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The Phil Ochs Fellowship- Applications Accepted Beginning April 01, 2018

The Phil Ochs Fellowship is an annual research opportunity open to scholars pursuing topics orthemes related to American folk music, specifically Phil Ochs and his contemporaries 1940s – 1970s. 2018 is the inaugural year for this partnership between the Woody Guthrie Center, Inc., in Tulsa and A Still Small Voice 4U, Inc.

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The program offers and opportunity for in-depth scholarship into the folk music genre during this time period and its impact on American culture and politics. Specifically, we are interested in projects focusing on the topical songwriter Phil Ochs and his contributions to the folk revival and social justice.

This fellowship awards up to $5,000 for scholarly research at the extensive Woody Guthrie Center Archives, home of the Phil Ochs Collection.

Applications will be accepted starting April 01, 2018. To apply visit:

Deadline July 31, 2018.