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Real Talk: Thanksgiving as Native Genocide Day

Real Talk 6: National Day of Mourning: Thanksgiving as Native Genocide Day

November 16, 2019, 2-4 p.m.

Location: Philbrook Museum Main Campus, 2727 S. Rockford Road


Host: Dr. Kimberly Gail Wieser, President of the Board, Native Writers Circle of the Americas, Associate Professor, University of Oklahoma, author of Back to the Blanket: Recovered Rhetorics and Literacies in American Indian Studies, co-author of Reasoning Together: The Native Critics Collective, and a volume of poetry, Texas . . . to Get Horses (She/hHer)
Apollonia Piña, Mvskoke, Tulsa Chapter Organizer of Matriarch, Auntie in the Auntie Project, Interdisciplinary Researcher (She/Her)
Kingston Pipestem, Oteo (He/Him)
Dr. Tryg Jorgensen, Choctaw/Inupiat

Real Talk is a series of curated live conversations on issues and topics of critical importance to marginalized communities, including (but not limited to): people of color, LGBTQA and economically disadvantaged citizens. Providing a voice and platform for often voiceless people is at the heart of the series.

The Real Talk program series is sponsored by the Tri-City Collective, the Woody Guthrie Center, Folk Alliance International and the Tulsa Artist Fellowship.