Woody’s Workshop


Sponsored by Martin Guitar Charitable Foundation, Woody’s Workshop offers musically inclined students ages 12-18 the chance to learn from seasoned musicians and teachers from Tulsa and Nashville. The three-day intensive experience encourages young musicians to think independently, work cooperatively, and discover their own creativity as they learn about recording and stage presence. The workshop culminates in a live performance in front of an audience.

How participants benefit from Woody’s Workshop:

  • Learn to work together as a band
  • Receive advice from musicians, producers, managers, and others in the industry
  • Get one-on-one guidance from professionals to improve skills and cooperation
  • Perform for the public and on local television stations

Woody’s Workshop Testimonials

Black Line
“I am grateful both my children were able to attend Woody’s Workshop. The staff loves children, and learning from music industry professionals is an incredible opportunity. I am always impressed by the caliber of local and national talent they bring to work with the students. My son and daughter not only learned how to play in a band, but were also given private instrument and voice sessions during each workshop. The performance at the end gave each a chance to play for a live audience and to invite friends and family to celebrate their hard work. The workshops are challenging but always fun, and they now have connections with other local student musicians and professionals in the area.”

- Katya Bonea
“The Woody’s Workshop music program is unique in that it offered my kids a mix of experiences, including learning to collaborate and communicate with others musically, the subtleties of stage presence, and how to approach songwriting. The program takes place on the backdrop of Woody's writings, songs, and art, which sets the stage for creativity with kindness.”

- Natalie Pagano
“Woody’s Workshop is a great way for our son Ford and other young musicians to work together as a band, build confidence through performing, and learn about the great Woody Guthrie and the many musicians that he inspired. The music educators in the workshops do a wonderful job inspiring and teaching the kids. The Woody Guthrie Center is such a treasure, and I love seeing children involved and performing songs about peace, love, equality, and the values that Woody Guthrie held dear.”

- Laura Smolen

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