Tom Paxton Papers

Tom Paxton Papers

Below is the finding aid that contextualizes and inventories this special collection at the Woody Guthrie Center Archives. Interested researchers must fill out an application prior to scheduling an appointment with the archivist.

Collection Title: 

The Tom Paxton Papers

Collection Number: 


Collection Processed By:

Kate Blalack and Stephanie Stewart

Collection Guide Prepared By:

Grace Asher, Mark Davidson, and Stephanie Stewart

Collection Date Range: 

1954-2013 [bulk 1968-2002]

Collection Extent:

3 linear feet [2 record cartons, 2 document boxes]

Collection Provenance: 

Received from Tom Paxton in 2019

Biographical Sketch:

Tom Paxton is an American folk singer-songwriter, writer, and activist. Born on October 31, 1937, in Chicago, Illinois, Tom Paxton moved to Bristow, Oklahoma in 1948, where he spent his formative years and graduated from Bristow High School. He attended the University of Oklahoma, where he studied drama and deepened his knowledge of folk music, graduating in 1959. After college, he enlisted in the US Army in the Fall of 1959. He subsequently moved to Greenwich Village during the early 1960s folk music revival. During this time, he performed in local coffeehouses and clubs and at the Newport Folk Festival alongside contemporaries including Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Judy Collins, Peter Paul and Mary, Eric Andersen, and Dave Van Ronk.  

He has remained an important and influential songwriter of his generation. Paxton used his songwriting and singing in his activism by addressing political and environmental issues and social justice in his lyrics. He was one of the first songwriters from the Village scene to write his own songs (rather than interpret traditional folksongs and ballads). Some of his best-known works include titles such as “The Last Thing on My Mind,” “Ramblin’ Boy,” “Bottle of Wine,” “Whose Garden Was This?” “Goin’ to the Zoo,” and “The Marvelous Toy.” Paxton created more than 60 albums over the course of his career, beginning with I’m the Man That Built the Bridges (live at the Gaslight Café, 1962). He recorded seven albums with Elektra Records, as well as albums and compilations with Folkways, Broadside, Reprise, Flying Fish, Appleseed, and numerous others. His body of work has been widely covered by other artists, demonstrating his impact on the folk music scene. In addition to his music, Paxton has written many children’s books and songbooks as well as an autobiographical book entitled, The Honor of Your Company (Cherry Lane Music, 2000).  

In 2009, Paxton was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Recording Academy during the 51st Annual GRAMMY® Awards. He was nominated for GRAMMYs on numerous occasions including for Comedians and Angels (2007); Live in the UK (2006); and Looking for the Moon, and Your Shoes, My Shoes (2002). He received the Lifetime Achievement Award from ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the BBC in London. 

Scope and Contents:

The Tom Paxton Papers consist of biographical materials, lyrics, notebooks, materials related to performances, songbooks, and photographs, documenting Tom Paxton’s enduring career as a folk singer-songwriter and performer. Lyrics make up the bulk of the collection and consist of handwritten and typed loose-leaf lyrics, sheet music, and lyrics contained in notebooks. The notebooks span from 1968 to 2013 and include lyrics for “Did You Hear John Hurt?”, “All Night Long,” “What Did You Learn in School Today?”, “Wish I Had a Troubadour,” and “The Death of Stephen Biko,” among many others. The notebooks also include journal entry-style writings, notes, and drawings. Several notebooks contain a handwritten list of lyrics on the front cover, serving as a table of contents. When available, the table of contents from the notebooks are transcribed here. 

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Collection Access Restrictions: 

The collection is open for research, pending approval of a research application.

Collection Use Restrictions:

Copyright is retained by the creators of materials in these papers, or their descendants, as stipulated by United States copyright law.

