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2019 Oklahoma Changing World Prize

Changing World Prize to recognize continued work of Oklahoma teachers

TULSA, OK – After years of making the most of their limited resources, Oklahoma teachers took to the Oklahoma State Capitol in 2018 to speak truth to power and fight for their students’ education. In recognizing their efforts to improve our state’s education system, the Woody Guthrie Center will present its 2019 Changing World Prize to Oklahoma’s teachers.

“When considering those who change the world, we could think of no better examples than our dedicated Oklahoma teachers,” said Deana McCloud, executive director of the Woody Guthrie Center. “Their work every day in their classrooms and their 2018 march on the state Capitol show the value they place on the future and our students. Woody would have been marching and singing along with these educators to promote the American ideal of public education for all young people, and the Woody Guthrie Center is please to recognize them with this award.”

Teachers across the state marched on Oklahoma City starting April 2, 2018, for what would be a nearly two-week walkout. Teachers pressured the state leadership to increase funding to schools and they were able to secure a long-overdue salary increase for school staff across the state.

Teachers continue to address education issues long overlooked by state leaders. Between 2008 and 2018, per-student funding had decreased nearly 30 percent. Teachers remain committed to making up that funding gap, maintaining the highest teaching standards, and providing the best educational opportunities possible to the next generation of Oklahomans.

The Woody Guthrie Center’s Changing World Prize takes its name from a Guthrie lyric: “Change the pen and change the ink, change the way you talk and think. Change the ways of this changing world.” The 2019 prize will be the first year for the prize to be presented to a large group to recognize their collective work. Previous recipients include Clara Luper and the NAACP Youth Council, LaDonna Harris, Samantha Elauf and Sharon and Mary Bishop Baldwin.

The presenting sponsor of the 2019 Changing World Prize is the Chickasaw Nation. For more information and for sponsorship opportunities, call Deana McCloud at 918-574-2710.



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