Brandon Johnas
Black Line

Brandon Johnas

April 6, 2023 6:30-8:30pm

Brandon Johnas Thursday, April 6

Join us on Thursday, April 6 when Brandon Johnas takes to the Woody Guthrie Center® stage.

Doors: 6:30 p.m.

Show: 7 p.m.


$10 General Admission

FREE for Woody Guthrie Center members


“Roughly ten years ago I quit my day job and moved to Banff, Alberta, to live out of an SUV with two of my bandmates with the idea that we would play music to survive. Since that decision, music has become the vocation. At times, the means for living are meager, so instead of relying solely on money to pay for studio time and such musical expenditures, I’ve had to become more ‘hands-on’ with my creative projects, which sometimes means turning a derelict shack in the woods into a studio and producing projects completely solo. That’s where I’ve arrived to at this juncture. I spend half my work life producing records and the other half performing this work. ‘Another Year the Cicadas Slept’ is my latest release derived from feelings and growth in dealing with the death of a superhuman friend and the piecing back together of my family. It’s essentially 6 songs that I whittled down from about 200, then spent a year composing and recording. It was also the only record I diligently wrote every word from a place of love.” – from the artist


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