Series 1: Biographical Materials

Folder Description
B03F01Biographical Materials1959 May 31Diploma from University of Oklahoma
B03F09Biographical Materials Biographical materials, including song list, song notes, and autobiographical essay

Series 2: Lyrics

Folder Description
B03F02Lyrics Handwritten and typed loose lyrics
B03F03Lyrics Flyers, sheet music, folk journal “Sing” from London (dated May-June 1954), and handwritten and typed loose lyrics
B03F05Lyrics Handwritten and typed loose lyrics and sheet music from “Lyrics Journal”
B04F17Lyrics Handwritten and typed loose lyrics, sheet music, draft essay, journal entries
B04F20Lyrics Handwritten and typed loose lyrics, drafts of prose 
B04F21Lyrics Handwritten and typed loose lyrics, sheet music
B04F22Lyrics Handwritten and typed loose lyrics, concert program for “Harold Leventhal Presents: Tom Paxton” at Town Hall NYU on February 18, 1966, Broadside 138 and 139 


Series 3: Notebooks

Folder Description
B01F01Notebooks1968 October–November1. The Candidate
2. Shadowlands
3. All Night Long
4. No Sad Songs
B01F02Notebooks19681. All Night Long
2. Cafe Society
3. The Things I Notice Now
4. I Had To Shoot That Rabbit
5. She Has No Trouble With Men
6. How Come The Sun
7. Prayin’ For Snow
B01F03 Notebooks19681. Buy A Gun For Your Son
2. Cracker Jacks And Candy
3. I Give You The Morning
4. If Not For the N.R.A.
5. Bishop Cody’s Last Request
6. The Sun Forgets
7. The General
8. Protest Songs
9. When I Went Home
10. I Ain’t Lyin’
11. Wish I Had A Troubador
12. Mayor Daley
B01F04Notebooks1971 April1. I Couldn’t Wait To Tell You
2. We Can Make It
3. You Betta Believe It
4. Bird In The Sky
5. Bring You Back
6. Show Me The Way To Your Heart
7. Down In The City
8. Another Beautiful Day
9. It’s All Down To You, Now
10. The Harp Is Down
11. Too Good To Be True
12. Dance In The Shadows
13. Don’t You Get Down And Crying
14. Smile Like A Movie Star
15. Maybe It’s Today
16. Clowns
17. What Did I Do That Was Wrong
18. I’ve Forgotten What I Came For
19. Maybe Mrs. Johnson
20. Out Beyond The Bar
21. If We’re Gonna Get Home
B01F05Notebooks1972 July1. Right On, Woman
2. Faces And Places
3. Missions Will Feed You
4. When We Were Good
5. The Things These People Do
6. The Otherside of You
7. Nothing Left To Say
8. Katy
9. Silent Night
10. The Thought Stayed Free
11. Spend My Life With You
12. Engelbert The Elephant
B01F06Notebooks1974 February1. Gray Mares
2. November Lullaby
3. As She Rides By
4. Fiddlin’ Joe
5. Life
6. Marie, Marie
7. I’ve Got My Eyes On You
8. Freighters
9. She Says She Loves Me
10. Bring Back The Chair (L.S.)
11. Out Of Luck
12. I Got Loose
13. The Hard Ones
14. Morning Wonder
15. Wise Guys (L.S.)
16. Miss Alabama
17. Something In My Life
18. Hello, Again
19. Oh, Doctor, Doctor
20. I Could Not Stand The Pain
21. Motel Shot
22. Ghosts
23. Regretfully, Madam
24. Nobody Home
B01F07Notebooks1974 October1. And Then You Smiled
2. She’s Leaving Me
3. Don’t You Believe Me?
4. Hey, Get Up, Get Up
5. Wish
6. So You Got Yourself In Trouble
7. Jim
8. Presbyterian Bay
9. Bet On The Blues
10. I Want To Help You
11. Raining On Me
12. Yes/No
13. Bus Stop
14. Gentle My Love
15. Wish I May
16. I Am What I Am
17. Enchilada
18. The Last One To Know
19. I Get The Joy
20. I Don’t Want Your Pardon
21. E. Lollipop
B01F08Notebooks1975 February 1. Melbourne Breakdown
2. Harmony’s Friends
3. Good King Buzz
4. We Need A Little Fun
5. You Can Eat Dog Food (L.S.)
B01F09Notebooks1975 May1. I Am I
2. Ta-Da!
3. Teacher, Teacher
4. Do You Want To Dance?
5. Go Find A Job
6. May God Bless This Wedding
7. Angela And Bill
8. I Close My Eyes
9. Synopsis Theme
10. The Jones Boy
11. Senior Citizen
