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New York Times traveling Woody’s Road

This article, written by Freda Moon and published in the November 22 edition of the New York Times, traces the travels of Woody Guthrie. We loved having her visit the Center and think it’s really cool she was able to catch a concert down the street at the historic Cain’s Ballroom. Travel along with her and experience how Woody’s Road would look in the present!

Guthrie’s America is vast and varied. It is the rolling hills of Oklahoma, where he was born just over a century ago, and the plains of the Texas Panhandle, to which he fled when hard times hit his hometown, Okemah; it is the Columbia River of the Pacific Northwest and the not-so-glittering Los Angeles of the 1930s; and it is the multicultural fun house of Coney Island, where Guthrie lived his last lucid, productive years before dying of Huntington’s disease in 1967.