2 N8 P136 “Soup song, The”
S2 N8 P137 “Bonny of the union”
S2 N8 P138 “Ballad of the blue bell jail”
S2 N8 P139 “Write me out my union card”
S2 N8 P140 “Song of the West Virginia miners”
S2 N8 P141 “Roane county”
S2 N8 P142 “Shirt factory blues”
S2 N8 P144 “Down the street we hold our demonstration”
S2 N8 P145 “Got a union in the country”
S2 N8 P146 “Ballad of john catchins, the”
S2 N8 P148 “O, the monkeys have no tails in Zamboanga”
S2 N8 P149 “Marion massacre, the”
S2 N8 P151 “Marion strike, the”
S2 N8 P153 “Our children were sickly”
S2 N8 P154 “Goodbye semaria”
S2 N8 P155 “Union fights the battle of freedom”
S2 N8 P156 “We pity our bosses five”
S2 N8 P157 “We’ll be wearin’ union buttons”
S2 N8 P158 “Boss is having a terrible time parlez-vous, the”
S2 N8 P159 “I ain’t gonna work no more”
S2 N8 P160 “Cio is bigger that it used to be, the”
S2 N8 P161 “Calls for an honest square dance”
S2 N8 P163 “Scabs in the factory”
S2 N8 P164 “You guys go to organize”
S2 N8 P168 “Fisher strike, the”
S2 N8 P169 “Bring me my robe and slippers james”
S2 N8 P170 “Knuts to knudsen”
S2 N8 P171 “Oh, Mister Sloan”
S2 N8 P172 “On the picket line”
S2 N8 P173 “Sit down”
S2 N8 P174 “We’re the guys”
S2 N8 P175 “Collective bargaining in our shops”
S2 N8 P176 “There’s something about a worker”
S2 N8 P177 “There was a rich man and he lived in Detroitium”
S2 N8 P178 “Rock-a-bye baby”
S2 N8 P179 “Goody goody”
S2 N8 P181 “There is mean things happening in this land”
S2 N8 P183 “Raggedy, raggedy are we”
S2 N8 P184 “No more mournin’”
S2 N8 P187 “Roll the union on”
S2 N8 P188 “Down in old henderson”
S2 N8 P189 “Ten little farmer men”
S2 N8 P190 “It’s me, o lord”
S2 N8 P191 “Mister farmer”
S2 N8 P192 “Man frank weems, the”
S2 N8 P194 “We ain’t down yet”
S2 N8 P197 “Steamboat whistle blow”
S2 N8 P198 “Blowin’ down this road”
S2 N8 P199 “Great dust storm, the”
S2 N8 P200 “Dust cain’t kill me”
S2 N8 P201 “Dustbowl blues”
S2 N8 P202 “Dust bowl refugee”
S2 N8 P203 “So long it’s been good to know you”
S2 N8 P204 “Talkin’ dust bowl blues, Th’”
S2 N8 P205 “If you ain’t got the do re me”
S2 N8 P206 “When you’re down and out”
S2 N8 P207 “You Okies and Arkies”
S2 N8 P208 “Vigilante man”
S2 N8 P209 “Tom Joad”
S2 N8 P212 “Worried man blues”
S2 N8 P213 “Ludlow massacre”
S2 N8 P215 “Union train”
S2 N8 P216 “Pity the shape I’m in”
S2 N8 P217 “Better go down and jine the union”
S2 N8 P218 “Don’t kill my baby and my son”
S2 N8 P220 “Mama don’t ‘low no bush-wahs hangin’ around”
S2 N8 P221 “Hallelujah, i’m a ku klux”
S2 N8 P222 “You low life son of a bitch”
S2 N8 P223 “Bourgeois blues”
S2 N8 P224 “How about you?”
S2 N8 P225 “We shall not be moved”
S2 N8 P226 “Wartime blues”
S2 N8 P227 “Red Cross store”
S2 N8 P228 “Mr. tom mooney is free”
S2 N8 P229 “Harry bridges”
S2 N8 P231 “Mister congressman”
S2 N8 P233 “Fool there was, a”
S2 N8 P236 “Capitol city cyclone”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 9
S2 N9 P1 “Song of war”
S2 N9 P11 “Tanglewood swamp”
S2 N9 P12 “Anybody”
S2 N9 P13 “Better world a coming”
S2 N9 P14 “We fought the old Columbia”
S2 N9 P15 “Dangling drake”
S2 N9 P16 “High cost of living song”
S2 N9 P17 “Dancing”
S2 N9 P18 “I’m a goin’ back down town”
S2 N9 P19 “…V_”
S2 N9 P20 “There’s a lot of guys a fighting”
S2 N9 P22 “Rambling head”
S2 N9 P23 “Scribbling”
S2 N9 P24 “Wide awakes, The”
S2 N9 P25 “Talkin daily news”
S2 N9 P26 “9:16”
S2 N9 P27 “Winning hand, The”
S2 N9 P28 “Empty theater”
S2 N9 P29 “Motor idling”
S2 N9 P30 “When I go down”
S2 N9 P40 “Rueben James”
S2 N9 P41 “Sinking of the Reuben James, The”
S2 N9 P42 “East texas red”
S2 N9 P44 “Fiddle blues”
S2 N9 P45 “Hullabaloo belay”
S2 N9 P46 “Sweet Betsy”
S2 N9 P48 “Union victory square dance”
S2 N9 P49 “Macarther’s bravery”
S2 N9 P50 “Fifth colum song”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 12
S2 N12 P54 “Pretty & shiny”
S2 N12 P57 “All work together”
S2 N12 P57 “Sleepy eyes”
S2 N12 P57 “Take my turn”
S2 N12 P58 “Build a house” 12(58)
S2 N12 P59 “Pick it up”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 18
S2 N18 P156 “Did you ever see a monkey?”
S2 N18 P238 “One of our bath songs”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 19
S2 N19 P14 “Old smokey”
S2 N19 P19 “I ride an old paint”
S2 N19 P41 “We had quite a spell”
S2 N19 P113 “Rock carved out of history”
S2 N19 P136 “Old Sam”
S2 N19 P141 “You can hear that”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 20
S2 N20 P1 “Rubyatts”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 21
S2 N21 P1 “Union air in Union Square”
S2 N21 P7 “Union water”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 22
S2 N22 P178 “I’m a child to fight”
S2 N22 P212 “Song of the brave red army song #7”
S2 N22 P232 “Dirty overalls”
S2 N22 P234 “It’s up to you”
S2 N22 P240 “When the yanks go marching in”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 23
S2 N23 P24 “My little seed”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 24
S2 N24 P9 “In cheyenne”
S2 N24 P10 “Cocaine bill & morphine sue”
S2 N24 P12 “There was a little bird”
S2 N24 P13 “Old beer bottle”
S2 N24 P13 “Anti-jewish song”
S2 N24 P14 “Dinky dinky doo”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 25
S2 N25 P32 “One little bull frog”
S2 N25 P25 “Apple farm house, the”
S2 N25 P “Get up early”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 26
S2 N26 P20 “Slavery is falling”
S2 N26 P28 “Let’s go down by the ocean”
S2 N26 P30 “Down to the union sea”
S2 N26 P31 “Over the waves and gone again”
S2 N26 P44 “Midnight’s rain”
S2 N26 P46 “I’ll fight to build the union”
S2 N26 P47 “Yes siree”
S2 N26 P49 “You’re gone”
S2 N26 P64 “Union saved us all”
S2 N26 P65 “Better go down and jine the union”
S2 N26 P66 “It is jim crow”
S2 N26 P68 “How joo do?”
S2 N26 P71 “If you want”
S2 N26 P73 “Last go round”
S2 N26 P74 “I guess I planted”
S2 N26 P77 “Hello dolly”
S2 N26 P78 “My old wash sink”
S2 N26 P79 “Track you down”
S2 N26 P85 “I’ll use this here guitar”
S2 N26 P93 “If you want to fight”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 27
S2 N27 P1 “I ride an old paint”
S2 N27 P2 “When the curfew blows”
S2 N27 P3 “Been in jail”
S2 N27 P4 “This old town”
S2 N27 P4 “Talkin’ subway blues”
S2 N27 P5 “Electricity and all”
S2 N27 P7 “Big picture”
S2 N27 P8 “Turkey in the corn”
S2 N27 P8 “River’s a risin’, The”
S2 N27 P8 “Go and leave me”
S2 N27 P10 “Don’t you marry”
S2 N27 P11 “Dead or alive”
S2 N27 P12 “Poor Howard”
S2 N27 P13 “Mister marco polo”
S2 N27 P14 “John harty”
S2 N27 P15 “Trouble on th’ waters”
S2 N27 P16 “Gunner’s war song”
S2 N27 P17 “Luna park’s on fire”
S2 N27 P18 “Unwelcome guest”
S2 N27 P19 “Hello dolly”
S2 N27 P20 “Hey! hey! hey! hey!”
S2 N27 P21 “Capital city cyclone”
S2 N27 P22 “How joo do?”
S2 N27 P23 “Back to sea”
S2 N27 P24 “Talking sea gull”
S2 N27 P25 “You better get ready”
S2 N27 P27 “Pretty little baby”
S2 N27 P27 “Great and bloody fight”
S2 N27 P28 “Japanese beetle and russian cricket”
S2 N27 P29 “Slavery grave”
S2 N27 P30 “This morning I am born again”
S2 N27 P31 “Wimmens hats”
S2 N27 P32 “Goin’ up the mountain”
S2 N27 P33 “Old forsaken lover”
S2 N27 P34 “You’re bound to get lousy in the Lincoln Heights..”
S2 N27 P35 “Big chain ’round my leg”
S2 N27 P36 “Wheelbarrow song”
S2 N27 P37 “Windy day, A”
S2 N27 P38 “Chain of broken hearts”
S2 N27 P39 “Face that rifle ball”
S2 N27 P40 “Dead shot john”
S2 N27 P41 “In washington”
S2 N27 P42 “Carlson’s raider band”
S2 N27 P43 “Face my cold grave”
S2 N27 P44 “Just a takin’ it easy”
S2 N27 P45 “Calamity Jane”
S2 N27 P47 “Portland Portland”
S2 N27 P48 “Easy riding”
S2 N27 P49 “Picket on the picket line”
S2 N27 P50 “Ida red”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 28
S2 N28 P3 “Sea, The”
S2 N28 P4 “Old bullwhacker”
S2 N28 P4 “Old gardens weep”
S2 N28 P4 “Ocean motion”
S2 N28 P7 “Ashes to ashes dust to dust”
S2 N28 P11 “Bugs in the barley”
S2 N28 P30 “I boxed at cocks”
S2 N28 P32 “Git along”
S2 N28 P32 “Gambled to lose”
S2 N28 P34 “I know a girl”
S2 N28 P34 “Union man”
S2 N28 P36 “Stay away from the cat house”
S2 N28 P36 “Clip joint”
S2 N28 P37 “Darker the rum”
S2 N28 P38 “Cocaine bill & morphine sue”
S2 N28 P38 “In cheyenne”
S2 N28 P41 “Hammer ring”
S2 N28 P43 “Snigger & a grin”
S2 N28 P44 “We sailed a little ship”
S2 N28 P44 “Chili & rice”
S2 N28 P45 “Ground to plow”
S2 N28 P45 “Dinky dinky doo”
S2 N28 P46 “Sea itself, The”
S2 N28 P46 “One old boy”
S2 N28 P47 “When I do go”
S2 N28 P50 “Last night”
S2 N28 P51 “Dinky dinky doo”
S2 N28 P52 “There was a little bird”
S2 N28 P52 “Old beer bottle”
S2 N28 P53 “Anti-jewish song”
S2 N28 P58 “My name is bill taylor”
S2 N28 P58 “Miko finnigan”
S2 N28 P58 “When did”
S2 N28 P59 “Sixty nine”
S2 N28 P60 “In old brazil”
S2 N28 P60 “I gotta gal”
S2 N28 P64 “Ain’t no town”
S2 N28 P64 “Roll on the ground”
S2 N28 P67 “Had me a dream”
S2 N28 P70 “Moichant marines”
S2 N28 P73 “Head rise”
S2 N28 P85 “Go on down”
S2 N28 P90 “Ain’t a ship”
S2 N28 P91 “Catch me a boat”
S2 N28 P92 “Stray boy”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 29
S2 N29 P1 “Just today”
S2 N29 P7 “Pull it up higher”
S2 N29 P8 “On the hatch”
S2 N29 P30 “Union fighter”
S2 N29 P31 “Will I find my country free”
S2 N29 P32 “Go in and go”
S2 N29 P33 “V mail pappa”
S2 N29 P34 “I don’t wanta come back”
S2 N29 P35 “Deep blue john”
S2 N29 P35 “Deep blue john”
S2 N29 P39 “I am a seaman”
S2 N29 P40 “Deep ocean blues”
S2 N29 P41 “My land needs a fixin’”
S2 N29 P43 “Little boat”
S2 N29 P44 “Gambled to lose”
S2 N29 P45 “Lehigh valley railroad”
S2 N29 P47 “Old gardens weep”
S2 N29 P47 “Ocean motion”
S2 N29 P48 “It’s a gonna rain”
S2 N29 P49 “Bugs in the barley”
S2 N29 P51 “Beating on a breadpan”
S2 N29 P51 “Oh the breeze”
S2 N29 P51 “Beating on a breadpan”
S2 N29 P52 “I boxed at cocks”
S2 N29 P52 “I know a girl”
S2 N29 P53 “Stay away from the cat house”
S2 N29 P53 “Union man”
S2 N29 P54 “Darker the rum”
S2 N29 P54 “Clip joint”
S2 N29 P55 “Chili & rice”
S2 N29 P55 “Ground to plow”
S2 N29 P56 “One old boy”
S2 N29 P56 “Sea itself, The”
S2 N29 P56 “When I do go”
S2 N29 P56 “I’m always a working”
S2 N29 P57 “All you gunners”
S2 N29 P58 “I gotta gal”
S2 N29 P58 “Sixty nine”
S2 N29 P59 “Head rise”
S2 N29 P59 “Roll on the ground”
S2 N29 P59 “Had me a dream”
S2 N29 P60 “No words”
S2 N29 P60 “Ain’t no town”
S2 N29 P60 “This tide”
S2 N29 P61 “Union baby”
S2 N29 P63 “Lonesome sailor”
S2 N29 P65 “When I lose”
S2 N29 P66 “Union pay for a union day”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 30
S2 N30 P1 “Little cathy anny”
S2 N30 P2 “Pickin’ em up”
S2 N30 P3 “I’ll be worth”
S2 N30 P9 “Know my mama”
S2 N30 P10 “Arab song”
S2 N30 P12 “I’m a union man”
S2 N30 P15 “Gunner song”
S2 N30 P21 “Roll on the ground”
S2 N30 P22 “My fight”
S2 N31 P94 “Clock”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 31
S2 N31 P3 “Yodeling guitar”
S2 N31 P4 “Friends & workers”
S2 N31 P7 “River’s a risin’, The”
S2 N31 P9 “When we got hit”
S2 N31 P11 “When our good ship went down”
S2 N31 P12 “Water rising”
S2 N31 P15 “Seaman’s guitar rag”
S2 N31 P16 “Don’t let ‘er git away”
S2 N31 P19 “High lonesome”
S2 N31 P22 “Boston city”
S2 N31 P23 “Hen house door”
S2 N31 P27 “One by one”
S2 N31 P29 “Carved in the rock”
S2 N31 P31 “Union meeting”
S2 N31 P33 “Don’t let my union down”
S2 N31 P35 “Wheelbarrow song”
S2 N31 P39 “Union plan”
S2 N31 P40 “Weeping willow”
S2 N31 P43 “Five thousand today”
S2 N31 P47 “I’ll fight”
S2 N31 P54 “90 mile wind”
S2 N31 P56 “Gyro locomotive”
S2 N31 P57 “Yeller hammer”
S2 N31 P66 “Chicago”
S2 N31 P67 “Worr man”
S2 N31 P71 “Dime”
S2 N31 P76 “Don’t let the train wheel go around”
S2 N31 P76 “If i am this country”
S2 N31 P77 “High balladry”
S2 N31 P81 “Indianapolis”
S2 N31 P82 “St. Louis”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 32
S2 N32 P15 “Sally”
S2 N32 P15 “Forty women”
S2 N32 P18 “Jugars got me down”
S2 N32 P19 “New way to roll”
S2 N32 P46 “New York”
S2 N32 P46 “Night sky”
S2 N32 P46 “Tell it wrong”
S2 N32 P47 “Salty blue”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 33
S2 N33 P1 “Bury me upon the ocean”
S2 N33 P2 “Take wings and fly”
S2 N33 P6 “Old dry bed of hay”
S2 N33 P7 “Jolly landlord”
S2 N33 P28 “Shipping through the blue”
S2 N33 P29 “Going down to the union meeting”
S2 N33 P30 “On my way up there”
S2 N33 P34 “Sky is high, The”
S2 N33 P34 “I love you”
S2 N33 P34 “Odd shots”
S2 N33 P35 “Color”
S2 N33 P36 “S.S. N.M.U.”
S2 N33 P37 “Six months”
S2 N33 P38 “Guns of freedom”
  Series 2: Songs from Notebook 34
S2 N34 P3 “Side line woman”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 35
S2 N35 P14 “Every light I see”
S2 N35 P24 “Over the hill”
S2 N35 P30 “Old 125th street”
S2 N35 P30 “Coney island”
S2 N35 P31 “Every thought”
S2 N35 P32 “Rattle snake hole”
S2 N35 P32 “I need a she”
S2 N35 P35 “Come on back”
S2 N35 P36 “Need some shoes”
S2 N35 P37 “Big war”
S2 N35 P38 “Sun, The”
S2 N35 P39 “Learn to cook”
S2 N35 P39 “Kiss in peace”
S2 N35 P40 “Was an old cow”
S2 N35 P52 “Up in the morning”
S2 N35 P53 “Sing to the east”
S2 N35 P53 “Crow little chicken”
S2 N35 P54 “Looloo looloo babula”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 37
S2 N37 P0 “What ride”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 39
S2 N39 P72 “Whoopity”
S2 N39 P103 “Train”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 40
S2 N40 P38 “Roll you on the ground” 40(38)
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 41
S2 N41 P3 “Your clock”
S2 N41 P5 “Mail man”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 44
S2 N44 P19 “Go down by the waters”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 45
S2 N45 P29 “Pencil line”
S2 N45 P37 “Mister marco polo”
  Series 2: Songs from Notebook 46
S2 N46 P15 “Go to sleep”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 47
S2 N47 P18 “Looking down on you”
S2 N47 P20 “My eyes do see all over this world”
S2 N47 P28 “In my plane”
S2 N47 P29 “Up in the air”
S2 N47 P152 “Chickens come home to roost”
S2 N47 P172 “Oklahoma City”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 48
S2 N48 P17 “Ounce by ounce”
S2 N48 P19 “Hey thomas dudley Hurwitz”
  Series 2: Songs from Notebook 49
S2 N49 P2 “Make up”
  Series: Songs from Notebook 52
S2 N52 P19 “Be your own”
S2 N52 P21 “Hot skin”
S2 N52 P34 “Teeny and Arlo”
S2 N52 P92 “Army song”
  Series 2: Songs from Notebook 53
S2 N53 P1 “My new york fog”
S2 N53 P3 “Rain rain rainy”
S2 N53 P5 “It come a tidal wave”
S2 N53 P7 “Go coney island roll on the sand”
S2 N53 P9 “From here on in”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 54
S2 N54 P1 “Cadillac cadillac”
S2 N54 P3 “Cadillac eight”
S2 N54 P10 “Bartolemo vanzetti & nicola sacco”
S2 N54 P12 “Fishermen, the”
S2 N54 P19 “Come tricky”
S2 N54 P47 “Go to sleepy”
S2 N54 P48 “Jumpy waters”
S2 N54 P48 “Which town”
S2 N54 P59 “Sweeter the come, The”
S2 N54 P69 “One little thing”
S2 N54 P70 “Tickle my strings”
S2 N54 P71 “Do boy do”
S2 N54 P75 “Tilly’s fizzwater”
S2 N54 P77 “Rent gone up”
S2 N54 P77 “Roaches run”
S2 N54 P77 “Wife tired out”
S2 N54 P84 “I might flump”
S2 N54 P97 “Rough and high night”
S2 N54 P126 “Old Churchill”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 56
S2 N56 P2 “Scissors”
S2 N56 P2 “Down by the station”
S2 N56 P3 “Old old man”
S2 N56 P4 “Chewing gum”
S2 N56 P5 “Hock”
S2 N56 P8 “Big fat legs”
S2 N56 P9 “My mousie”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 57
S2 N57 P11 “Little arlo”
S2 N57 P11 “Woodpecker pecking”
S2 N57 P12 “Sucky sucky Arlo”
S2 N57 P47 “Do it all”
S2 N57 P87 “Chop my weed”
S2 N57 P87 “Ants got union”
S2 N57 P89 “Big family”
S2 N57 P89 “Little bitty bed bug”
S2 N57 P102 “Fantoy fantiffy”
S2 N57 P110 “No kitty”
S2 N57 P110 “Wound down”
S2 N57 P122 “One day old”
S2 N57 P128 “Hair hide and all”
S2 N57 P136 “Then you lose”
S2 N57 P138 “Sad string”
S2 N57 P146 “My wife is the drum”
S2 N57 P151 “Do right dewey”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 58
S2 N58 P16 “Atom bomb cain’t git me down”
S2 N58 P18 “Raise a roof off”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 59
S2 N59 P32 “Rock Spring Valley”
S2 N59 P37 “Hard dust”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 60
S2 N60 P12 “Old briar rabbit”
S2 N60 P18 “900 miles”
  Series 2: Songs from Notebook 63
S2 N63 P22 “Don’t hang my baby”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 64
S2 N64 P7 “Catalog girl”
S2 N64 P8 “Old sand road”
S2 N64 P9 “Yodel lady hoo”
S2 N64 P10 “Raw hide cowboy”
S2 N64 P17 “Make a bubble”
S2 N64 P18 “Little sack of sugar”
S2 N64 P19 “Go to sleep”
S2 N64 P21 “One day old”
S2 N64 P22 “Bigger”
S2 N64 P23 “Howdy little newly come”
S2 N64 P24 “High balladree”
S2 N64 P35 “You fly”
S2 N64 P36 “Mistero sun”
S2 N64 P37 “Oh sun”
S2 N64 P38 “Sooky sucker”
S2 N64 P39 “Live and die”
S2 N64 P40 “I’ll write I’ll draw”
S2 N64 P41 “Runny shoes”
S2 N64 P44 “Riding in my car”
S2 N64 P45 “Windshield wiper”
S2 N64 P49 “Tummy door”
S2 N64 P51 “Swimmy swim”
S2 N64 P52 “Koffee pot”
S2 N64 P53 “Choo choo choo”
S2 N64 P54 “Horn in bed”
S2 N64 P55 “Devil in the rumjug”
S2 N64 P56 “Honey bee”
S2 N64 P57 “Devilo devil”
S2 N64 P58 “If your”
S2 N64 P59 “Gates of heaven”
S2 N64 P60 “Warshy little tootsy”
S2 N64 P61 “You got to do my people right”
S2 N64 P62 “I want it now”
S2 N64 P63 “Rattle my rattle”
S2 N64 P64 “Eat you drink you”
S2 N64 P65 “Blue banana”
S2 N64 P66 “Wild animal”
S2 N64 P67 “Little riddle”
S2 N64 P69 “Grassy grass”
S2 N64 P70 “Old shell road”
S2 N64 P71 “Angel baby”
S2 N64 P72 “Sleepy tight”
S2 N64 P73 “Mister sunshine”
S2 N64 P74 “Woodward cyclone”
S2 N64 P76 “New Orleans hurricane”
S2 N64 P77 “Mississippi mud dog”
S2 N64 P79 “Before I fade awayo”
S2 N64 P80 “Aginst th’ law”
S2 N64 P81 “Do right dewey”
S2 N64 P83 “Hey pretty baby”
S2 N64 P84 “La guardia”
S2 N64 P85 “Two buck lube job”
S2 N64 P86 “Free wine”
S2 N64 P87 “Mail myself to you”
S2 N64 P88 “Tamborene”
S2 N64 P89 “Toasting song”
S2 N64 P90 “Arlo davey”
S2 N64 P91 “Rats and cats”
S2 N64 P92 “Birthday song”
S2 N64 P93 “Look out and see”
S2 N64 P94 “Snow song”
S2 N64 P95 “Come see”
S2 N64 P97 “Save the day”
S2 N64 P98 “I’m ready to fight”
S2 N64 P99 “Born to win”
S2 N64 P100 “Century of the common man”
S2 N64 P101 “Times ain’t ripe, The”
S2 N64 P102 “I love it all”
S2 N64 P104 “Old rusty dime”
S2 N64 P107 “Talking thin ice blues”
S2 N64 P108 “Ohhh”
S2 N64 P109 “Something dandy”
S2 N64 P110 “Hot & frothy”
S2 N64 P111 “Trucky song”
S2 N64 P112 “Tractor song”
S2 N64 P115 “Bunka my head”
S2 N64 P116 “Looky at me”
S2 N64 P117 “Tumbledy bumble”
S2 N64 P159 “Paperdoll veteran”
S2 N64 P119 “Dry my dyper”
S2 N64 P121 “Juast like mommy”
S2 N64 P124 “Why is it?”