12. Gray Hair Ain’t Nowhere
13. Twentieth Maine
14. If Dreams Are Born
15. Proud To Be Standing Where I Am
16. Did You Hear John Hurt? (L.S.)
17. Lucy, The Junk Dealer’s Daughter
18. Semi-Private Room
B01F10Notebooks1975 October 1. Welcome To The Club
2. The Man Can Play
3. Something About Love
4. Allende (L.S.)
5. Oklahoma Boys
6. Stealing Your Love
7. You Work Hard
8. The Death Of Us
9. One Owner, Good Condition
10. Sugaree
11. Leave Me Alone
12. Make A Little Happy
13. We Wouldn’t Be Here In Heaven
14. Slipping Away From Me
15. If You Can’t Get Down
16. This Morning’s Coffee
17. There Goes The Mountain (L.S.-T)
18. Hard Times Are Here Again (L.S.-T)
19. Tom Paine
20. Birds On The Table (L.S.)
21. Steps In The Hall
22. Made For Each Other
B01F11Notebooks1976 January1. Poor Old Car
2. My Home Town
3. When The Snow Falls
4. You’re Beautiful (L.S.-T.)
5. Cotton-Eyed Joe (L.S.-T)
6. Mose
7. Southern Still Life
8. C.B. Thrills
9. T.V. Music
10. Turkey On The Table
B01F12Notebooks1976 May1. Let’s Call it A Day
2. Nice Warm Car
3. Never No Love
4. The Only Night In History
5. He Wanted To Be Bad
6. Long Hot Summer Day
7. King Of The Cat Cafe’
8. What Happened To The Laughing Boy
9. Don’t Ask Me
10. September Sky
11. Grandad’s Louise
12. Golf Widow
13. It Was Only A Game
14. Elect A Democrat
15. Pandora’s Box
16. Born On The Fourth Of July
B01F13Notebooks1976 SeptemberContains writings
B01F14Notebooks1977 January1. A Matter of Time
2. Stay On Board The Train
3. God Knows The News Hits Hard
4. Sunshine
5. Shelter, Shelter
6. Millionaires
7. Bear In The Kitchen
8. Television
B01F15Notebooks1977 September1. A Day In The Country
2. Phil
3. Minnesota Strip
4. Anita O.J.
5. Did You give Up Smoking?
6. Billy Clubbed
7. Jonathan Livingston Sissy
8. Truck Driving Fool
9. The Death Of Stephen Biko
10. Hot Bibles
11. Self-Improvement
12. Winter Song
13. The Quarterback’s A Lady
14. The Hills Of Scotland
15. Hand Me Down My Jogging Shoes
16. If You’re Such An Outlaw
17. I Am A Traveling Lawyer
18. Weight Watcher
19. I Haven’t Seen You Since What Might Have Been
20. Here In My Corner
B01F16Notebooks1979 January 1. When All Else Fails
2. Tonight Will Be The Loneliest Night Of All
3. The Lonely Man
4. You Meant “Goodbye”
5. Get Your Nose Out Of That T.V.
6. Back Against The Wall
7. Jonestown
8. Dark Brown Coffee
9. The Words Wouldn’t Come
10. Dead Man’s Curve
11. You Come In Here
12. Open Letter To A Red-Headed Girl
13. It’s Gettin’ To Be A Habit
14. Right Where We Belong
15. Flower In Concrete (for Victor Jara)
16. High On Living
17. Grandpa Bass
18. Boss Of The Year
19. I Know What You Want
20. If I Had My Way
21. N.B.A.
22. Coffeeville
23. The Best Years Of Our Lives
24. That’s What I Like About You
25. Mary Ann
26. When I Could Fly
27. Skeet-A-Mo’s
28. The Last Time
29. Out On The Water
30. Sitting Here In Winnipeg
31. Listen To The River Rolling By
32. I Know I Love You
33. Jester Jackson’s War
34. Lullaby
35. Inch By Inch
36. The Man With The Violin
37. Honey Stay
38. We Didn’t Come This Far
39. The Jogger
40. The Tall Ships
41. Has Annie Been In Tonight?
42. Let The Sunshine
43. The Plane Overhead
44. All Celar In Harrisburg
45. I Cried Like A Baby
46. Baby Seal
47. Back Where It All Began
48. The Fugitive
49. If I Could Dance
50. Poor Pitiful Me
51. Hush, Old Man
52. A Morning of Surprises
53. The Fun House Mirror
54. An The Light Came
55. Don’t Forget Your Waitress
56. I Stood There Crying
57. My Navel Engagement
58. Emma’s Flowers
59. I Don’t Want Nuclear Poison In My Life
60. I Believed You When You Lied
61. It’s Terribly Hard
62. Country Water
63. If I Hadn’t Found You
64. Gas Line Romance
65. When I Knew What To Say
