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Kyle Reid Album Release Show

Kyle Reid Album Release Show

Celebrate the release of Kyle Reid’s newest album, “Love & Trust (In the Age of St. Sugar Britches),” with a concert June 15 at the Woody Guthrie Center Theater. Tickets are $20 in advance and are only available here.

Kyle led a successful Kickstarter campaign to bring the album to completion, and he described the new work as a unique process for him that led to some experiments in sound. In the campaign, he described the new album this way:

“I spent the Summer of 2017 soaking up the heat and sounds of New Orleans. I went down in a rental car with my banjo, a couple of guitars, a synthesizer, a drum machine, and a Tascam 424 4-track cassette tape recorder to make a record, and that’s exactly what I’ve done. While in the Crescent City, I spent my days tracking these songs and my nights hearing the heartbeat of that city in its historic clubs. So my Summer strolled on until I returned to Oklahoma in the Fall with 10 new original songs completely tracked! And now I need your help to complete the process of mixing, mastering, and pressing this record so that I can share it with you all.

My process for recording this new record was very different from my last full album release in 2014 of “Alright, Here We Go…” in which we recorded the whole album live with the whole band in the room. That process was essential to creating the sound we wanted for that record and I’m immensely proud of what of what we made. For this new record, I played every instrument you hear (with the exception of Kevin Stringfellow’s trumpet on “Dancing Alone”). I would begin my process by mapping out each song on on my MPC1000 drum machine/sampler/sequencer and then perform my guitar and vocal tracks onto the tape recorder. Next I would add any other traditional instruments (piano, banjo, cigar box guitar) onto the tape recorder. At this point I would begin a process of sonic experimentation. Sampled stomps, claps, clangs, bags of coins, and radio static became my percussion instruments. Synthesizer parts were then arranged and sequenced on the MPC1000 to create orchestral, ghostly, or exciting atmospheres behind my tape performances. These seemingly disparate elements, both rootsy/organic and novel/electronic, came together to make a sound that I’m very proud of and very excited to share with you all. “