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Clinton Heylin: “No One Else Could Play That Tune: The Making & Unmaking of Bob Dylan’s 1974 Masterpiece

Clinton Heylin: “No One Else Could Play That Tune: The Making & Unmaking of Bob Dylan’s 1974 Masterpiece

Notable Bob Dylan biographer Clinton Heylin will present a program on the Dylan work “Blood on the Tracks” during a special evening discussion set for 6:30 p.m. Oct. 18 in the Woody Guthrie Center Theater. Presented in partnership with the Bob Dylan Center, tickets for the event are $10 and available by calling 918-574-2710.

About Clinton Heylin

Aside from his definitive biography, Dylan Behind The Shades (Simon & Schuster, 1991; new edition Harper-Collins, 2001), which remains in print more than twenty years after publication having twice been revised, he also has published two bulky volumes detailing the histories of all 610 original Dylan songs, Revolution In The Air (Chicago Review Press, 2009) and Still On The Road (ditto, 2010). His previous works on Dylan include Stolen Moments: Dylan Day By Day (Schirmer, 1996), The Recording Sessions 1960-1994 (St Martin’s Press, 1995) and, most recently, JUDAS! (Route Books, 2016). He was also the co-founder of Wanted Man, The Dylan Information Office in 1981, and its most regular contributor to the quarterly magazine, The Telegraph prior to 1991.

He has been an invited speaker at Dylan conventions all around the world; in Britain, America, Australia and most recently, in Vienna and at a university conference in Potsdam in June 2013 on the subject of why Dylan should be nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature – as he now has been. He was also chosen as the annotator of the 2013 49-CD boxed-set of Dylan’s Complete Columbia Recordings by Sony, for which he was nominated for the 2014 ASCAP Drew Taylor Award; and he has contributed ‘historical notes’ for the 6-CD set of Basement Tapes released in November 2014 and for the 36-CD set of 1966 live recordings, released in November 2016, both by Sony Music

He is also a widely respected author of books on subjects as diverse as Bruce Springsteen (E Street Shuffle), Van Morrison (Can You Feel The Silence?), Orson Welles (Despite The System) and Shakespeare’s Sonnets (As Long As Men Can Breathe), and has compiled and annotated archival releases for Sony, Universal, Sanctuary, Virgin and various other labels. He has two history degrees, a BA from London and an MA from Sussex and has been for the last 25 years a full-time music and pop culture historian.”

In addition to his professional work, Heylin has seen Dylan perform about 150 times, starting at Earl’s Court on 18/6/78 and last at the London Palladium last April.