66. Love Made A Fool Of Me
67. The Presbyterian Hare Krishna Sidewalk Band
68. Just The Thought Of You
69. Up From Virginny
70. Let Me Know That I’ll Be Safe
71. That Was A Habit
72. Power
B01F17Notebooks1979 May1. My New Expression
2. Home For Me
3. Harriet
4. Less Of Me
5. Sweet Serenity
6. I Will Always Love You Now
7. Though I Be Ten Thousand Miles From Home
8. Give My Thanks To You
9. Wasn’t I Fun?
10. Bad Old Days
11. My Favorite Spring
12. Little Blue Dog
13. It Might Take A Miracle
14. Crossing The Border
15. Picnic
16. On My Way To The Sunshine
17. Korean Breakdown
18. Matthew, Mark, Luke, And John
19. Wakey, Wakey!
20. While The Swans Fly
21. A Gold Ball Often Has A Mind Of It’s Own
22. Supposing I Could Find A Way
23. Hot And Muggy Lazy Afternoon
24. The Love of Loving You
25. Vegetarian Rag
26. Emergency Coffee
27. A Good Time All ‘Round
28. You Ain’t Building That Plant
29. That’s The Way It Seems To Me
30. Marching Through Washington
31. Pete And Marlys 25
32. Lark In The Morning
33. I Don’t Want A Bunny-Wunny
34. Think Of Me Tonight
35. You Spoke Not A Word
36. September Sky
37. I Know What I Know
38. Happy To Be In Texas
39. Did You See The Smile That Mary Smiled?
40. Never Again
41. I Like This Tree
42. Sound As A Dollar
43. The Last Of The River Men
44. Openers
45. What About Me?
46. A Little White Ball
47. Get Your Hands Off
48. One Man’s Memory
49. Keepin’ It Simple
50. While Your Child Leaves
51. I Was Alone
52. Love Is Stronger Than Danger
53. The More I Know Of You
54. Bare Survival
55. I Miss You
56. He Told Me
B01F18Notebooks1980 January1. I Am Changing My Name To Chrysler
2. And I Miss You
3. She Sits On The Table
4. My Toothache
5. Trouble In Paradise
6. You Ain’t Seen The Last Of Me
7. I’m Missing Miss America
8. You Joker, You
9. Day In And Day Out
10. Kings Of The Delta
11. Me And Lefty
12. Be A Sport, Afghanistan
13. I Thought You Were An Arab
14. The Last Days Of The Ballroom
15. You Can’t Hang Out With Heroes
16. Blood On The Border
17. Enough To Make You Feel
18. Sergeant, I Love You
19. You Get A Gun
20. Guess I’ll Eat Myself To Death Over You
21. He May Be Slow
22. They Tell Me That The Klan Is Back
23. All Of My Ladies
24. When All Of The Money Is Gone
25. I Can’t Change That
26. We Went To The Banker
27. The Things I Wish I’d Said
28. So You Thought You Were Alone
29. I Never Loved You More Than I Do Now
30. Woody’s House
31. Mary Got A New Job
32. If We Could Talk To Each Other
33. What Did You Learn In School? (Rewrite)
34. Cold Steel Jaws
35. We Are The Music
36. We Live On The Water
37. If You Could See These Hills
38. If We Could Get That Feeling Again
39. A Little Night Music
40. We All Sound The Same
41. All Clear In Harrisburg II
42. Put The Paint
43. Another ‘I Love Texas’ Song
44. When A Fellow Has A Brother
45. If I Could Open My Eyes
B01F19Notebooks1980 November1. The Long Way Round
2. Music Myself
3. Grandad’s Town
4. And The Voices Sang
5. On A Winter’s Night
6. Rosalynn’s In The White House
7. Little Bitty Gun
8. And Loving You
9. You’re Leaving Me
10. A Man Is No Man
11. Even A Gray Day
12. Two Blue Rails
13. The Shores Of My Home
14. This Must Be The Party
15. How Do I Feel
16. Hey, That Was My Love
17. Things Turning Out So Well
18. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You
19. Put Your Finger In The Beer
20. The Lessons Of Love
21. Burt
22. Who’s Been Chocking Out Dirty Books?
23. An Average Saturday Night
24. Who Speaks For Me?
25. Washington Between The Sheets
26. I Shot Him
27. A Truly-Needy Family Of Your Own
28. There Is An Old Woman
29. They Couldn’t Take The Music
30. The Wind That Brought The Winter In
31. I Want To Be There When You Need Me
