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Woody’s Classroom

One-stop-shop for Woody Guthrie educational materials, from tailored lesson plans to artistic activities, resources and more to help parents and teachers bring Woody into any classroom, whatever that may look like.


Woody Guthrie Bingo, play along while listening to Woody Guthrie’s kid’s song playlist. Mark your board when you hear the words!

Woody Guthrie Bingo 1

Woody Guthrie Bingo 2

Woody Guthrie Bingo 3

Woody Guthrie Bingo 4

Woody Guthrie Bingo 5

Woody Guthrie Bingo 6


Take Me Out To the Ballgame Coloring Activity

Woody Portrait Coloring Activity

All You Can Write Coloring Activity

End Hate Coloring Activity

California Stars Coloring Activity

Woody was an amazing artist as well as being a songwriter. He creating art out of everything. Watch this video to learn more about Woody’s visual art and sculpture, and be inspired to create your own.

See a quick tour of the Dust Bowl exhibit at the Woody Guthrie Center and find some inspiration to write your own verse. Watch here.


Animated music videos to popular Woody Guthrie songs can be found here.

Educational resources related to the world and American folk music from Smithsonian Folkways are available here.

Teach hip hop history and experience with lesson plans from Teach Rock here.

Lesson plans

All lesson plans are the intellectual property of Woody Guthrie Center and are intended for educational purposes only.

Growing up in Okemah – Middle School Lesson

Elementary- This Land is Your Land – Elementary Lesson

Museum Pre-Visit Activities – Pre & Post Visit Activities for Elementary and High School

Migrant farmworkers and the Great Depression – High School Lesson

Reading visual images High School Lesson Plan

Geothermal Energy Teacher’s Guide – Elementary Lesson on Geothermal Energy (Guthrie Green has geothermal wells underground. This page provides multiple resources for STEM lessons.)

Tulsa Race Riot Part 1 High School Lesson Plan

Tulsa Race Riot Part 2 High School Lesson Plan

Don’t Kill my Baby and my Son lesson Middle School / High School Lesson Plan

What was the Dust Bowl   Elementary Lesson Plan

Woody Guthrie Unit – Elementary Lesson created by Abby Lopez & Celia Clinton

Ballad of Tom Joad – Middle School Lesson Plan on elements of fiction

Deportee and the Bracero Program – Middle School & High School Lesson Plan

Woody Guthrie Prize – Research Lesson Plan for Elementary & Junior High

Lesson plans from Woody Guthrie Publications are available here.

Using letters by, to, and about Woody Guthrie, the Library of Congress has developed this extensive lesson to learn biographical information about Guthrie as well as 20th Century U.S. history. Those lessons can be found here.

High school lesson plans developed by PBS from the Ken Burns film “The Dust Bowl” are available here.