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Woody Guthrie’s Wardy Forty

We encourage all of our followers to consider donating to the Kickstarter campaign to publish Phil Buehler’s new project Woody Guthrie’s Wardy Forty: Greystone Hospital Revisited. This project was done in collaboration with Nora Guthrie and the Woody Guthrie Archives and provides insight into Woody’s years with Huntington’s as seen through his letters, family photos, rare interviews, and photos of the abandoned hospital today. These documents and photos allow the reader to better understand the disease and how it affected not only Woody but also his family and friends.  It also allows the reader to see how Woody’s optimism and love of life was never lost even when he struggled with this dreadful, dreadful disease.  I think that Nora states it best on the information she has posted on the Kickstarter page

I hope when you look through this book, in addition to seeing the inevitable decay all around, you’ll also see a man with twinkling eyes and a humorous grin. He lived this way, consistently. He strived to learn and grow even as he went through each day of his deteriorating illness. And although Huntington’s disease was his own personal trial, he never became Huntington’s disease. He remained his essential self – writer, thinker, father, friend, wonderer.

As I look through this book, I can see through the tragic images and difficult memories, and find a beauty that has taken me over fifty years to recognize. These images are merely the ruins, the gross leftovers, the chipped and peeling fragments of a life felt and lived so boldly.
I want to thank Phil Buehler for creating this special work of art. By piecing together all these fragments I see that these ruins – all ruins – are what we all ultimately learn to transcend. And that’s what makes them so profoundly beautiful.” –
Nora Guthrie


After you read about the book project, please also consider going to the Huntington’s Disease of America website so that you can read more about the disease–and make sure to donate to your local chapter of HDA!

Thanks for your support of these worthy causes.