S2 N64 P125 “Your breasts”
S2 N64 P126 “Seeds of man”
S2 N64 P127 “Seeds of woman”
S2 N64 P129 “Morning shirt”
S2 N64 P134 “Whoozdat”
S2 N64 P135 “I touch this”
S2 N64 P137 “Zibby Zeeble”
S2 N64 P139 “Wheely go round”
S2 N64 P140 “Lookin’ for that mayor”
S2 N64 P141 “Bussy window”
S2 N64 P142 “Zoozoo song”
S2 N64 P144 “Dillyguaw trail”
S2 N64 P145 “Tunnel of wind”
S2 N64 P146 “This page”
S2 N64 P147 “Doctor wife”
S2 N64 P150 “Wet wood secret”
S2 N64 P151 “Anneke annaka”
S2 N64 P152 “Not one red penny”
S2 N64 P153 “I’m not Ikey”
S2 N64 P155 “Forgive”
S2 N64 P156 “East stroudsberg lady”
S2 N64 P157 “Pocono Joady”
S2 N64 P158 “Goofs on the bowery”
S2 N64 P160 “Buffy painter”
S2 N64 P161 “Birdy nest”
S2 N64 P162 “Cryin’ in my beer”
S2 N64 P163 “Duffy song”
S2 N64 P164 “Medal blessed”
S2 N64 P165 “Out Korea”
S2 N64 P166 “Bay leafs”
S2 N64 P167 “Patty paddy paddery”
S2 N64 P168 “Over and above things”
S2 N64 P176 “You can’t fool me”
S2 N64 P177 “Sky letter”
S2 N64 P182 “Tricky roper”
S2 N64 P183 “Sorghum lasses lover”
S2 N64 P185 “Chili and bean”
S2 N64 P186 “Old cracklin’ cornybread”
S2 N64 P187 “Big city songbag”
S2 N64 P189 “Sea coast town”
S2 N64 P191 “Verdigris headrise”
S2 N64 P192 “lost my bottle”
S2 N64 P193 “Indian log school”
S2 N64 P194 “Thirty 8th paralell”
S2 N64 P195 “Jeep in the mud”
S2 N64 P196 “Korean quickstep”
S2 N64 P197 “Korea bye bye”
S2 N64 P198 “I don’t want korea”
S2 N64 P199 “Mr. sickyman ree”
S2 N64 P201 “Korean beauty”
S2 N64 P202 “Korea ain’t my home”
S2 N64 P203 “Korean blues”
S2 N64 P204 “Korea send me home blues”
S2 N64 P205 “Korea boggyhole blues”
S2 N64 P206 “Korean quicksands”
S2 N64 P207 “Korea korea”
S2 N64 P208 “Korea I’m gone”
S2 N64 P209 “Korea baby goodbye”
S2 N64 P210 “Korea I love you”
S2 N64 P211 “Korean boogy”
S2 N64 P212 “Korean waltz”
S2 N64 P213 “Korea mackarter”
S2 N64 P214 “Korea”
S2 N64 P215 “Korea war tank”
S2 N64 P216 “Korea and me”
S2 N64 P217 “Korean girly”
S2 N64 P218 “Han river too long”
S2 N64 P219 “Han river woman”
S2 N64 P220 “Han river buddy”
S2 N64 P221 “Han river waltz”
S2 N64 P222 “Han river bye bye”
S2 N64 P223 “Han river blues”
S2 N64 P224 “Han river mud”
S2 N64 P225 “Han river blood” 64(225)
S2 N64 P226 “Puddin’ and tame”
S2 N64 P227 “Germy bomb”
S2 N64 P228 “Spray on Sheepshead Bay”
S2 N64 P230 “Boss of the sky”
S2 N64 P231 “Bring little marjy home”
S2 N64 P232 “Ragtown home”
S2 N64 P233 “Pecan bowl sweety”
S2 N64 P234 “Morning sunball”
S2 N64 P236 “Battery tunnel mudhog”
S2 N64 P237 “Battery tunnelman”
S2 N64 P239 “Brooklyn battery tunnel”
S2 N64 P240 “Coney island”
S2 N64 P241 “Coney’s islando”
S2 N64 P242 “B.w. fever”
S2 N64 P243 “Jet plane”
S2 N64 P244 “If i lose you”
S2 N64 P245 “Thot you’z gone”
S2 N64 P249 “Belutchahatchee blues”
S2 N64 P251 “Tamboraena”
S2 N64 P252 “Maiden lane”
S2 N64 P253 “Stormwarning”
S2 N64 P254 “Beech haven ain’t my home”
S2 N64 P255 “Beauty’s daughter” 64(255)
S2 N64 P256 “My sweet marjoree”
S2 N64 P257 “Marjoree”
S2 N64 P259 “New Humpshure”
S2 N64 P264 “Buy my cherry”
S2 N64 P265 “Looka me”
S2 N64 P266 “Worm song”
S2 N64 P268 “Fightin’ buddy”
S2 N64 P272 “Honeyed and blowed”
S2 N64 P273 “Do lika me”
S2 N64 P274 “Ruthy gone”
S2 N64 P281 “Sunshine man”
S2 N64 P282 “Git high”
S2 N64 P283 “Git low”
S2 N64 P287 “Nothing to show”
S2 N64 P290 “Topango Canyon”
S2 N64 P291 “I ain’t dead”
S2 N64 P294 “My gator grrrrrty game”
S2 N64 P295 “Dancy dancer”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 65
S2 N65 P65 “One clear spot”
S2 N65 P75 “Good and fine”
S2 N65 P80 “My daddy got mad”
S2 N65 P89 “Hi price blues”
S2 N65 P95 “Before you turn in”
S2 N65 P97 “Old songs”
S2 N65 P98 “Proud”
S2 N65 P100 “I drunk your thoughts”
S2 N65 P108 “Makes no difference”
S2 N65 P126 “Saddle bums”
S2 N65 P142 “Washrag”
  Series 2: Songs from Notebook 73
S2 N73 P2 “Nora Lee Guthrie”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 74
S2 N74 P1 “Howdy friend”
S2 N74 P2 “Hello everybody”
S2 N74 P2 “Goodbye everybody”
S2 N74 P4 “Ruth circle of truth”
S2 N74 P5 “Calling, the”
S2 N74 P6 “Jig a big jig”
S2 N74 P7 “Healing powers”
S2 N74 P8 “Blue sky jig”
S2 N74 P9 “Love’s the cure”
S2 N74 P12 “Ramsacker”
S2 N74 P13 “Healed by love”
S2 N74 P14 “Ruthy Ruth Ruth”
S2 N74 P15 “Your smile cured me”
S2 N74 P16 “Ruthy’s Rains”
S2 N74 P18 “Fire crack”
S2 N74 P19 “Mooverin’ on”
S2 N74 P20 “My choosin’”
S2 N74 P22 “Perty little widow”
S2 N74 P23 “Too many full beds”
S2 N74 P24 “Penicilin girl”
S2 N74 P25 “I love your way”
S2 N74 P26 “Song in the dark”
S2 N74 P29 “I can’t love my wife no more”
S2 N74 P39 “Me & my dear old pipe”
S2 N74 P39 “Bring my books”
S2 N74 P41 “Willy Mcghee & me”
S2 N74 P42 “Ye made me well”
S2 N74 P43 “Old blue”
S2 N74 P43 “I do remember b man I do do do”
S2 N74 P44 “Sail away Katy”
S2 N74 P45 “I do remember pearly oh yess oh yess”
S2 N74 P47 “Zoey one night”
S2 N74 P50 “Nurse me now”
S2 N74 P51 “Nurse me mama”
S2 N74 P52 “Dyaphram blues”
S2 N74 P54 “I love a nurse lady”
S2 N74 P55 “Doctor is the man, the”
S2 N74 P56 “Look of your eyes”
S2 N74 P57 “Stickyneedle”
S2 N74 P70 “Oklahoma nurse girl”
S2 N74 P71 “Clean pretty uniform”
S2 N74 P74 “I was a goner”
S2 N74 P75 “Back from old death”
S2 N74 P78 “Loose from death”
S2 N74 P80 “Dead was me”
S2 N74 P81 “I did die”
S2 N74 P86 “You made me live”
S2 N74 P87 “You brung me ’round”
S2 N74 P88 “Lady nightingale”
S2 N74 P89 “Death row bed”
S2 N74 P90 “Windy day waltz”
S2 N74 P91 “Jolly blondey”
S2 N74 P92 “Dead bed”
S2 N74 P93 “Bed of death”
S2 N74 P94 “Bed of life”
S2 N74 P95 “Beddy bed bed”
S2 N74 P96 “My white sheet”
