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Have you ever thought about donating to an archives?

Many people wonder what goes into our archives and how we receive our donations.
Here at the Woody Guthrie Center we hold both the Woody Guthrie’s Collection, and we also house several special collections. These special collections are primarily from authors and individuals interested and/or closely associated with Woody’s life. We are interested in acquiring items that pertain to Woody Guthrie’s life and/or those people who “follow in his footsteps.” An archives provides an optimal climate for preserving historical documents and records, because the environment is controlled, and archivists are specially trained professionals who know the best practices to preserve, protect, and make accessible our collective memories for future generations.

If you are interested in donating your records to an archives, the Society of American Archivists has some excellent information in their free publication Donating Your Personal or Family Records to a Repository. This publication can be found here: