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WGC’s 3rd Anniversary

The Center is preparing to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of bringing Woody home to Oklahoma, and we have a variety of activities planned for folks to join the party! On April 28, the Del McCoury Band kicks off the weekend celebration with a concert at the Cain’s Ballroom. The proceeds from the show will benefit the Center’s education initiatives. The evening of April 29, we’ll have free concerts at Guthrie Green, followed by the Woody Guthrie Symposium April 30 and more free shows at Guthrie Green. Join Woody’s granddaughter, Anna Guthrie Canoni, in our theater May 1 for a very special program as well as Ellis Paul and the Red Dirt Rangers family shows. We’ll wrap up the celebration with free afternoon shows at Guthrie Green. Check the schedule on our website and don’t miss any of this wonderful weekend of music and Woody!