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The Woody Guthrie Center is more than a museum; it is a center of investigation for inspiration. By providing examples of Woody’s ability to use his creativity as a way of expressing the world around him, we hope to encourage others to find their voices and the power that lies within the creative process.

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The Center includes:

  • The Woody Guthrie Archives and research area

  • Woody’s Footsteps exhibit following his travels from Okemah to Pampa, then to Los Angeles, and New York

  • The Dust Bowl section where patrons can learn more about the era, view an excerpt from Ken Burn’s documentary and listen to Woody’s Dust Bowl Ballads

  • Woody’s America interactive map that allows the user to learn more about Woody’s biography, music history, as well as Oklahoma, US, and world history

  • Music Bar for listening to Woody’s recorded songs

  • Lyric Journal of Woody’s lyrics according to selected topics

  • Lyric writing station for composing an original verse to a song and submitting to our database

  • Exhibits and videos of artists who continue Woody’s tradition of writing what they see

  • The original, hand-written lyrics of “This Land is Your Land” and videos of others’ renditions of the song

  • Woody’s fiddle, guitar, and mandolin

  • Special exhibit gallery featuring high-interest traveling exhibits

The Woody Guthrie Center

Opening day April 27, 2013

Architects  Kinslow, Keith & Todd

Design and digital media by Gallagher and Associates

Permanent exhibit curated by Robert Santelli/The Grammy Museum, Mike Buday/Gallagher & Associates and Nora Guthrie and Tiffany Colannino/The Woody Guthrie Archives

Made possible with funding from the George Kaiser Family Foundation