S2 N74 P97 “White clean bed”
S2 N74 P98 “Pretty nice bed”
S2 N74 P99 “Bed of birth”
S2 N74 P100 “Borning bed”
S2 N74 P100 “Foamy mattress”
S2 N74 P102 “Bed of love”
S2 N74 P104 “Funny bed”
S2 N74 P105 “Dopey bedrow”
S2 N74 P106 “This bed”
S2 N74 P108 “Dreamy bed”
S2 N74 P109 “Crazey bed”
S2 N74 P110 “Hot bed”
S2 N74 P111 “Laffing weed”
S2 N74 P114 “Wigglybed”
S2 N74 P115 “Weatherbed”
S2 N74 P118 “Talking O.R. blues”
S2 N74 P119 “Hot meal nurse”
S2 N74 P121 “My nurse’s bright eyes”
S2 N74 P122 “Ftalikin”
S2 N74 P123 “Take my temperature”
S2 N74 P124 “Bring my thermometer”
S2 N74 P125 “Bedpan blues”
S2 N74 P126 “Bedpan quick”
S2 N74 P127 “Beddypan please”
S2 N74 P128 “Bed pan man”
S2 N74 P129 “Bed pan girl”
S2 N74 P131 “Bed pan too late”
S2 N74 P132 “Talkin’ strepto”
S2 N74 P133 “Talkin’ bedpan blues”
S2 N74 P134 “Talkin’ pennycilin blues”
S2 N74 P135 “Moan and groans”
S2 N74 P136 “Heyy sissy”
S2 N74 P138 “Ward #3A”
S2 N74 P139 “Ambulance lady”
S2 N74 P141 “My slow ride”
S2 N74 P143 “Broke my shackles”
S2 N74 P144 “Busted my binder”
S2 N74 P145 “Talkin’ binder girl”
S2 N74 P156 “Tape me mama”
S2 N74 P157 “Stitch is itchin’”
S2 N74 P158 “Pickin’ out my stitches”
S2 N74 P159 “Dopey pills”
S2 N74 P161 “Stitch me quick”
S2 N74 P162 “Where’s my pendix?”
S2 N74 P163 “Lost my penndix”
S2 N74 P164 “Who stole my hernya?”
S2 N74 P165 “Hernya goodbye”
S2 N74 P166 “Good night little prostrate”
S2 N74 P174 “New man”
S2 N74 P175 “New womban”
S2 N74 P176 “I feel brand new”
S2 N74 P177 “All you gotta do is touch me”
S2 N74 P178 “Your magic touch”
S2 N74 P179 “Stick me now”
S2 N74 P186 “Ruthy any place”
S2 N74 P187 “Ruthy put our kettle on”
S2 N74 P188 “Ruthy found a honey rock”
S2 N74 P189 “Away from ruth”
S2 N74 P190 “Add me ruth”
S2 N74 P191 “Rutheye gone”
S2 N74 P194 “Trey is the Trey”
S2 N74 P195 “If your name ain’t ruth”
S2 N74 P196 “Post war breakout”
S2 N74 P197 “Psykoe raver”
S2 N74 P199 “Lookin; for my ruth girl”
S2 N74 P200 “Git like you was”
S2 N74 P201 “Do that again”
S2 N74 P204 “Graveyard canyon”
S2 N74 P205 “Topango rain storm”
S2 N74 P211 “Anneke” 74(211)
S2 N74 P213 “De Witts main door”
S2 N74 P215 “Ruthy M.”
S2 N74 P218 “Best in the world”
S2 N74 P234 “Ho ping wan suiee”
S2 N74 P236 “Unckle Stud”
S2 N74 P237 “Bangs hang down”
  Series 2: Songs from Notebook 76
S2 N76 P1 “My sputtry sput”
S2 N76 P3 “Drunkerdy spaeermann”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 77
S2 N77 P1 “You are the peoples army”
S2 N77 P2 “When I was a little boy”
S2 N77 P3 “Ain’t nobody can sing like me”
S2 N77 P4 “Don’t kill my baby and my son”
S2 N77 P6 “Cowpoke philosophy”
S2 N77 P7 “In those oklahoma hills where I was born”
S2 N77 P8 “Chickasaw town”
S2 N77 P9 “Black diamond”
S2 N77 P11 “Dalton boys, the”
S2 N77 P12 “Billy the kid”
S2 N77 P12 “Stewball nag”
S2 N77 P14 “Gypsy davy”
S2 N77 P15 “Talking fishing blues”
S2 N77 P18 “Belle starr”
S2 N77 P19 “Christmas talking blues”
S2 N77 P20 “Takin’ it easy”
S2 N77 P21 “Ida red”
S2 N77 P22 “East texas red”
S2 N77 P24 “Hoe the row well willy”
S2 N77 P25 “Ain’t a gonna do”
S2 N77 P26 “Sally Goodin”
S2 N77 P26 “What shall it profit a man”
S2 N77 P27 “Head rise”
S2 N77 P28 “Wild Bill Hickock”
S2 N77 P30 “Unwelcome guest”
S2 N77 P31 “Hey piggy run”
S2 N77 P32 “Nice big easy railroad”
S2 N77 P33 “Long and a lonesome chain”
S2 N77 P34 “Black wind blowing”
S2 N77 P35 “Hang knot”
S2 N77 P36 “Pretty Boy Floyd”
S2 N77 P37 “Great dust storm, the”
S2 N77 P39 “Blowin’ down this road”
S2 N77 P40 “Dead or alive”
S2 N77 P41 “Hit that oregon line”
S2 N77 P41 “Walkin’ down th’ railroad line”
S2 N77 P42 “Dust cain’t kill me”
S2 N77 P43 “Talkin’ dust bowl blues, Th’”
S2 N77 P44 “Ramblin’ blues”
S2 N77 P45 “Vigilante man”
S2 N77 P46 “900 miles”
S2 N77 P47 “If you ain’t got the do re me”
S2 N77 P48 “Dust pneumonia”
S2 N77 P49 “So long it’s been good to know you”
S2 N77 P50 “Hooversville”
S2 N77 P51 “Tom Joad”
S2 N77 P53 “Columbia waters”
S2 N77 P55 “New way of loving”
S2 N77 P56 “Biggest thing man has ever done, the”
S2 N77 P57 “Columbia talking blues”
S2 N77 P58 “Pastures of plenty”
S2 N77 P59 “Grand coulee dam”
S2 N77 P60 “End of my line”
S2 N77 P61 “Jackhammer john”
S2 N77 P62 “At the end of every row”
S2 N77 P63 “Below the lock and dam”
S2 N77 P64 “Roll little ocean”
S2 N77 P65 “Hard travelin’”
S2 N77 P66 “Gonna bring water”
S2 N77 P67 “My name is new york”
S2 N77 P69 “Chicago”
S2 N77 P70 “Rounder’s name”
S2 N77 P72 “I’m always on the go”
S2 N77 P73 “Lumber is king”
S2 N77 P75 “Moneyless children”
S2 N77 P76 “This train is a union flyer”
S2 N77 P77 “Talking meaness”
S2 N77 P78 “That farmer labor train”
S2 N77 P79 “Boom town bill”
S2 N77 P80 “Roll on, my union”
S2 N77 P81 “I know just exactly how it feels”
S2 N77 P82 “Good old union feeling”
S2 N77 P84 “Great and bloody fight”
S2 N77 P85 “Get along mister hitler”
S2 N77 P86 “Talking Hitler’s head off blues”
S2 N77 P88 “Dig a hole”
S2 N77 P89 “Miss pavlachenko”
S2 N77 P90 “Sally don’t you grieve”
S2 N77 P91 “When the sirens blow”
S2 N77 P92 “Talkin’ rat hole blues”
S2 N77 P94 “Talking news blues”
S2 N77 P96 “Ship In the sky”
S2 N77 P97 “Won’t you roll on buddy”
S2 N77 P98 “London city”
S2 N77 P99 “Sinking of the Reuben James, The”
S2 N77 P100 “You better get ready”
S2 N77 P103 “Talking sailor”
S2 N77 P104 “Reckless talk”
S2 N77 P105 “Flipping the gyp”
S2 N77 P106 “Words on these waters”
S2 N77 P107 “Talking sea gull”
S2 N77 P109 “Rock of Gibralter”
S2 N77 P111 “My old ship rocks”
S2 N77 P112 “This sea itself”
S2 N77 P112 “Slim Houston”
S2 N77 P112 “Sea and me, The”
S2 N77 P113 “Hey! lolly!”
S2 N77 P114 “Remember the mountain bed”
S2 N77 P115 “When our good ship went down”
S2 N77 P116 “Ludlow massacre”
S2 N77 P117 “1913 massacre”
S2 N77 P118 “Union buryin’ ground”
S2 N77 P119 “Sun jumped up”
S2 N77 P120 “On bloody rags”
S2 N77 P122 “Revolutionary mind”
S2 N77 P123 “This land is your land”
S2 N77 P124 “Ferguson brothers killing”
S2 N77 P126 “Better world a coming”
S2 N77 P127 “Blinding of isaac woodward, the”
S2 N77 P128 “How joo do?”
S2 N77 P129 “New found land”
Series 2: Songs from Notebook 78
S2 N78 P1 “You are the peoples army”
S2 N78 P2 “This land is your land”
S2 N78 P3 “Good old union feeling”
S2 N78 P4 “Blinding of isaac woodward, the”
S2 N78 P5 “Roll on, my union”
S2 N78 P6 “Peekskill blues”
S2 N78 P7 “New found land”
S2 N78 P9 “Lucius clay & ilsa koch”
S2 N78 P10 “Life of harriet tubman, the”
S2 N78 P12 “Talking red star”
S2 N78 P13 “Boom town bill”
S2 N78 P14 “Goodbye centralia”
S2 N78 P15 “Union buryin’ ground”
S2 N78 P16 “1913 massacre”
S2 N78 P17 “Talking Soldier”
S2 N78 P18 “We are crazy”
S2 N78 P19 “Moneyless children”
S2 N78 P20 “More than your share”
S2 N78 P21 “In the barley hay”
S2 N78 P22 “Talking meaness”
S2 N78 P23 “Ludlow massacre”
S2 N78 P25 “Union maid”
S2 N78 P26 “This train is a union flyer”
S2 N78 P27 “I know just exactly how it feels”
S2 N78 P28 “Slim Houston”
S2 N78 P28 “Sea and me, The”
S2 N78 P28 “This sea itself”
S2 N78 P29 “When our good ship went down”
S2 N78 P30 “Flipping the gyp”
S2 N78 P31 “Reckless talk”
S2 N78 P32 “Talking sea gull”
S2 N78 P34 “My old ship rocks”
S2 N78 P35 “Talking news blues”
S2 N78 P37 “Won’t you roll on buddy”
S2 N78 P38 “Great and bloody fight”
S2 N78 P40 “Talking sailor”
S2 N78 P41 “When the sirens blow”
S2 N78 P42 “You better get ready”
S2 N78 P43 “Sally don’t you grieve”
S2 N78 P44 “Get along mister hitler”
S2 N78 P45 “Ship In the sky”
S2 N78 P46 “Dig a hole”
S2 N78 P47 “Miss pavlachenko”
S2 N78 P48 “Talkin’ rat hole blues”
S2 N78 P50 “Gonna bring water”
S2 N78 P52 “Talking Hitler’s head off blues”
S2 N78 P54 “Wife’s answer to the British soldier”
S2 N78 P55 “Sinking of the Reuben James, The”
S2 N78 P56 “Dead from the dust”
S2 N78 P57 “At the end of every row”
S2 N78 P58 “My name is new york”
S2 N78 P60 “What shall it profit a man”
S2 N78 P61 “Dying in the poor house”
S2 N78 P62 “Nice big easy railroad”
S2 N78 P63 “Hard travelin’”
S2 N78 P64 “Cannon ball blues”
S2 N78 P65 “Lay down little doggies”
S2 N78 P66 “Riding down my canyon trail”
S2 N78 P67 “Death valley lover”
S2 N78 P68 “Wild cyclone”
S2 N78 P69 “Fastest of ponies”
S2 N78 P70 “Red Runner”
S2 N78 P71 “Roll little ocean”
S2 N78 P72 “Chicago”
S2 N78 P73 “Pastures of plenty”
S2 N78 P74 “End of my line”
S2 N78 P75 “Grand coulee dam”
S2 N78 P76 “Vanport flood”
S2 N78 P77 “Columbia waters”
S2 N78 P79 “Biggest thing man has ever done, the”
S2 N78 P81 “Long and a lonesome chain”
S2 N78 P82 “Poll tax chain”
S2 N78 P83 “Backdoor bum and big landlord”
S2 N78 P85 “Columbia talking blues”
S2 N78 P86 “Tom Joad”
S2 N78 P88 “Great dust storm, the”
S2 N78 P89 “Dust cain’t kill me”
S2 N78 P90 “Talkin’ dust bowl blues, Th’”
S2 N78 P91 “If you ain’t got the do re me”
S2 N78 P92 “Vigilante man”
S2 N78 P93 “900 miles”
S2 N78 P94 “Walkin’ down th’ railroad line”
S2 N78 P94 “Hit that oregon line”
S2 N78 P95 “Ain’t got no home”
S2 N78 P96 “Talking fishing blues”
S2 N78 P100 “Blowin’ down this road”
S2 N78 P101 “So long it’s been good to know you”
S2 N78 P101 “See my ship”
S2 N78 P102 “Dalton boys, the”
S2 N78 P103 “Black diamond”
S2 N78 P105 “Dern or a darn or a dam little bit”
S2 N78 P106 “Ida red”
S2 N78 P107 “Chickasaw town”
S2 N78 P108 “Sally Goodin”
S2 N78 P109 “Head rise”
S2 N78 P110 “Hoe the row well willy”
S2 N78 P112 “Ain’t a gonna do”
S2 N78 P113 “East texas red”
S2 N78 P115 “Stewball nag”
S2 N78 P116 “Black wind blowing”
S2 N78 P117 “Dead or alive”
S2 N78 P118 “Pretty Boy Floyd”
S2 N78 P119 “Circle of truth”
S2 N78 P120 “Hang knot”
S2 N78 P121 “I’m always on the go”
S2 N78 P121 “Rounder’s name”
S2 N78 P122 “Cowpoke philosophy”
S2 N78 P123 “Christmas talking blues”
S2 N78 P124 “Gypsy davy”
S2 N78 P125 “Belle starr”
S2 N78 P126 “Hooversville”
S2 N78 P127 “Rounder’s name”
  Series 2: Songs From Notebook 80
S2 N80 P2 Catch that express 80(2)
S2 N80 P8 Tonight I carried my good guitar 80(8)
S2 N80 P14 Tasted of death 80(13)Old time 80(14)


  Series 3: Songs from Notebook 1
S3 N1 P2 “Ballad of harriet tubman”
S3 N1 P19 “Ain’t satisfied”
S3 N1 P20 “Ainta gonna do”
S3 N1 P54 “Long john”
S3 N1 P55 “Wind blows my picket sign”
S3 N1 P56 “Dear mrs. roosevelt”
S3 N1 P94 “Page seventy nine is mine”/”Page 79 is mine”
S3 N1 P92 “Old winston salem”
S3 N1 P100 “Against th’ law”/”Against the law”/”Low pay daddy high price blues”
S3 N1 P104 “Pulling me home”
S3 N1 P106 “Listen r.j.”/”Tobacco workers song, a”
S3 N1 P108 “Hold on”
S3 N1 P117 “Peace town”
S3 N1 P118 “Pistol packer”
Series 3: Songs from Notebook 2
S3 N2 P1 “Super man”/”Superman”
S3 N2 P3 “London’s bell”
S3 N2 P5 “Risk of life”
S3 N2 P7 “Boomtown gallyhouse”/”Boomertown gallyhouse”
S3 N2 P9 “Peekskill prayer”
S3 N2 P11 “Portland town”/”Ramblin’ blues”
S3 N2 P13 “Miss pavlachenko”
S3 N2 P14 “Me and my dad”
S3 N2 P15 “P for payday” /”‘P’ for payday”
S3 N2 P17 “Big mo in the mud”
S3 N2 P19 “I don’t feel at home on this bowery no more”/”I don’t feel at home on the bowery no more”
S3 N2 P21 “Great and bloody fight, the”/”What are we waiting for?”
S3 N2 P23 “Maiden lane”
S3 N2 P25 “One thing the atom can’t do”
S3 N2 P27 “Old words”
S3 N2 P29 “On my way”
S3 N2 P31 “Navaho lands”
S3 N2 P33 “Magnetic mine”
S3 N2 P35 “Mudwall blues”/”Mud wall blues”
S3 N2 P36 “Whoa buck”
S3 N2 P37 “Mississippi mud hog”/”Mississippi flood”
S3 N2 P38 “Thistle stop”
S3 N2 P39 “Wherebouts can I hide”/”Where abouts can I hide”
S3 N2 P41 “Peoples army”/”People’s army”
S3 N2 P43 “Against th’ law”/”Against the law”/”Low pay daddy high price blues”
S3 N2 P45 “Victory of the whelan strikers”
S3 N2 P47 “Out from the wolf’s belly”
S3 N2 P49 “Deone been up & starting down”/”Done been up and starting down”
S3 N2 P52 “When the pickets start to marching”
S3 N2 P53 “Real estate mover”
S3 N2 P58 “More perty galz”/”More pretty gals”
S3 N2 P60 “I don’t like your ‘lantic pact”/”I don’t like your atlantic pact”
S3 N2 P61 “Keep the oil rollin’”
S3 N2 P63 “Ludlow red necks”/”Ludlow massacre, the”
S3 N2 P73 “Beach haven race hate”
Series 3: Songs from Notebook 3
S3 N3 P3 “Rebel soldier”/”Big ranch”/”Rancho grande”
S3 N3 P16 “Give a little signal”
S3 N3 P17 “Hot burn”
S3 N3 P18 “Mister tom mooney is free”
S3 N3 P19 “No touch”
S3 N3 P20 “Hard knot”
S3 N3 P21 “Arlo barlow”
S3 N3 P22 “Booby trap”
S3 N3 P23 “Sad liquor”
S3 N3 P24 “I ain’t dead”
S3 N3 P25 “Whistle birdy”
S3 N3 P26 “Weepy willow”
S3 N3 P27 “Arlo’s tuggy boat”
S3 N3 P29 “I go tippy toe”
S3 N3 P30 “Arlo’s choo choo”
S3 N3 P32 “Mommy’s piano”
S3 N3 P32 “untitled” (this song is untitled and found underneath the song “Mommy’s Piano”)
S3 N3 P32 “Gnat”
S3 N3 P32 “Fatal snow ride”
S3 N3 P36 “Juicy time”
S3 N3 P37 “Ellis island outlaw”
S3 N3 P38 “Move along old river”
S3 N3 P39 “Batty bat”
S3 N3 P40 “Pussy is a perty thing”
S3 N3 P41 “Naked seed”
S3 N3 P42 “Foolish gold”
S3 N3 P54 “Talking gamblers blues”/”Talkin’ gamblers blues”
S3 N3 P58 “Setting by the highway”/”Sitting by the highway”
S3 N3 P59 “Bellee bellee hunta”
S3 N3 P60 “When i get home”
S3 N3 P61 “Barditch ballad”
S3 N3 P62 “Of my blue eyes”
S3 N3 P64 “Will rogers highway”
S3 N3 P65 “Wake uppy time”/”Wake up time”
S3 N3 P73 “Wash rag song”
S3 N3 P74 “Soapy waters”
S3 N3 P75 “Schizofreenick extravert”/”Schizophrenic extravert”
S3 N3 P76 “When”
S3 N3 P78 “Folk song”
S3 N3 P83 “Good news roll”
S3 N3 P84 “Streets of old broadway”
S3 N3 P86 “Bigger”
S3 N3 P88 “Sweet meat”
S3 N3 P90 “Ramblin’ gambler”/”Rambling gambler”
S3 N3 P93 “Amy drawin good horses”/”Amy drawing good horses”
S3 N3 P94 “Pistol packer”
S3 N3 P98 “Tuccumcari striker” /”Tuccumcarri striker”
S3 N3 P99 “No more frogs for bait”
S3 N3 P105 “Afraid to live”
S3 N3 P111 “Baby buzzard”
S3 N3 P117 “Dear mister eisenhower”/”Dear mr. Eisenhower”
Series 3: Songs from Notebook 4
S3 N4 P1 “Bread and land soldier”
S3 N4 P3 “Big blow 1950″/”Big blow nineteen fifty”
S3 N4 P5 “Soldier next door”
S3 N4 P7 “Marie fagin”
S3 N4 P9 “I will not write my name”
S3 N4 P11 “Kay seeno”
S3 N4 P21 “Come when I call you”
S3 N4 P27 “House of earth”
S3 N4 P31 “Ninety mile wind”
S3 N4 P31 “I’ll fight”
S3 N4 P35 “Joosey jozey”
S3 N4 P61 “Pearlie”
S3 N4 P75 “Hezitatin’ beauty”/”Hesitating Beauty”
S3 N4 P85 “I’m a takin’ it easy”
S3 N4 P117 “Last un, th’”/”Last un, the”
Series 3: Songs from Notebook 6
S3 N6 P1 “Ain’t it hard?”
S3 N6 P3 “Days are getting late”
S3 N6 P5 “Hella girl”
S3 N6 P6 “Bouyo belle”
S3 N6 P7 “Moses on the rock”
S3 N6 P8 “God and joseph”
S3 N6 P9 “Bury race hate”
S3 N6 P10 “Love how often?”
S3 N6 P11 “Drafted husband”
S3 N6 P14 “Self abuse”
S3 N6 P23 “Ring my jail”
S3 N6 P24 “Drymopper”
S3 N6 P25 “Sheepshead bay”
S3 N6 P27 “Living is fun”
S3 N6 P28 “Bad song”
S3 N6 P29 “Prettyful bride”
S3 N6 P33 “Missy puffy duff”
S3 N6 P42 “Butterfly fly”
S3 N6 P43 “Funny fly”
S3 N6 P44 “Drexell 23883” / “Drexel two three eight eight three”
S3 N6 P46 “Tin horn taxi”
S3 N6 P47 “Roll my bones”
S3 N6 P52 “Skinny my roosey”
S3 N6 P54 “Peejammers I hate”
S3 N6 P63 “Ingrid make up your mind”
S3 N6 P60 “White cotton”
S3 N6 P61 “Takin’ it easy”/”Takin’ things easy”
S3 N6 P88 “Suzeye reede”/”Suseye reede”
S3 N6 P89 “Coney’s kathrene”
S3 N6 P46 “Carmencita” 6(90)
Series 3: Songs from Notebook 7
S3 N7 P41 “Odd job murder”
S3 N7 P15 “Windshield wiper”
S3 N7 P16 “Little cathy”
S3 N7 P17 “Gates of heaven”
S3 N7 P18 “Shock treatment”
S3 N7 P19 “Mississippi mud hog”/”Mississippi flood”
S3 N7 P20 “Mad man kills four”
S3 N7 P21 “Save the day”
S3 N7 P23 “Hour cometh, the”
S3 N7 P25 “New found land”
S3 N7 P26 “Mad raver”
S3 N7 P27 “Biggest thing”/”Great historical bum”/”Biggest thing that man has ever done”
S3 N7 P29 “Flapper fanny’s last ride”/”Flapper fanny”
S3 N7 P37 “Fly high”
S3 N7 P42 “Mommy wants me to marry”
S3 N7 P43 “Hezitatin’ beauty”/”Hesitating Beauty”
S3 N7 P44 “Lackamoney” “Lack of money”
S3 N7 P47 “Old rotten house”
S3 N7 P56 “Olde chykawgoe”/”Oh, chycagoe”/”Old chicago”
S3 N7 P58 “Syko man”/”Psycho man”
S3 N7 P59 “Falling ones, the”
S3 N7 P63 “Baltimore to washington”
S3 N7 P64 “Sad saloon”
S3 N7 P65 “Dry fiddle”/”Dry fiddle and banier”
S3 N7 P66 “She don’t know”
S3 N7 P67 “Gettin’ noplace quick”/”Getting no place quick”
S3 N7 P68 “Jacobs ladder blues”/”Jacob’s ladder blues”
S3 N7 P70 “Last mile”
S3 N7 P71 “Hot seat”
S3 N7 P73 “Nobody’s baby”
S3 N7 P74 “Oklahoma clouds”
S3 N7 75 “More than your share”
S3 N7 P76 “Sweet maleena”
S3 N7 P77 “Daggery knife”/”Dagger knife”
S3 N7 P79 “Beerio”
S3 N7 P81 “Atlanta’s alley”
S3 N7 P83 “Down doo”
