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Phil Ochs Fellowship -Deadline Ex March 31st, 2021

The Woody Guthrie Archives is pleased to announce the third annual Phil Ochs Fellowship.


This annual research opportunity, provided by a partnership between the Woody Guthrie Archives and A Still Small Voice, Inc., supports research related to the history of American folk music, specifically Phil Ochs and folk musicians from the 1940s – 1970s, whose message was a positive social change within American and global politics. 

Past recipients of the Phil Ochs Fellowship include Dr. Christa Anne Bentley, an Assistant Professor of Musicology at Oklahoma City University, Dr. Norwood Andrews, an independent scholar based in Dallas, Texas, Dr. James R. Bowers, Professor of Political Science & Legal Studies, St. John Fisher College, New York and Ms. Nancy Greco, Instruction & Archives Librarian, St. John Fisher College, New York.


The Phil Ochs Fellowship awards up to $5,000 for scholarly research at the extensive Woody Guthrie Center Archives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This fellowship is an annual research opportunity provided by a partnership between the Woody Guthrie Center, Inc. and A Still Small Voice, Inc. This opportunity is open to scholars pursuing topics or themes related to American folk music, specifically Phil Ochs and folk musicians from the 1940s – 1970s whose message was social justice within American and global politics. 

In September 2014, the only daughter of Phil Ochs, Meegan Lee Ochs, donated an extensive collection of Phil Ochs materials to the Woody Guthrie Center Archives. The papers contain original lyrics, handwritten travel journals, scrapbooks, notebooks, correspondence, personal belongings of Phil Ochs, realia, business records of Michael Ochs, record label correspondence and business materials, flyers, manuscripts and published articles by Phil Ochs, clippings, photographs, audio recordings, film recording, LPs, and biographical information gathered by Phil Ochs’ biographers for both a documentary and a book. In addition, the Woody Guthrie Center was gifted the collection of Phil’s brother, Michael Ochs, in 2015 and his sister, Sonny, in 2018. Together these collections comprise of more than 80 linear feet of archival materials related to the life of the folk singer and topical songwriter. 

The Woody Guthrie Center Archives also holds the special collections of Ronald Cohen, Patricia Dempsey, and Harold Leventhal among others. These materials include correspondences, manuscripts, articles, clippings, and additional information on the life of folk singers, including Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, and more. All materials are available for research for this fellowship. 

Qualifications and How to Apply

  • Researcher must demonstrate a thorough understanding of background materials by having consulted secondary source materials.
  • Project must lead to the creation of an original scholarly publication or product (i.e. book, article, public work).
  • Project must be sufficiently extensive as to require a suggested minimum of two weeks of research in the archives.
  • If in doubt the researcher should contact the archivist prior to sending in a proposal to ensure the project is feasible. 

To Apply

Please email the following materials  in .pdf (preferred) or word doc with the subject heading:            Phil Ochs Fellowship Research Application Materials -2020-2021 to Kate L. Blalack, ASA Senior Archivist and Registrar @

  1. Professional resume’ and/or curriculum vitae
  2. Budget Proposal* including additional grants or funding already awarded
  3. Project Proposal including the current status of the project, timeline, and project summary
  4. Bibliography of previously researched secondary and primary resources

*This fellowship is for research expenses only. No applications will be accepted which self-promote artists or musical compositions using original lyrics found in the archival collections.

Applications will be accepted until Midnight, March 31, 2021due to covid-19 the timeframe for research may be extended and/or delayed.