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Woody and the Bonneville Power Administration

We are thrilled to honor the 75th anniversary of Woody’s work with the Bonneville Power Administration this month! During his work for the BPA in the Pacific Northwest in support of the Grand Coulee Dam project, Woody wrote 26 songs in 30 days. Events are scheduled in Seattle and the Grand Coulee Dam site, with the WGC sponsoring and presenting a program about “Woody Guthrie: Man of the People.” In addition, we have curated a new exhibit case that focuses on this incredibly productive time in Woody’s life as he saw “Pastures of Plenty” and explored “The Greatest Thing That Man Has Ever Done” as the Columbia River rolled on. Please visit our online store and purchase Greg Vandy’s new book 26 Songs in 30 Days. and make sure to watch this video with John Doe, Bill Frisell, and Gerald Collier on KEXP in Seattle

For a full listing of events in the Pacific Northwest to celebrate Woody Guthrie Days: