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Lesson Plans

All lessons plans are the intellectual property of Woody Guthrie Center and are intended for educational purposes only.

Growing up in Okemah – Middle School Lesson

This Land is Your Land Grade 3 – Elementary Lesson

Museum Pre-Visit Activites – Pre & Post Visit Activites for Elementary and High School

Migrant Farm Workers of Great Depression – High School Lesson

Reading Visual Images  High School Lesson Plan

Geothermal Energy Teacher’s Guide – Elementary Lesson on Geothermal Energy (Guthrie Green has geothermal wells underground)

Tulsa Race Riot Part 1 High School Lesson Plan

Tulsa Race Riot Part 2 High School Lesson Plan

Don’t Kill My Baby and My Son  Middle School / High School Lesson Plan

What Was the Dust Bowl?   Elementary Lesson Plan

Woody Guthrie Unit – Elementary Lesson created by Abby Lopez & Celia Clinton

Ballad of Tom Joad – Middle School Lesson Plan on elements of fiction

Deportee and the Bracero Program – Middle School & High School Lesson Plan

Woody Guthrie Prize – Research Lesson Plan for Elementary & Junior High