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Chris Lee Becker Album Release Show

Chris Lee Becker Album Release Show

Join us for an intimate performance by one of Oklahoma’s finest songwriters, Chris Lee Becker. He will be celebrating the release of his new album, “In and Around Bethlehem, USA.” Doors open at 6:30 p.m. with the show set for 7. Kalyn Fay kicks things off along with Jesse Aycock and later joined by Dylan Layton and others. This show is all ages. Complimentary beer & wine will be provided for those 21+. Seating is limited with a capacity of 60 in the intimate performance space at Woody Guthrie Center, 102 E. M.B. Brady St. Get your tickets in advance by clicking this link or contacting us at

More about Chris Lee Becker:

When he was a kid, Chris lee Becker “was a ninja fighting off the Commies”. These days, a couple or few decades later, he’s a singer/songwriter with less disdain for Commies and a day job at a fish market in Tulsa. He is respected for his witty and sincere lyrical style through which he heralds the stories of the awkward and asymmetrical humans he enjoys the existence of. Sometimes political, sometimes sad and sometimes funny, his tunes are always unique and relatable.
Becker comes from a Bluegrass background and attributes his songwriting and picking chops to the musicians he has had the honor of sharing stages and kitchen tables with over the years. He sought knowledge from a wealth of talented creators of tunes among the Rocky Mountains, especially from the venerable Benny “Burle” Galloway, whose attic apartment Becker inhabited for a stint, and the various rotating members of Rock and Rye, a Durango, Colo., traditional Bluegrass band headed up by David “Windup” Smith.
After re-relocating to Oklahoma (where he was raised and let loose), Becker found himself playing the mandolin in a progressive Bluegrass outfit called the Skillbillies (including Thomas Trapp, Joe Mack and Kabe Cornell) as well as Bill Erickson’s New Migrant Workers (Bill writes perfect songs). The musical learning recommenced as Becker was immersed in some of Oklahoma’s finest musical talent, and he cut his first album in 2009, produced by Kabe Cornell and executive produced by Brandon “Bubba” Hamilton. It is named Bourbon and Lemonade.
After stretching his legs as a front man and focusing on his songwriting, Becker released another album in 2014 called Imaginary Friends and people seem to really dig it. It was produced by the venerable and legendary Jared Tyler.
The first two albums are an amalgamation of light-heartedness, embarrassing awkwardness, down-trodden loneliness and some jokes.
2018 will see the release of In and Around Bethlehem, U.S.A., a more reflective and worrisome look at American life than the first two records. Perhaps Becker is becoming a curmudgeon, a realist or something entirely more frightening – a grown up. Of course, there will probably be a joke or two in there somewhere. The new CD will be produced by Becker (a little bit) and (most of all) Dylan Layton.