32. Love Is Coming Our Way
33. If I Only Had Virginia
34. In The Moment Of Our Birth
35. You Bring Your Good times With You
36. The Man Can Play
37. I Wish That I Could Be With You Tonight
38. To Those Who Lie In The Prisons
39. They Tried To Warn Me
40. I Did Not Watch The Wedding
41. A Little White Lie
42. All I Know Is I Saw You
B01F20Notebooks1981 September–1982 September1. You Call It A Handicap
2. Melody
3. Just Like A Long-Lost Friend
4. I’m Hurtin’
5. The Perfect Bomb
6. Let ‘Em Eat Ketchup
7. All Of My Life
8. When Pharoah Says: “Build A Pyramid”
9. Let’s Pick On Jody Foster
10. Johnson
11. Spinners, Weavers
12. Because I Love You
13. Fraggle Rock
14. Fraggle Rock II
15. Boo Hoo You
16. The Game Is Everything To Me
17. No Hope At All
18. Doozers Do
19. I’m Sorry I Like You
20. Lost And Found
21. It All Starts With You
22. I Am A Winner
23. Richard Allen
24. I Saw A Star
25. I Am Too Fat
26. Solidarity
27. Back On The Road
28. I Have A Friend
29. Out Here In The Wilderness
30. The Day The Sun Wouldn’t Go Down
31. I’d Do Anything For You
32. Only A Game
33. Come To Me Now
34. When I Finally Lay Down These Tools
35. Spring
36. We Didn’t Have To Lose It
37. Sleepy Time
38. Corrymeela
39. I Never Had A Good Time
40. Edict Rock
41. We Can Only Live In Love
42. Every Color Of The Rainbow
43. I’ve Stopped Going Out In The Evenings 
B01F21Notebooks1983 MarchContains song lyrics and notes
B01F22Notebooks1987Contains writings, song lyrics, and notes
B01F23Notebooks1990 February–1991 MarchContains song lyrics and notes
B01F24Notebooks1991 April–SeptemberContains writings, song lyrics, and notes
B01F25Notebooks1991 September–1992 July Contains song lyrics, notes, and drawings
B01F26Notebooks1992 July–1993 FebruaryContains song lyrics and notes
B02F01Notebooks1993 March–MayContains song lyrics and notes
B02F02Notebooks1993 June1. Gaslight Days
2. I Won’t Ask
3. The Hawk
4. This Is Note My Time
5. Out Of Here
6. Whoa, Babe
7. Bad Dreams
8. Please Pass The Blues
9. I Didn’t Ask
10. Just Another White Guy Wearing A Robe
11. Wearing The Time
12. Something For Everyone
13. Rich Man, Poor Man
14. Me And Michael Jackson
15. ‘Politician’
16. I’m Tired From All My Traveling
17. Hook Pond At Sunset
18. A Summer Song
19. 20/20
20. This Is A Baby
21. Maybe I Lied
22. Come On Down To The Corner
23. Blue Down Here
24. How Chicago Won The War
25. My Enemy Has A Name
26. Until A song Is Born
27. They’re Not Haitians
28. Everybody Knows
29. It’s That Simple
30. Where In The World Are You?
31. Waiting In The Checkout Line
32. The Child I Was
33. Something Like Love
34. The Life Of A Troubador
35. Why Would I Go?
36. No Insurance
37. Modern Maturity
38. Along The Verdigris
39. I Need A Hospital
40. The Song Of The Interstate
41. Johnny Got A Gun
B02F03Notebooks1993 July1. Johnny Got A Gun
2. Passing Through Tulsa
3. It Wasn’t Just The Country Music
4. When Love dies
5. The Honor Of Your Company
6. Backin’ My Way Back To You
7. Anytime
8. One Country Star
B02F04Notebooks1993 October1. The Honor Of Your Company
2. The Leaves Are Dying
3. One Of Me Is Enough
4. When I Go To See My Son
5. When My Brother Came Home
6. Don’t Remember Me
7. The Ballad Of John Wayne Bobbitt
8. Her First Christmas Alone
9. She Was Beautiful
10. Losing My Friends
11. How Do You Like Your Job?
12. Spin Like A Red Top
13. A Sure Thing, Honey
14. In America
15. Let It Stay
16. I Will Care For You
17. Not My Affair
18. A Shiny River Then
19. You Beautiful Day
20. How Long Was I Gone?
B02F05Notebooks1995 February1. When I Try
2. The Evil That Men Do
3. After Midnight Thoughts
4. When I Left Home For The Last Time
5. Little Girl
6. Hello, Fred
