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Woody Guthrie Annual

The Woody Guthrie Annual is a new open-access peer-reviewed journal containing the most up-to-date scholarship on Woody Guthrie, his work and his cultural and political significance. The journal is published once a year.

In addition to peer-reviewed scholarly articles, the Woody Guthrie Annual contains book and record reviews, news, and notices of relevant events. The editors invite articles of 7,000-10,000 words, not only on Guthrie himself, but also on the cultural and political movements in which he was involved, his associations, and his legacy – all we ask is that a firm connection with Guthrie be maintained throughout the article.

For further information on submissions, please contact the Managing Editor, Professor Will Kaufman, at


About the Managing Editor, Professor William Kaufman — As one of the leading scholars on Woody Guthrie, Kaufman has twice been awarded the prestigious BMI Fellowship for his work. His published book Woody Guthrie American Radical, is the first political biography of Woody and his forthcoming book, Woody Guthrie’s Modern World Blues, will be published by Illinois Press.  More information can be found at