S3 N7 P105 “Rape of ruth farnsworth”
S3 N7 P115 “Old atom hunter”
Series 3: Songs from Notebook 9
S3 N9 P6 “Long and lonesome chain”
S3 N9 P8 “Gallery of politics”
S3 N9 P10 “Go stay”
S3 N9 P12 “VD talking seaman”/”Veedee talking seaman”
S3 N9 P14 “Down this river too long”
S3 N9 P16 “3rd party line”/”Third party line”
S3 N9 P18 “Miners young wife”
S3 N9 P20 “Move along old river”
S3 N9 P22 “Judge knox’s robe”
S3 N9 P24 “Joe louis”
S3 N9 P26 “What shall it profit a man”
S3 N9 P32 “I ain’t dead”
S3 N9 P34 “Topango canyon”/”Topanga canyon”
S3 N9 P36 “When the world’s onna fire”/”World’s on afire”
S3 N9 P38 “New multitudes”
S3 N9 P40 “Lubberdy looberdy”
S3 N9 P42 “Talking empty bed blues”
S3 N9 P44 “Smoggy old smog”
S3 N9 P46 “Smoggy mountain top”
S3 N9 P48 “On top of old smoggy”
S3 N9 P52 “Caved in tunnel”
S3 N9 P54 “Red packard”
S3 N9 P56 “Sann antonne meat house”/”San antone meat house”
S3 N9 P56 “House of that rising sun”
S3 N9 P58 “Seeds of man”
S3 N9 P60 “Sunny sun sun”
S3 N9 P62 “Dead drunk”
S3 N9 P63 “Cripple creek”
S3 N9 P66 “Spanish rebel”
S3 N9 P68 “Stop franco”
S3 N9 P70 “Curses for franco”
S3 N9 P72 “Talking love blues”
S3 N9 P74 “Enda franco’s line”
S3 N9 P76 “Rube & peace & me”/”Rube and peace and me”
S3 N9 P78 “Hey rube”
S3 N9 P80 “Hallinan hold my hand”
S3 N9 P82 “Peace to me”
S3 N9 P84 “Wife # three”/”Wife number three”
S3 N9 P86 “Goldine grain”/”Golden grain”
S3 N9 P88 “Ripping up this boundary line”
S3 N9 P89 “Jesus christ”
S3 N9 P92 “Ruben & rachelle”/”Ruben and rachel”
S3 N9 P94 “Peekskill girl”
S3 N9 P96 “Polly put the kittle on”/”Polly put the kettle on”
S3 N9 P98 “Good jelly roll”
S3 N9 P100 “Talkin’ world peace”/”Talking world peace”
S3 N9 P102 “Talking prowl car”/”Talkin’ prowl car”/”Barditch & the prowl car”
S3 N9 P104 “Capitalist kops”/”Capitalist cops”
S3 N9 P105 “High tides & low waters”/”High tides and low waters”
S3 N9 P106 “Refugees”
S3 N9 P108 “Bye bye bigg brass”/”Bye bye big brass”
S3 N9 P109 “Land of milk & honey”/”Land of milk and honey”
S3 N9 P110 “Hard travelin’”/”Hard traveling”
S3 N9 P111 “Lifebelt washed up”
S3 N9 P112 “Circle of truth”
S3 N9 P114 “Ballad of rosa lee ingram”
S3 N9 P116 “Wave jumper”
S3 N9 P117 “Gonna walk down”
S3 N9 P118 “Anny on the dam”
S3 N9 P119 “Talking hitler’s head off blues”
S3 N9 P120 “I’ll write my nam down in blood red blood”
S3 N9 P121 “Go down and see”
S3 N9 P122 “Lady in the plane”
S3 N9 P124 “Fruit cove road”
S3 N9 P126 “Turpentine camp blues”
S3 N9 P128 “Kansas city slickdick”
S3 N9 P130 “Talkin’ atom bomb”/”Talking atom bomb”
S3 N9 P131 “To my darling cathy ann” 9(131)
  Series 3: Songs from Notebook 10
S3 N10 P2 “My fountain pen”
S3 N10 P15 “Fulk songs”/Folk songs”
S3 N10 P17 “Your looks to me”
S3 N10 P18 “California california”
S3 N10 P20 “Dear sweet sister”
S3 N10 P22 “One little thing”
S3 N10 P23 “If you were here”
S3 N10 P24 “Slipping and sliding”
S3 N10 P28 “My honey bee”
S3 N10 P30 “Mathew kimes”
S3 N10 P31 “My dear wifey”
S3 N10 P32 “Raindrop song”
S3 N10 P33 “Marjorie marjoreena”
S3 N10 P34 “Desires of fire”
S3 N10 P36 “No parking place down here”
S3 N10 P37 “I am a drunkard”
S3 N10 P38 “Hot coffee”
S3 N10 P39 “Old rock jail”/”Don’t kill my baby and my son”/”Old dark town”
S3 N10 P40 “Lonesome man blues”
S3 N10 P42 “Pretty pretty girl”
S3 N10 P43 “Deedledy doo”
S3 N10 P45 “Dreaming of cheese”
S3 N10 P46 “Something for venus”
S3 N10 P47 “Beach haven way”
S3 N10 P48 “My gals all tell me”
S3 N10 P50 “Perty good train”
S3 N10 P52 “Goodbye coney island womban”/”Goodbye coney island woman”
S3 N10 P53 “When the world’s onna fire”/”World’s on afire”
S3 N10 P54 “Hot hairs”
S3 N10 P58 “Reuben james”
S3 N10 P59 “Biggest thing”/”Great historical bum”/”Biggest thing that man has ever done”
S3 N10 P60 “Pee pee hole”
S3 N10 P61 “I’m going back to sea”
S3 N10 P61 “Yes siree”/”Yessirree”
S3 N10 P62 “Great and bloody fight, the”/”What are we waiting for?”
S3 N10 P64 “An old sea hound”
S3 N10 P43 “Over the waves and gone” 10(66)
S3 N10 P68 “All you fascists”/”All of you fascists bound to lose”
S3 N10 P70 “Down to the union sea”
S3 N10 P71 “Reckless talk” 10(71)
S3 N10 P71 “You gotta go down”/”You gotta join it by yourself”
S3 N10 P72 “Tunnel of wind”
S3 N10 P73 “Slavery is falling”
S3 N10 P74 “How many times?”
S3 N10 P75 “Let’s go down by the ocean”
S3 N10 P76 “Belutchyhatchee dam”/”Beluthahatchee dam”
S3 N10 P77 “Psyko man”/”Psycho man”
S3 N10 P92 “Three eyes”
S3 N10 P101 “Judge kennedy & me”/”Judge kennedy and me”
S3 N10 P103 “Waco texas troubles”
S3 N10 P104 “Skid row serenade”
S3 N10 P105 “Take up your cross”
S3 N10 P107 “What shall it profit a man?”
S3 N10 P109 “Sea to sea”
S3 N10 P113 “Talkin’ pristitute”/”Talking prostitute” 10(113)
S3 N10 P118 “Slim houston”
Series 2: Songs From Notebook 11
S3 N11 P7 “Above the money”
S3 N11 P29 “Peace song”
S3 N11 P31 “Hy lolly”/”Hey lolly”
S3 N11 P33 “Ikey he lye”/”Ikey he lie”
S3 N11 P35 “Payday don’t come anymore”
S3 N11 P37 “Flapper fanny’s last ride”/”Flapper fanny”
S3 N11 P41 “My weather”
S3 N11 P43 “Belutchahatchee blues”/”Beluthahatchee blues”
S3 N11 P45 “Do to me”
S3 N11 P47 “Stranger from your door”
S3 N11 P51 “My peace”
S3 N11 P69 “Hay boy”/” Hey boy”
S3 N11 P70 “Needle sing”
S3 N11 P70 “Drain the swamp”
S3 N11 P71 “Jacksonville…(sweet jacksonville)”
S3 N11 P75 “Leave this man’s town”
S3 N11 P93 “Pineytimber blues”/”Piney timber blues”
S3 N11 P95 “Jaxonsville blues”/”Jacksonville blues” 11(95)