7. The Bastard Mind
8. All I Ever Needed Was You
9. Storms Of Winter
10. I’ll Be There
11. Summer Nights On The Prairie
12. My Neighborhood
13. Go Tell Momma
14. They All Moved Back
15. This River Is Dying
16. God
17. Talk Radio
18. Time Fades Away
19. Christopher Paxton Sylvia
20. Midge’s Song
B02F07Notebooks1998 April 
B02F08Notebooks1999 JanuaryContains song lyrics and notes
B02F09Notebooks1999 July–2000 JanuaryContains song lyrics and notes
B02F10Notebooks2000 January–NovemberContains song lyrics, notes, and printed lists of lyrics
B02F11Notebooks2000 November–2001 DecemberContains song lyrics and notes
B02F12Notebooks2002 January–2003 June Contains writings, song lyrics, notes, and printed lyrics
B02F13Notebooks2003 July1. Peace Like A River
2. The Dog Of The Year
3. Suits Of Gray
4. Governor Of California
5. Mud Red River
6. No Turning Back
7. Lies, Lies, Lies
8. Crows In The Cornfield
9. In The Guard!
10. Goodbye, Nancy
11. A Thousand Candles
12. Where Are You Tonight?
13. The Glittering Prize
14. Baby’s Feeling Better
15. My Science Lesson In Kansas
B02F14Notebooks2004 December1. The Battle Of The Sexes
2. Thinking About Isaiah
3. Forty Years, As The Crow Flies
4. The Best We Can Do
5. Suits Of Gray, Hearts Of Stone
6. Mud Red River
7. No Turning Back
8. Lies, Lies, Lies
9. A Hero Of His Nation
10. Beneath The Bridge
11. Peace Like A River
12. How Beautiful Upon The Mountain
13. The Three Republicans
14. Pilgrim Road
15. The Village That Is No More
16. The Early Bird Special
17. I Don’t Know New Orleans
18. Pat Robertson + Jesus
19. Little Pigs
20. Pat Robertson
21. My Reason Why
22. William Bennett
23. Dick Cheney
24. Sunshiny Day
25. The Plane They Call ‘Tomorrow’
26. FEMA
27. Jennifer + Kate
28. After The Funeral
29. Verizon Horizon
B02F15Notebooks2006 May 1. Psalm 47
2. The N.S.A. Has Numbers
3. Tap, Tap, Tapping My Telephone Line
4. How Beautiful Upon The Mountain
5. Lost And Found
6. On The Border
7. Dick Cheney
8. South Wind
9. Hail To The Chief
10. And If It’s Not True
11. Jim And Marilyn
12. Tunnel To Nowhere
13. Poor Ralph Reed
14. In The Heat Of The Summer
15. I’m A Terrorist Target
16. Waiting For You
17. Reason To Be
18. It’s Hard To Be Famous
19. Comedians And Angels
20. In The Light
21. I Guess My Momma Raised A fool
22. The Witness
23. Lay Me Down
24. Smiling At Nothing
25. Elisah’s Skiels
26. LIttle Sandy
27. Sell This War
28. Now That You’ve Said ‘Yes’
29. Spending Time With You Is Easy
30. What’s It Gonn Be Ma?
31. We Support Our Troops
32. Tom Cats In Boston
33. In Cindy’s Garden
34. Monkey See, Monkey Do
35. Love Your Music
36. Tom Delay
37. Mary Said ‘Yes’
38. Fox News
39. Come On Home
40. Dancing Is Easy
41. Hard, Hard Times
42. Friday Nights For Football
43. In My Lady’s Eyes
44. When It Rains, It Pours
45. Pluto
46. Kings Of The Mountain
B02F16Notebooks2006 September–2007 May Contains song lyrics and notes
B02F17Notebooks2007 MayContains 2008 calendar, as well as lyrics
1. All We Should Have Known
2. I Get It
3. I Like The Way You Look
4. My Downfall
5. Forty Years As The Crow Flies
6. When I Was A Child
7. Reason To Be
8. My Body Pails
9. Yeah Right!
10. Out On The Ocean
11. Life Is A Hard, Hard Road
12. Everybody In Kansas City
B02F18Notebooks2008 AprilContains writings, handwritten and printed song lyrics, notes, and partial 2008 calendar
B02F19Notebooks2008 September–2010 June Contains writings, handwritten and printed song lyrics, and notes
B02F20Notebooks2011 December-2013 SeptemberContains handwritten and printed song lyrics, notes, and correspondence
B02F21NotebooksundatedContains writings, song lyrics, and notes
B02F22Notebooksundated1. My Daddy And Me
2. Talking Watergate

