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Jack Williams Workshop

Jack Williams Workshop
Jack’s workshop is free with paid admission to the WGC that day. You may want to sign up early since space in the WGC classroom is limited.
Exploring the music “in your head” and making it happen on your instrument… immediately.
Improving your skills for playing competently in jams, song-circles, and ensembles.
Separating the wheat from the chaff in Music Theory.
Getting out of musical ruts and away from habitual playing.
Improving improvisational skills – replacing “muscle-memory” with musical freedom
“Training” your ear, where you can KNOW what you’re playing and even what chords,
melodies, and bass-lines you’re hearing on recordings or in live performance.
“Connecting” more directly to your music, to not play “absent-mindedly” or by chance – but mindfully.
Jack’s creatively holistic approach to music is intended to help people at all levels of musical skill and understanding. This includes those who have played music all their lives, but who’ve come up against roadblocks to advancement – which happens even to professional musicians. It also includes beginning musicians and those who’ve attained a modest level of skill. It is even intended to help people who haven’t yet begun making music to get a sense of what playing and writing it are really all about – and to help them find their own sense of musical direction.
Emphasis is on the creative process rather than on the technique of making music (the Fingerpickin’ workshop will address more technical issues). The idea is to teach proficiency in knowing what you want in your music and how to go about getting it, rather than in the technical nuts and bolts of where to put one’s fingers.
The workshops focus on a return to basic listening, and to the sounds of what you’re playing rather than to extensive planning and thinking about music. An effort will be made to familiarize the musicians with the actual notes and chords as if they were “old friends”. So many musicians play on for years having never learned many of the basics of knowing what they’re hearing – and of maintaining creative control over what they’re playing or writing!