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Woody’s Weekend Workshop

Thank you to everyone who attended November’s weekend workshop! Save the dates for next season’s workshop, April 17-19 2020.

Our workshops offers students a chance to perform in a band while gaining advice from seasoned musicians and teachers from Tulsa and Nashville. The three days guide students as they collaborate on musical performance, recording, and stage presence. The intensive environment encourages young musicians to think independently, work cooperatively and discover their own creativity.


Program designed for students age 12-18 with some music proficiency

Participants will learn to work together as a band

Students will receive advice from musicians, producers, managers and others in the industry

Get one-on-one guidance from professionals to improve skills and cooperation

Opportunities to perform for the public and on local television stations

Small registration fee with needs-based rates and discounts for WGC members

For more information about the workshop or to register, contact: deana@woodyguthriecenter.org or jerry@woodyguthriecenter.org

 Sponsored by:

Martin Guitar Charitable Foundation