Series 4: Performances

Folder Description
B04F14Performances2002 January 18Grand Casino Biloxi, Biloxi, MS, January 18, 2002
Grand Casino Tunica, Tunica, MS, January 19, 2002
B04F04Performances2002 February 2Pacific University, Forest Grove, OR
B04F13Performances2002 February 7Blue Heron Inn, Duncans Mills, CA
B04F16Performances2002 February 16Fiddler’s Green Concert Series, Atlanta, GA
B04F07Performances2002 February 17Michael Rose Theatre, Memphis, TN
B04F09Performances2002 March 1Foster, RI, March 1, 2002 and March 2, 2002
B04F10Performances2002 March 8Northpark Presbyterian Church, Dallas, TX, March 8, 2002
Eureka Springs Auditorium, Eureka Springs, AR, March 10, 2002
B04F01Performances2002 March 23Jean Rimsky Theater, Port Washington, NY
B04F12Performances2002 April 6Bonnie Doon Hall, Edmonton, AB, Canada
B03F13Performances2002 April 12The Barns Of Wolf Trap, Vienna, VA
B04F03Performances2002 April 19Throop Church, Pasadena, CA, April 19, 2002
Casa del Prado Theatre, San Diego, CA, April 20, 2002
B04F15Performances2002 April 26St. John’s United Methodist Church, Baltimore, MD
B04F11Performances2002 May 4Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, IL
B04F08Performances2002 May 11Institute of Musical Traditions, Kensington, MD
B04F06Performances2002 May 16The Pinnacle Center, Hudsonville, MI, May 16, 2002
Western Reserve Folk Arts Association, Kent, OH, May 18, 2002
B03F12Performances2002 May 21U.K. Tour, correspondence, tour schedule, and associated materials
B04F02Performances2002 June 18Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, PA
B04F05Performances2002 June 22Folk Project, Morristown, NJ, June 22, 2002
King of Prussia, PA, June 23, 2002
B03F04Performances2002 September 10Library Of Congress Music Division, Coolidge Auditorium

Series 5: Songbooks

Folder Description
B03F07Songbooks1989The Authentic Guitar Style Of…Tom Paxton
B03F08Songbooks1988Tom Paxton Anthology
B03F10Songbooks1989Tom Paxton Politics
B03F11Songbooks1994Tom Paxton Wearing The Time
B04F19Songbooks1990Tom Paxton, I Can Read Now

Series 6: Photographs

Folder Description
B04F18Photographs Photographic prints and contact sheets of Tom Paxton and others