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Knee Deep in Phil Ochs Processing

With the Phil Ochs Collection out of isolation and now acclimated to the environment, my intern, Elizabeth Dahl, and I have begun the intense task of preserving and making sense of it all. We have stabilized the 78s, LPs, cassettes, VHS, Beta, U-Matic, and various other audio and film reels, and we are now preparing […]

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An Overview of Woody Guthrie’s Hanukkah Songs – by Intern Emily Dobrovskaya (Haverford College)

An Overview of Woody Guthrie’s Hanukkah Songs by Emily Dobrovskaya (Haverford College) Woody Guthrie was deeply immersed in Jewish culture in the 1940s. He married into a Jewish family and spent several years living in the vibrant Jewish community of Coney Island, Brooklyn. As a result, Hanukkah songs were not an altogether unfamiliar territory for […]

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Woody Guthrie Center Auction – Jimmy LaFave Painting

This painting was created live during our dear friend Jimmy LaFave’s set at the WGC 4th Anniversary Celebration in Tulsa. An original piece by artist Eric Waugh, this painting is on 48×48 canvas and features the lyrics to “Oklahoma Hills” in the background. All proceeds from this auction go directly toward supporting the Center’s education […]

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“Woody Sez”

During his time in California Woody favored himself a newspaper columnist. His dry wit and skill with an artist’s pen added to the popularity of his column “Woody Sez,” in the People’s Daily World, a progressive newspaper of the time. Here in the archives we have a bound volume from 1939 of this newspaper, which features […]

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Announcing the 12th Annual BMI Fellowship

We are please to announce our continued partnership with BMI Foundation to encourage and support academic research in our archives. The filing period for proposals is now open until Wednesday, February 1, 2017. First established in 2005, the Woody Guthrie Fellowship seeks to encourage unique exploration into the life and legacy of one of the most […]

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Woody Guthrie Prize Guitar Auction

A beautiful Alvarez acoustic guitar, donated by Guitar House in Tulsa, signed by all the artists who performed at the 3rd Annual Woody Guthrie Prize, Kris Kristofferson, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Rodney Crowell, John Flynn, Danny Timms, and Scott Musick.

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